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Declassified list reveals U.S. targets Russia's high density population centers with nuclear weapons... Russia likely does the same for the USA


In December of 2015, the National Security Archive declassified a list from 1956 that detailed hundreds of Russian cities and airfields that would become targets in the event of a nuclear war. The nearly 800-page document, titled “Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959,” outlines over 1,200 cities in Russia and elsewhere, including Moscow, East Berlin, and Beijing, and also includes 1,100 airfields. "...

Canadian military commanders sound warning: Country cannot hope to stop Russian expansion into Arctic


“Russia is refurbishing Soviet-era airfields and radar installations, constructing new ports and search-and-rescue centers, and building up its fleet of nuclear- and conventionally-powered icebreakers,” Pentagon spokesman Thomas Campbell told CNN in 2021. "...

Russia holds war games with simulated nuclear strikes against the EU


“In the course of the exercise, the rocket launchers moved stealthily to the designated position area, where, having equipped launching positions, they carried out electronic single and group launches at targets simulating missile launchers, airfields, protected facilities, the concentration of military equipment and the command posts of the mock enemy,” wrote the Defense Ministry in a statement. "...

How one billion people could die in a NATO war against Russia


With economic and agricultural sanctions taking their toll on Russia, Putin could act even more aggressively, taking on airfields and military assets in Ukraine that would have given NATO an advantage. "...

Verizon, AT&T set to activate thousands of new 5G towers, creating health, aviation concerns


“Somebody should have told them at the time – that the risks and the dangers they placed in certain frequency uses around field, airfields, metropolitan fields that should have been done at the time,” he added. "...

Thousands of US aircraft sit dormant amid coronavirus travel restrictions


Thousands of US aircraft sit dormant amid coronavirus travel restrictions Monday, February 22, 2021 by: Virgilio Marin air travel , aircraft , airline industry , airlines , Collapse , coronavirus , covid-19 , economy , government , jobs , lockdowns , outbreak , pandemic , superbug , travel restrictions , virus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/497199.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Rows after rows of airplanes gather dust in airfields across the country ...

German aerospace expert says that electric planes may be in our very near future


Compared to normal airfields and airports, these e-plane hubs can be built much closer to cities. "...

Biden administration directs federal agencies to erase records of weapons, training given to Afghan armed forces


Before Kabul fell, planes and helicopters were disabled by U.S. troops, while others were flown overseas But those were just a dent in the extraordinary bounty that the Taliban fighters have collected as they plowed across the country, capturing 10 major airfields from Bagram to Mazar-i-Sharif. "...

US government bought 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits; not a single one will go to soldiers sent to West Africa


Many of them are to be housed in tent cities or at military airfields in Liberia, as well as in Liberian Ministry of Defense facilities. "...

Botched 5G rollout by Biden regime leads to mass rescheduling of flights, deemed most "utterly irresponsible" act in aviation


Somebody should have told them at the time — that the risks and the dangers they placed in certain frequency uses around field, airfields, metropolitan fields that should have been done at the time,” he added. "...

Russia deploying real-deal "doomsday" weapon that can flood U.S. coastal cities with nuclear tsunamis


Billy Mitchell advocated building airfields, telling Congress: ‘Whoever holds Alaska will hold the world,'” they wrote. "...

Do you live near a FEMA concentration camp? FEMA has authority to SUSPEND LAWS and put you in one of their COVID isolation camps located across the United States


Other FEMA sites in several other states include using military correctional facilities, Army airfields, crematory facilities (Hawaii), wilderness areas and national wildlife refuges (Idaho), National Guard training sites, federal penitentiaries (Illinois), shuttered Amtrak railcar repair facilities (Indiana), missile ranges, Army depots and many more. "...

Flashback: Obama gave Soleimani AMNESTY to achieve bogus nuclear "deal" which was another big handout to Iran


He also sent pallets of cash — about $1.5 billion to be exact — aboard cargo planes to airfields in the middle of the night, money which was unquestionably later used to finance Soleimani’s terrorism (even then-Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that ). "...

With the CCP now controlling everything, Americans are living under foreign ENEMY occupation


We have the beginnings of CHICOM airfields being constructed in Texas for a high-ranking CHICOM officer. "...