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Armed protesters in Akron gather at the funeral of Jayland Walker, a man shot by police 60 times


During his funeral, mourners filled Akron Civic Theatre and passersby sounded horns in sympathy as family and friends shared their memories of Walker. ... Sources include: 100PercentFedup.com ABCNews.go.com TheGuardian.com USAToday.com Brighteon.com Previous :CDC officials thought the definition of a vaccine was “problematic,” so they changed it Next : Fewer Americans are buying homes as worsening inflation takes toll - More news on Akron Civic Theatre ...

America is veering towards dictatorship, Supreme court justices and top government officials warn


Here are some excerpts of that response : I don't believe there is any problem of American politics and American life, which is more significant today, than the pervasive civic ignorance of the Constitution of the United States and the structure of government . ... It is a product of civic ignorance. And what worries Souter the most about America's future? "...

Big Tech's influence: Zuckerberg gave $500 million to election officials who used the money to violate election laws


The report further states that a large bulk of Zuckerberg’s money went to a little-known progressive nonprofit , Center for Tech and Civic Life. ... In this episode, the Health Ranger talks about how the election theater is being used as a cover for the global extermination agenda. "...

Be the change with crowd-funding


By tapping into networks of individuals, small donations finance worthy projects, businesses and ideas - even civic overhauls. ... A small designer realized her aspiration of a storefront to display her clothes while an independent, two-screen movie theater was saved from closing - just two examples of Community Funded success stories. "...

Vermont kidnaps and forcibly drugs teen after mother sought help for her anxiety


Unfortunately, to this day, the teen, who used to be homeschooled and excelled at photography, is still drugged up with mind-altering chemicals and away from her mom, living at the Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit in Great Barrington, MA, where she's been since 2013.(1) Being watched in shower just one example of less-than-ideal facility conditions While the facility's website paints a picturesque image of a place nestled "in a rural setting" where there are "many recreational and cultural activities" ...

Academic journal asking for evidence of racism in policing not interested in contradictory evidence


Sources for this article include: TheCollegeFix.com LawEnforcementToday.com Previous :Protesters put Trump doll in mock guillotine – and no Democrats denounce the violence Next : MIT scientists extremely skeptical of Elon Musk’s creepy “neuroscience theater” Neuralink chip - More news on anti-police Seattle PD losing police officers, failing to recruit replacements as crime rate soars American cities run by Democrats see 50% decline in activity – people are fleeing Armed protesters in Akron ...

Aurora news, articles and information:


New information has been released about the prescription drugs being taken by James Holmes, the mind-controlled Aurora Colorado "Batman" movie theater shooter,... ... Christian Bale has visited victims of the brutal shooting that took place at the Century 16 cinema theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of the latest Batman film in which he stars in, 'The Dark Knight... "...

GREENWALD: The new domestic war on terror is coming


Bush stole the 2000 and/or 2004 elections — as many Democrats, including members of Congress, did — you may inspire civic unrest or violence against Bush and his supporters. ... The only thing that is in doubt is how much opposition they will encounter from those who value basic civic rights more than the fears of one another being deliberately cultivated within us. "...

Festival news, articles and information:


Suppression of science: VAXXED gets AXED by Tribeca Film Festival for questioning vaccines... but makes comeback at New York theater 4/2/2016 - Suppression of the truth regarding vaccine safety was the obvious motive behind the push to prevent the movie VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe from being screened at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, but the the ensuing controversy may actually result in a more widespread promotion of the film... 3/30/2016 - In recent days following his rejection ...

Crime news, articles and information:


Shock revelation: City of Aurora, Colorado would have arrested anyone who stopped the Batman massacre with a concealed weapon 7/22/2012 - Two days ago I asked the commonsense question, "Why didn't anyone fight back against James Holmes, the shooter who shot so many people in the Batman movie theater?" ... British town grows all of its own vegetables, witnesses improved civic life and reduced crime as a result 12/15/2011 - When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in ...