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Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden executed SEAL Team Six – here's the proof


Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden executed SEAL Team Six – here’s the proof Thursday, October 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Alan Howell Parrot , barack obama , Benghazi , Biden , CIA whistleblower , Clinton , conspiracy , deep state , executed , executions , Hillary Clinton , Joe Biden , national security , Obama , outrage , Seal Team Six , Whistleblower Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/466249.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A trove of evidence ...

The DMV charges you for registration and tags, then secretly sells your personal data to third parties for even more revenue


Sources for this article include: Yahoo.com NaturalNews.com Previous :WATCH the Health Ranger and Alan Keyes reveal the truth about willful FRAUD in the science establishment Next : Joe Biden calls for Christians to be added to terror watch list for opposing LGBT abuse of children - More news on big government After wasting over $1 billion developing a Zika vaccine, now the government wants another $2.5 billion for novel Coronavirus Unbelievable: After serial abuses of the FISA court in ...

China's tragic choice: Run the factories and sacrifice the workers, or halt the factories and lose the nation


I covered this in a special Saturday video report with InfoWars.com (see below), as well as on a hard-hitting interview today with Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson on the IAMtv channel (see video below). ... The WHO will obediently parrot the commie narrative, and China will lean on its U.S. spies such as Sen. "...

Federal Reserve to launch OMG monetary policy initiative as replacement for quantitative easing - LOL (satire)


"The problem with the Fed's previous money creation policies," said a random reporter on CNBC whose name doesn't matter because they all parrot the same exact thoughts, "is that it never went far enough. ... Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan chimed in on the announcement, saying, "I always knew money printing would ultimately come down to OMG and WTF. "...



If the tech giants are not stopped, you will very soon find yourself completely enslaved, economically annihilated and entirely controlled by evil globalists unless you parrot their accepted narratives on everything. ... Be sure to check out this powerful Let’s Talk America interview between Alan Keyes and Mike Adams Big Tech strikes again: All criticism of transgenderism will now be treated as “malware,” equivalent to malicious code Tucker Carlson outs fake “conservative” think ...

American Heart Association's Advice on Vitamin E and Antioxidants is Terrible Advice, Highly Distorted, and Prone to Actually Cause Heart Disease


They become propaganda machines for the AHA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the FDA, and they parrot whatever official statement comes down the line without giving it a second thought. ... Judy Mikovits, Andreas Kalcker and the Health Ranger join Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson on IAMTV – Coronavirus vaccines SAFE or DEADLY? "...

Paul Fassa


When most health articles pass on the health virtues of the foods or supplements they cover, they parrot "lowers cholesterol" as a significant feature. ... Get the benefits of mega-dose IV vitamin C without IVs - by yourself (NaturalNews) An earlier internet story that went viral featured the saga of a New Zealand man, Alan Smith, in a coma on life support for nine weeks. "...