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The 7 best dog breeds for survival and protection


Akita The Akita is a large breed that hails from Japan. Akitas are suitable guard dogs, and they are loyal to their friends and family. ... While the Akita is a very alert breed, they need to be trained well. If they’re not adequately socialized, Akitas may be hostile toward people they’re unfamiliar with. "...

Berries, pomegranates shown to have highest anti-cancer activity of any fruits


The analysis of more than 3,100 foods, beverages, herbs, spices and dietary supplements was conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University Of Minnesota, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, University of Oslo, Akershus University College in Norway, and Akita University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. "...

The link between glyphosate exposure and autism


Nakae of Akita University , who treated a woman who suffered gut paralysis after attempting to kill herself by drinking glyphosate. "...



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