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Say goodbye to flat tires: Michelin develops new 'puncture-proof' airless tires


Say goodbye to flat tires: Michelin develops new ‘puncture-proof’ airless tires Monday, February 03, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo airless tires , breakthrough , car tires , future cars , future tech , goodtech , innovation , inventions , public safety , rubber tires , technology advances , tires , transportation Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/401039.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Flat tires ...

Titanium tires used in spacecraft now being redeveloped for Earth bicycles


The tires will still need maintenance the moment the tread wears out. But compared to regularly replacing a set of tires, reapplying the tread on the METL tires is much cheaper. ... Prior to The SMART Tire Company’s product, French tire giant Michelin also developed a technology for airless tires. "...

US burdened by tire shortage as global supply chain crisis continues


Consumers find it hard to find winter tires With the limited stocks, consumers are also finding it hard to find the needed winter tires in order to try to continue their normal lives. ... Sources include: ZeroHedge.com Newsweek.com Politico.com TheGuardian.com Previous :Shortage of semiconductors hits manufacturing industries as Biden fails to solve supply chain crisis - More news on car tires US burdened by tire shortage as global supply chain crisis continues Say goodbye ...

Innate ingenuity: Ethiopian dig unearths ancient stone tools, some of the oldest ever discovered at more than 2.58 million years old


Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk PNAS.org Earth.com Previous :Say goodbye to flat tires: Michelin develops new ‘puncture-proof’ airless tires Next : Sporting goods company unveils bikes that can cruise on water - More news on Archaeology Ancient Maya civilization purified water using filtration system made of crystal minerals The longest trail of fossilized footprints hints at an ancient woman and child’s dangerous trek in the wild Archaeologists discover brain cells preserved ...

No wonder mold is so hard to kill: Study findings reveal that it can withstand space radiation doses that would even kill humans


Sources include: ScienceDaily.com LiveScience.com Previous :Amazing study reveals bees can connect symbols to numbers: Insects COMPUTE Next : Say goodbye to flat tires: Michelin develops new ‘puncture-proof’ airless tires - More news on badhealth Dr. "...



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