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Martial Law alert: Alex Jones exposes HR 4350 amendment that will give Joe Biden dictatorial powers


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Medical school has turned into a creepy anti-white racism CULT where graduates are required to swear oaths against white people


Sources for this article include: AlphaNews.org NaturalNews.com Previous :COVID VAX DAMAGE: Oklahoma news anchor suffers STROKE symptoms while live on air Next : ROLLING BLACKOUTS announced in California as power grid craters under record demand - More news on anti-white Medical school has turned into a creepy anti-white racism CULT where graduates are required to swear oaths against white people The Guardian (UK) says “gardening” is non-inclusive because it’s “loaded with cultural baggage” ...

China slaps sanctions on Raytheon, Boeing Defense CEOs over $1.1 billion sale of military equipment to Taiwan


China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported: “Under China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, individuals can be banned from entering China , visas can be refused, seizing and the freezing of assets is allowed, deportations can be conducted, as well as other measures.” ... “For aircraft and ships that entered our sea and air territory of 12 nautical miles, the national army will counter-attack without exception,” Lin Wen-Huang, Taiwan’s deputy chief of the general staff for operations ...

Unintended consequences of Obamacare devastating American jobs and workers


Delta Air Lines - In a letter sent to employees, the airline announced its health insurance costs are set to rise a staggering $100 million next year alone, leaving the company no alternative but to implement several changes, including dropping its specially crafted insurance plan for pilots, because the "Cadillac tax" on top-rated plans has now made them too expensive. ... At the same time, it plans to consolidate operations. - Smith & Nephew, a British manufacturer, has informed nearly ...

Solar-powered desalination device vaporizes seawater to produce safe drinking water


The foam is wrapped in a highly porous type of paper known as air-laid paper . Made from wood fibers and commonly used for disposable diapers, this air-laid paper wicks away water from the receptacle and supplies it to the solar absorber. ... The researchers also used air-laid paper as a substrate (material in which something is deposited) for the titanium nitride oxide. "...

IT’S OFFICIAL! Joe Biden and Democrats Welcome 2 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS into US in fiscal year 2022! THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION IS REAL


Because EVERY single American taxpayer is paying for their air travel, shelter, food, electricity, gas, cable, schooling, etc of the 2 million invaders. ... Via Bill Melugin. > A reminder, these numbers do NOT include known getaways, which DHS sources tell us are already well over 500,000 for FY’22 so far. > > — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 19, 2022 Read more at: TheGatewayPundit.com Previous :Jan. 6 committee releases alleged violent “walkie-talkie” recording from J-6 protests — ...

Gonzalo Lira tells Mike Adams: Zelensky's offensives have caused the death of over 12,000 Ukrainians


Russians have an advantage in artillery fire and in aircraft and air defense systems. Lira pointed out that Ukrainian forces no longer have air defense systems because the Russians have destroyed them all. "...

Shock video: Indian broadcaster faints during report on Queen Elizabeth


“An MBC presenter suddenly fainted on Tuesday, September 6, while presenting the newspaper in Hindustani,” Defimedia.info reported . ... While it’s unclear what exactly happened to Mishra, her on-air loss of consciousness fits a similar pattern recently observed since the introduction of experimental Covid jabs wherein people have inexplicably fainted, many times on camera. "...

"We failed": Danish newspaper apologizes for publishing official COVID narratives without questioning them


(Article by Tyler Durden republished from ZeroHedge.com ) Now, a newspaper in Denmark has publicly apologizedfor reporting government narratives surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic without questioning them. ... And we have been given the significance of the pendulum’s smallest movements laid out by experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly warned us about the dormant corona monster under our beds. "...

New Orleans is now the MURDER capital of America


He recounted one instance when a man threatened one of his employees who would not put air in the customer’s tire. ... Sources include: ZeroHedge.com WSJ.com Brighteon.com Previous :Biden’s transhumanist EO calls for natural biology to be programmed like computers - More news on big government Soylent Green: California legalizes composting of HUMANS We FINALLY found a vaccine that Paul Offit doesn’t endorse: the “bivalent booster” for covid New Orleans is now the MURDER capital of America ...

Get started with vermicomposting if you want to grow healthier plants


. - Properly placed holes to drain excess water and for air circulation. - Pieces or sections of screening material over air-circulation holes. This will prevent fruit flies or other insects from entering and compromising the vermicomposter. - Air space under the container to allow for effective drainage and air circulation. "...

Americans are increasingly turning to credit card debt and short-term loans as the cost of living becomes extremely painful


Our politicians borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we did not have over the past few years, and the Federal Reserve pumped trillions of dollars that it created out of thin air into the financial system. ... Read more at: EndOfTheAmericanDream.com Previous :Don’t believe the hype about Antarctica’s melting glaciers Next : Martha’s Vineyard newspaper lists 50 job ads despite claims of no work on island - More news on Bubble Fox News reporter interrupts Biden’s Inflation ...

Insurance giant GEICO closes down all 38 of its offices in California


Hundreds were laid off as a result of the closures, with more than 35 employees being laid off in the Sacramento area alone. ... Marjorie Taylor Greene: GOP will hold Biden, Dems accountable after midterms Next : Aussie air carriers suppressing vaccine injuries, persecuting unvaxxed pilots - More news on business closure Insurance giant GEICO closes down all 38 of its offices in California - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website ...

Gardening tips for managing weeds


. - Newspaper – You can smother weeds and prevent new ones from growing by covering them with old newspapers. ... Before you lay down the newspaper, wet the soil ?rst. Once the newspaper is laid down, wet it again thoroughly before you cover it with mulch. "...

Switzerland threatens residents who heat their homes this winter with jail time


Swiss economic department spokesman Markus Sporndli told the Blick newspaper this week that gas supplies are dwindling, which means restrictions are necessary to avoid a total energy loss come winter. ... Swiss residents prohibited from heating water beyond 140 degrees Fahrenheit The Swiss government is also ordering citizens to stop using heaters and hot air tents inside their homes. "...

Slow collapse of New York Times as digital subscriber strategy fails


"I hope the needed savings can be achieved through voluntary buyouts but if not, I will be forced to go to layoffs among the excluded staff," she added, noting that employees have until January 24 to either accept a severance package, or face the possibility of getting laid off. ... "The newspaper industry as a whole is confronting a drastic falloff in advertising revenue," wrote Christine Haughney in a recent NYT piece about the issue. "...

Teenagers are apparently identifying as household pets nowadays


An Australian newspaper described her as “phenomenally bright,” and a source who knows the family told the Herald Sun that: “No one seems to have a protocol for students identifying as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everyone is being supportive.” ... Read more at: LifeSiteNews.com Previous :Report: California school district textbook claims there are EIGHT genders Next : Aussie federal government cries poor on fuel taxes – but still has billions ...

U.S. developed breakthrough battery technology but inexplicably gave it away to China


“The engineers pictured people plunking them down next to their air conditioners, attaching solar panels to them, and everyone living happily ever after off the grid.” ... All the employees who worked there were laid off. And more than 5,200 miles away, a Chinese company is hard at work making the batteries in Dalian, China. "...

American Airlines cancels more than 300 flights due to lack of pilots


Demand for air travel collapsed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as various countries put lockdowns in place. ... Thousands of airline employees were offered early retirements and buyouts when air travel stopped in March of last year. "...

Boston Globe goes full cuckoo, publishes 100% fake newspaper edition to try to destroy vaccine critic Donald Trump with hoax headlines parading as truth-to-be


The Boston Globe, a newspaper that routinely prints fake CDC vaccine propaganda as "news," now openly admits it is nothing but a fiction rag. ... In his answer, Trump laid out the most compassionate and reasonable explanations on vaccines that has yet been offered by any candidate in this race: Autism has become an epidemic... "...