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CNN's Chris Cuomo in hot water after NY AG investigation found he was more involved in brother Andrew Cuomo's sex harassment cases than he admitted


Still other messages showed that Chris and DeRosa briefly bickered about a March 9 Albany Times-Union story that revealed the sixth accuser. "...

BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors has purchased four lavish estates in wealthy white neighborhoods with her "social justice" reparations


“Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent,” reports the New York Post about the exotic locale. ... The property that Khan-Cullors reportedly looked at in Albany has 600 oceanside acres. "...

Is everyone who lives in New York a racist? The true history of the very NAME of the city reveals a shocking truth


The city of Albany erected the statue of Maj. Gen. Schuyler in 1925 in his honor. However, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan has ordered city workers to erase history and take down Schuyler’s statue because he owned 17 slaves. "...

Arsenic in drinking water: A piece of the diabetes puzzle?


Researchers from the University of Chicago, University of Albany, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine and the University of Illinois at Chicago used male mouse models to understand how chronic arsenic exposure can interfere with the secretion of insulin in the pancreas and ultimately lead to diabetes. "...

Research reveals link between opioid misuse among older people and higher suicide risk


Research reveals link between opioid misuse among older people and higher suicide risk Friday, November 01, 2019 by: Arsenio Toledo addiction , badhealth , badmedicine , Big Pharma , cognitive function , dangerous drugs , depression , drugs , Fentanyl , harmful medicine , Hydrocodone , morphine , new-onset depression , NMPOU , nonmedical prescription opioid use , opioid crisis , opioid epidemic , opioid misuse , Opioids , overdose , oxycodone , painkillers , Peter Shumlin , Prescription Medicine ...

Dying veterans received saline drips while VA hospital staff stole their morphine


The VA hospital that had its hospice morphine stolen often over a one-year period or more is the Albany Stratton VA Hospital in Albany, the state capitol of New York. ... So instead of receiving their morphine to be pain free, the Albany VA hospice people were getting IV saline, a .9 percent salt-in-water solution that approximates seawater and is intended for reducing dehydration, raising blood volume, overcoming negative clinical responses from anesthesia, and sometimes ...

Dr. Steven Hotze: It's time for conservatives to get involved in school board elections – Brighteon.TV


Natalie Blasingame: “We woke up to the woke agenda” Hotze then mentioned Blasingame, citing her long experience in the Spring Branch and Albany ISDs. "...

Rampant theft, ongoing supply chain disruptions leaving drug store shelves in New York City barren


“The blame goes straight to the halls of power in Albany, said New York City top cop Dermot Shea,” The Post reported, adding that Shea tweeted a response to the lunacy in recent days: “Insanity.” "...

NY rewards illegal aliens with COVID relief checks 10 TIMES amount given to American citizens


The Big Apple is collapsing and surreal policies like the ones just passed in Albany is a primary reason why. ... The spendthrift measures passed by Albany have set the state on a course for budgetary implosion and another round of blue state “bailouts” from the Biden administration. "...

Hudson River polluted by 100,000 gallons of raw sewage, baby wipes float down the river


The spill took place near the state’s capital city, Albany. Snow causes sewage spill? ... The sewage system in Albany that caused the spill is one of 76 “combined sewer systems” in the state of New York. "...

Ex-pharmacist gets 14 years in federal prison for covering hospital surfaces with same toxic substance doctors inject into children


But the heavy metal mercury has landed a former New York pharmacist in the slammer following a conviction that he intentionally spread the substance on surfaces throughout the Albany Medical Center in New York out of anger over a hospital bill. According to reports, the saga began when 60-year-old Martin Kimber of Ruby, New York, underwent two separate treatments at the Albany Medical Center back in December 2010. "...

Sangre De Drago is a Medicinal Power House


Over the last ten years several studies conducted by the University of Calgary, the Albany Medical Center and several others have pointed to concrete documented evidence that sangre de drago is a medicinal power house of phytochemicals. ... Mark Miller of the Albany Medical Center conducted a study on treating stomach ulcers in rats with sangre de drago. "...

Expect to pay more for soda in CA after multiple cities pass 'sugary drink tax'


In the three California cities that had soda tax measures on the ballot – Albany, Oakland and San Francisco – voters strongly favored the tax, with 72 percent approval in Albany and 62 percent in Oakland and San Francisco. "...

San Francisco passes soda tax; other cities may soon join


A neighboring town in the San Francisco Bay Area, Albany, also passed similar legislation, as did the Californian city of Oakland. ... Nearing the end of election day, Oakland and Albany reported similar statistics; almost two-thirds of voters were supporting the ballot measures. "...

Cuomo turns neighbors into spies for the state: $500 reward for turning in gun owners


According to CBS6Albany.com, the hotline was supposedly one of the governor's four-pronged approaches to "reducing gun violence in urban communities." ... So far, anyway, the only good thing about this is that the tip line has not had much use; three police departments contacted by CBS6Albany.com for comment said they had not yet received any tips; two of them did not know of the program. "...

Georgia Gov. Kemp says mask mandate will cause unemployment to skyrocket


He further highlighted how, in the town of Albany, Georgia, the residents fully embraced mask recommendations without the need for a mandate and were able to fight back against the coronavirus. Albany, which was the epicenter of Georgia’s outbreak , was able to effectively deal with the coronavirus by working closely with the state government, all without needing to force people to wear masks. "...

FCC refuses to budge on calls to update its radio frequency radiation and health impact guidelines


The director of the University of Albany ‘s Institute for Health and Environment says: “The scientific consensus that the FCC guidelines have no validity and are causing widespread illness and death.” "...

YouTube now arbitrarily banning hunting, fishing channels: They are welcome at free speech video platform Brighteon.com


Mettam, of Albany, Western Australia, has noted that in the first place, he disagrees that his videos all of a sudden now fall under the platform’s definition of “animal cruelty,” adding that he’s not really certain either way because he can’t get anyone from YouTube to get back in touch with him and tell him what he needs to do to fix the issue. "...

Learn how to protect yourself from cancer-causing microwave radiation


Carpenter is a public health physician whose current position is Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, as well as Professor of Environmental Health Sciences within the School of Public Health at the University at Albany. "...

Top 10 most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods - never eat these again!


David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany. According to his assessment, farmed salmon not only lacks vitamin D, but it is often contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), flame retardants, pesticides, and antibiotics (http://www.albany.edu/ihe/salmonstudy/pressrelease.html ). 10) Hydrogenated oils. "...