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Study links fast food consumption to fatty liver disease

January 17, 2023 -

Researchers from the University of Southern California found that people who are obese or have diabetes and get more than 20 percent of their daily calories from fast food have "severely elevated" fat levels in their livers compared to those who consume less or no fast food.

Results of the study also showed that among the general population, "if more than a fifth of a person’s diet consists of fast food, it will increase fat levels in their liver."

Details of ...

Study: A sugary drink a day could increase your risks of chronic liver disease and liver cancer

a month ago -

The researchers behind the study explained that consuming sweetened beverages could drive insulin resistance and inflammation, which are both strongly linked to the development of liver problems like liver cancer. This is the first study to report an association between regular intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and chronic liver disease mortality.

"If our findings are confirmed, reducing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption might serve as a public health strategy to reduce ...

Manage or prevent fatty liver disease naturally with these tips

February 15, 2023 -

A study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology reported that the prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has grown proportionally with the rise in metabolic syndrome, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary patterns.

Researchers indicated that a combination of dietary modifications and increased physical activity remains the mainstay of NAFLD management, which has been proven by numerous studies to have significant long-term health ...

Researchers link glyphosate-based weedkillers to liver disease and endocrine disorders in kids

March 06, 2023 -

(Article by Carey Gillam republished from

Children exposed to a weedkiller commonly used in farming, as well as on residential yards and school playgrounds, appear to be at increased risk for liver inflammation and metabolic disorders in young adulthood and more serious diseases later in life, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

The paper was authored by 12 California scientists and health researchers ...

Study: Eating BROCCOLI can protect against LIVER CANCER and fatty liver

May 23, 2023 -

Broccoli contains substantial amounts of sulforaphane. The researchers from Central South University in China's Hunan province noted that sulforaphane "has exhibited promising inhibitory effects on breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and other malignant tumors." They added that the compound works against cancers "mainly through the regulation of potential biomarkers to activate or inhibit related signaling pathways."

A study published March 2016 in the Journal of Nutrition ...

Study reveals how CANCERS in multiple organs alter liver function

June 23, 2023 -

Their discovery sheds light on one of cancer’s more stealthy survival mechanisms and suggests potential approaches for detecting and reversing this process.How distant tumors impact liver function

In a study published in the journal Nature, WCM researchers found that a wide variety of tumor types growing outside the liver remotely reprogram this vital organ and gland to a state resembling fatty liver disease via secretion of extracellular vesicles and particles (EVPs) containing ...

Vinyl chloride released in Ohio train derailment linked to liver damage

February 24, 2023 -

Data suggests that vinyl chloride may also cause liver cancer and a nonmalignant liver disease called toxicant-associated steatohepatitis (TASH).Liver health and exposure to vinyl chloride

If someone who is otherwise healthy develops TASH, their liver can develop the same fat accumulation, inflammation and scarring (cirrhosis and fibrosis) as those who have cirrhosis from factors like alcohol or obesity.

This kind of damage is often the result of "relatively ...

NIH: Acetaminophen OVERDOSE now the leading cause of liver failure in the US

May 18, 2023 -

"Acetaminophen is by far the No. 1 cause of acute liver failure in the U.S.," said Dr. Nima Majlesi, the director of medical toxicity at Staten Island University Hospital in New York. She cited the NIH's report that mentioned how the drug caused 500 deaths, 56,000 emergency department visits and 2,600 hospitalizations every year due to complications from its toxicity.

According to the NIH, the majority of these cases originate from unintentional chronic overdoses that often ...

Study: Northern glass frog hides red blood cells in liver to become invisible

January 12, 2023 -

The study published December 22 in Science elaborated on this behavior by the amphibian. According to the study authors, their findings about H. fleischmanni could have implications for human diseases because the frog's blood never clots. They expressed hope that further study of this phenomenon could shed light into human clotting disorders and fuel research into anticoagulants.

Also called Fleischmann's glass frog, H. fleischmanni is about the size of a marshmallow ...

Robert Scott Bell: Healing the GUT also heals the LIVER and immune system – Brighteon.TV

July 05, 2023 -

"Healing the gut is healing the liver as well, and healing the immune system – the home for the microbiome. To protect you from infection when you have liver disease, for instance, we talked about many things that can address infection. [These include] silver, other immuno-modulators, echinacea and probiotics in general," he said during a recent episode of "The Robert Scott Bell Show" on Brighteon.TV.

According to Bell, there are several ways to prevent infections in people ...

Liver King EXPOSED for taking steroids while claiming to abide by all-natural “ancestral” lifestyle

December 11, 2022 -

Brian Johnson, which is his real name, has been taking steroids to help boost his physique, despite previously denying in an interview on Mark Bell's "Power Project Podcast" that he has "never done the stuff" and is "not going to do the stuff."

Leaked emails revealing that Johnson does, in fact, take steroids prompted him to upload a confession video – see below – admitting that he "lied" and "misled a lot of people."

"Yes, I've done steroids, and yes, I am on ...

Is Lyme disease a government-made bioweapon?

March 20, 2023 -

Dr. Joseph Mercola addressed this in a recent piece he wrote highlighting how the symptoms of Lyme disease mimic those of all sorts of other debilitating illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even Alzheimer's disease.

"... yet it's hard to detect because its corkscrew-shaped form allows it to burrow into and hide in your tissues," Mercola notes. "Now an epidemic out of control, did it too come from the U.S. biological weapons ...

Cinnamon found to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

December 13, 2022 -

Cinnamon has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon mainly for preservation and religious rituals. The ancient Chinese, however, used cinnamon as a medicinal herb. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatise "The Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica" describes cinnamon as an herb that carries a spicy, warm and nontoxic flavor.

Even now, TCM still uses cinnamon for warming the spleen, kidney, heart and liver meridians and ...

Study links COVID “vaccines” to Parkinson’s disease

October 10, 2022 -

Canadian scientific and regulatory consultant Peter Oldfield, along with several others, published a paper in the journal Vaccines drawing attention to the dire implications of Fauci Flu shot spike proteins on brain function, which include an increased risk of Parkinson's disease.

"This mini-review focuses on the mechanisms of how SARS-CoV-2 affects the brain, with an emphasis on the role of the spike protein in patients with neurological symptoms," the study reads.

"Following ...

6 Health benefits of grounding for autoimmune disease

November 28, 2022 -

What is grounding?

Throughout the majority of evolutionary history, humans have slept on the ground, gone shoeless or worn footwear made from animal hides that allowed equilibration with the electrical potential of the earth.

However, these practices have been discarded as times advanced and many modern inventions made life easier. But some of these changes can be viewed as detrimental because people lost the pivotal energy transfer from the ground to the body.

Thankfully, ...

NEVER FORGET: Pfizer agreed to settle lawsuit after jury awarded $43M to Texas woman whose liver was destroyed by Rezulin

January 11, 2023 -

Margarita Sanchez was reported to have been on a transplant waiting list since her liver failed after she took Rezulin for two months in 1999. The said settlement was the first of a series of payouts involving the drug that has been blamed for 63 deaths and dozens of other serious liver failures worldwide.

Rezulin, introduced in March 1997 by Pfizer's marketing unit Warner-Lambert, was hailed as a "breakthrough treatment for adult-onset diabetes," a disorder that occurs ...

Learn how urotherapy is helping cancer patients overcome disease

January 03, 2023 -

Urine contains many of the same antigens found in cancer cells, which when consumed orally may help to bolster the body's natural immune action against cancer tumors.

According to Eldor, urine provides the intestinal lymphatic system with various tumor antigens against which antibodies can be produced. These antibodies then enter the bloodstream, he says, and attack both tumors and cancer cells.

Eldor's paper challenges the "germ theory" of disease as it is generally ...

Heart disease risk skyrockets 13,200% following covid injections, CDC admits

June 21, 2023 -

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered that compared to the background risk in the general population, the risk of myocarditis is 133 times greater in those who took the mRNA injections from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna.

Researchers from several top universities and hospitals across America contributed to the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)....

Tips to reduce your risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease

January 24, 2023 -

Follow a healthy diet

A study published in the journal Acta Biomedica established the role of diet and probiotics supplementation in restoring the balance of the intestinal microbiota and in improving IBD symptoms. (Related: Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease? A healthy diet may help ease your pain.)

Taking into account individual genetic makeup, researchers recommend diets rich in foods that maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota, preventing dysbiosis (the imbalance ...

Covid “testing” needs to STOP, says influential infectious disease panel

December 26, 2022 -

Not only is the cost high for both patients and providers, but the practice is medically useless based on the fact that they simply do not work. (Related: Even the FDA admits that covid testing is pointless because covid has never even been isolated.)

Pre-admission testing, SHEA says, does little, if anything, to prevent transmission of virus. It can also prevent patients from receiving the care they need based on the changes to treatment that are made following a "positive" ...

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