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Top 5 natural remedies for OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

January 29, 2023 -

Whether you are addicted to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine, there are natural solutions available at health food stores online and in the retail sector, and they won't cost you an arm and a leg to load up on either. Time to do a little digging. Engage in a little research, and find out the best natural remedies for overcoming common addictions. Don't feel bad. Don't blame yourself. Don't feel defeated. You can win this important battle, and you'll feel great knowing ...

Worse than smoking and alcohol: Air pollution is the “greatest global threat to human health,” warn scientists

a month ago -

More should be done to fight air pollution, experts say

Findings from a benchmark study suggest the growing threat is worsening in its global epicenter, South Asia.

However, the level of funding set aside to address air pollution is only a small fragment of the amount reserved for research on the prevention of infectious diseases, said researchers from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC).

EPIC's Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) report revealed ...

Marketing genital-mutilating SEX-CHANGE SURGERY directly to minors is even more EVIL and TWISTED than advertising cigarettes, alcohol or prostitution

a month ago -

So what is so different when these liberals and the alphabet club LBGTBCISQ+ pushes so hard right now for all children and teens to be able to get gender-bender surgery and take gender-bender drugs, and without their parent's permission? That's so far gone it's nearly psychotic."Gender fluidity" solely reliant on what gender someone "pretends" to be at any given moment

The liberal and gay communities of the nation are fighting right now to have all children be able to make ...

The DOPAMINE CORRELATION: How alcohol, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and hard drugs all have one common underlying effect that keeps consumers ‘hooked’

December 31, 2022 -

When trying to cut back or quit addictive, dopamine-heightening substances, a person's dopamine levels are quite low, waiting for the addictive 'crutch' to assist, and that's when stress, depression, and anxiety drag most people right back into their bad habits.Dopamine correlation linked to depression, anxiety, and multiple mood disorders

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that helps nerve cells send messages that are important for both the brain and body....

ADDICTED TO SWEETS? Sugar can be just as addicting as alcohol, nicotine or opiates – but there are alternatives to help people cut back or quit

January 17, 2023 -

The problem is that sweets are just a short-term boost, and then comes the dreaded crash. Motivation disappears. Headaches can become intolerable. Inability to concentrate is common. Depression and a feeling of hopelessness can set in. People get very moody. Do they continue the cycle, feeding the body sugar, like a drug, or should they seek natural remedies? Where to start?

First, figure out the root of the problem. Obesity may be responsible for reduced dopamine levels ...

NBC running news about new alcohol warning labels to address “heightened risk” of cancer, but it’s just more COVER-UP for covid-vaccine-induced cancer

January 15, 2023 -

Apparently, similar labels in Canada reduced alcohol consumption by as much as 6%. Government agency regulators are claiming the warnings will help with consumers making an "informed choice." But wait, is this all just a cover story, in other words, another excuse for the Covid clot shots causing mass health injuries around the globe? Since there are more than 15 million alcoholics in the USA, this would be quite the convenient false justification. This requires careful consideration....

ADDICTED TO SWEETS? Sugar can be just as addicting as alcohol, nicotine or opiates – but there are alternatives to help people cut back or quit

November 06, 2022 -

ADDICTED TO SWEETS? Sugar can be just as addicting as alcohol, nicotine or opiates – but there are alternatives to help people cut back or quit

Sunday, November 06, 2022 by: Herbal Remedy Insider

Tags: adaptogen, addiction, cravings, herbal remedy, krave kicker, mucuna, Mucuna pruriens, natural remedy, sugar, sugar addiction, sugar remedy

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America is definitely ...

CNN scrambling to cover for Covid-vaccine-induced deaths across America, now blaming alcohol abuse for 1 out of every 5 deaths in demographic age group of 20 to 49

November 06, 2022 -

A "global study" has revealed that it's whiskey, wine and beer that's killing off young adults in mass numbers, all of the sudden over the past two years, since the evil forced-vaccination campaign began for the worldwide scamdemic.

It must have been all that drinking during the lockdowns that started the death-by-alcohol wave. It's all about age, specific regions and populations, the purported study claims. Published in the journal Lancet, the risk of dying from alcohol ...

Natural and effective cleaning supplies you can use to safely disinfect your home

June 02, 2023 -


A 70 percent isopropyl alcohol is the most effective at killing pathogens – far better at killing bacteria and other viruses than 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol, just like hand sanitizer, kills the germs on your hands. Alcohol immediately kills germs on contact and disinfects surfaces for hours afterward. But you shouldn't consider cleaning your entire home using rubbing alcohol, because alcohol can evaporate off surfaces too quickly to actually neutralize ...

The science behind ADDICTION CRAVINGS and the herbal adaptogen natural remedy that subsides the urges and squashes the “need”

February 12, 2023 -

Once addicted to sugar, alcohol, or nicotine, the human brain is wired to want it, and it would seem that there's nothing else on the planet that can replace it, but you would be surprised. The neurotransmitter dopamine is the hormone responsible for our "feel good" chemistry, and there are ways to boost it, without using drugs, sugar, or alcohol. You don't have to be a "repeat offender" of the addictive substances anymore, because natural remedies presented in this article ...

PrepWithMike: How to make paint can heater for heating and off-grid cooking

October 11, 2022 -

"One of the benefits about this strategy is that you are storing something like alcohol that can be used for multiple purposes. On one hand, alcohol is an antiseptic that can be used for emergency first aid. And on another, it is a source of condensed heat that can be unleashed to cook food or to stay warm," Adams pointed out during an episode of "PrepWithMike." (Related: New PrepWithMike video: How to make your own emergency FIRE STARTERS for survival, preparedness and off-grid ...

Coffee and other natural remedies that can help you recover from a hangover

July 10, 2023 -

Here are some of the symptoms of a hangover:

Fortunately, there's something readily available that can help you recover from a hangover: coffee. But there's more to it that you need to know.Benefits of drinking coffee after a hangover

Coffee is a popular hangover remedy because it contains caffeine, a stimulant that can help with some hangover symptoms. If you need a remedy for hangover fatigue, drink a cup of coffee so ...

Toxic ingredients in oral care products linked to health issues

January 10, 2023 -

In a Jan. 7 piece, NaturalHealth365 Managing Director Jonathan Landsman elaborated on the risks associated with using these oral care products.

"The pursuit of the 'perfect smile' tends to come at great sacrifice to [one's] health. That's because many of the oral hygiene products lining store shelves, including the multitude of toothpaste and mouthwash brands, actually contain toxic substances like fluoride and alcohol – which have been linked to an increased risk of ...

Study: Toxic rinse aid used in industrial restaurant dishwashers linked to serious health problems

December 14, 2022 -

Researchers from the University of Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland said alcohol ethoxylates, chemicals found in dishwashers' rinse agents, could endanger diners eating out by harming their gut. It is standard procedure in restaurants to wash and clean cutlery and crockery as quickly as possible for the next round of customers. However, this puts the customers at risk of ingesting the toxic residue.

Normally, commercial dishwashers run only two 60-second cycles. The first ...

Study: Drinking at least 2 cups of coffee a day helps maintain healthy blood pressure

February 15, 2023 -

The study was published in the journal Nutrients.Coffee and heart health

Coffee is an integral part of the culture in Italy and the beverage also has many fans worldwide. In 2020 and 2021, estimates revealed that the world consumed a whopping 10 million tons of coffee.

While experts don't always agree on coffee's health implications, data from recent studies suggest that drinking coffee can help lower the risk of several conditions like cardiovascular disease, ...

Study suggests ants can be trained to detect cancer in urine

February 01, 2023 -

Ants and cancer detection

Ants don't have noses, but they use the olfactory receptors on their antennae to find food or sniff out potential mates.

For the study, scientists trained nearly three dozen silky ants (Formica fusca) to use these acute olfactory receptors to find tumors. The research team grafted slices of breast cancer tumors from human samples onto mice and taught 35 silky ants to associate urine from the tumor-bearing rodents with sugar.

When the ...

Study: Following a balanced diet and practicing healthy habits can help slow age-related memory loss

January 31, 2023 -

In the decade-long study of Chinese adults over the age of 60, scientists discovered that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can also help those with apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene, which makes them susceptible to Alzheimer's disease.What is the APOE gene?

Research shows that carriers of the APOE gene, which is the strongest known risk factor for Alzheimer's and other types of dementia, saw their memory loss slow down after making good lifestyle changes like quitting ...

5 “crazy” conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true

November 07, 2022 -

(Article by Mayukh Saha republished from

As it turns out many of them hail from the United States, the land of “the brave and the free” (just kidding…). So, let’s check out some of the theories peddled across multiple sites over the last couple of decades.CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED TO BE TRUE


According to Buzzworthy, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study has been one of the most talked about conspiracy ...

Adopting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can lower your risk of heart disease

December 02, 2022 -

Some risk factors cannot be controlled, but you can take steps to lower your risk by addressing the factors you can control. (Related: Predicting heart disease accurately.)

Genes control every aspect of the cardiovascular system – from the strength of the blood vessels to the way cells in the heart communicate with other vital organs and systems in your body.

Genetic variations (mutations) are inherited traits that are passed on from parents to children. If one ...

Young people, middle-aged adults developing cancer at accelerating rate due to ENVIRONMENTAL CARCINOGENS

2 months ago -

The causes vary and include everything from chronic exposure to cancer-causing toxins, poor diet and lifestyle habits, morbid obesity, and environmental carcinogens, including the chemicals doused on industrial agriculture crops.

We know that things like ultra-processed food, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial flavors and preservatives, and other toxic food additives are largely to blame. As for environmental carcinogens, these include air pollutants, water ...

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