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Northern Aussie bases get extra $3.8B funding for "potential conflict" (with China)


[The RAAF] must also be equipped to support operations in the north through surveillance, air defense, strike and air transport.” ... In that context, we need to be a porcupine,” Marles told journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne newspaper The Age. "...

Ukraine may have tried to ASSASSINATE Vladimir Putin using a kamikaze drone


This is according to the German newspaper Bild, which cited unnamed sources stating that the attack took place on Sunday, April 23. ... “Accordingly, our guys launched a kamikaze drone that flew through all the air defenses of the Russian Federation and fell not far from the industrial park.” "...

ESPN to commence LAYOFFS as part of larger Disney job cuts


People familiar with the matter confirmed the impending layoffs, adding that several on-air talents and management will be included. ... This was not the first time ESPN laid off employees. Back in 2020, the sports network amid the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. "...

UK's Guardian newspaper apologizes for its links to SLAVERY


Search Follow UK’s Guardian newspaper apologizes for its links to SLAVERY Thursday, March 30, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/712331.html - ( ) British newspaper the Guardian in the transatlantic slave trade, the latest entity to grovel to the woke mob. ... “The effects of colonialism and slavery are deeply embedded in the fabric of our city, in ...

Top Arab leaders including Saudis, Iranians, meet in China to plot 'end' of American global dominance


Yet another Iranian official laid out the way the geopolitical winds are blowing under the hapless, clueless Biden regime: “The era of the United States’ involvement in this region is over… The regional countries are capable of preserving security and stability in the Middle East without Washington’s interference.” A source in Riyadh, cited by the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, explained that China was chosen as the host country for the meeting between Saudi Arabia and Iran ...

China simulates precision strikes on key Taiwanese targets during three-day military drills


The animation showed missiles being fired from land, sea and air into Taiwan, with two of the missiles exploding in flames as they hit their targets. Zhao Xiaozhuo of the PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences said in an interview with a state-backed newspaper that this was the first time China has openly talked of simulated attacks against Taiwanese targets. "...

Zelensky admits Ukraine already ran out of ammo


In an interview with Japanese newspaper , he candidly told his interlocutors that “We do not have ammunition. ... Not only that, but as was earlier explained, no amount of money can make ammunition appear out of thin air. "...

Food storage tips: How to turn a trash can into a root cellar


Keeping the air dry without ventilation If you cannot provide any ventilation for the trash can root cellar, take additional steps to dry the air inside it. Do this by adding completely dry wood shavings or newspaper inside a root cellar to wick up moisture and dry the air. "...

China using military lasers to BLIND Philippine Coast Guard ship crews


Conflict lies in the fact that the Philippines has also laid claim to much of the South China Sea. ... Air Force over South Carolina. “It’s time for the Chinese government to restrain its forces,” said Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesman Col. "...

Remember Diamond and Silk? Diamond "died suddenly" in her kitchen and Silk wants answers


Silk says that just prior to her sister’s death, Diamond told her “I can’t breathe,” and that she needed to open up the back door to get some air. ... We laid her. Like, they told us to lay her flat.” “They said do CPR. And it was one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four … My husband and I alternated and kept going and going and going until the emergency truck came into the yard and the EMS came into the house. "...

"We failed": Danish newspaper apologizes for publishing official COVID narratives without questioning them


And we have been given the significance of the pendulum’s smallest movements laid out by experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly warned us about the dormant corona monster under our beds. ... Wade if Dems take control in 2022 midterms Prisoner swap: Biden eager to trade Russian arms dealer for basketball player before midterms China luring ex-RAF pilots to help train the PLA Air Force After disastrous inflation numbers are released, Biden’s economic advisor declares ...

Biden's Pentagon just gave Ukraine the green light to launch drone strikes on Russian territory, which will lead to rapid escalation with NATO


The Times report continued: Within these limited constraints laid down by the Pentagon, Kyiv is now adopting a more aggressive, more persistent offensive against targets inside Russia. ... The modified TU-141s were deployed this week in three raids against military bases 300 miles inside the Russian border and on fuel tanks about 80 miles across the Ukrainian border, in each case evading air defences. "...

Steel giant ArcelorMittal forced to shut down two massive German steel facilities due to energy crisis


According to the German newspaper Die Welt, one of the smelters in the Hamburg plant require 76,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity in an hour. This amount of energy could run 500,000 television sets, the newspaper noted. ArcelorMittal’s decision to close down the Hamburg plant has greatly impacted the supply chain. "...

House Republicans bring the heat: GOP preparing to launch several hearings into Biden regime, beginning with investigation into the president's family


Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and other Republican lawmakers, laid out the evidence GOP investigators have already gathered on Joe, Hunter, and James Biden, which included, among other things, per Breitbart News : - Conspiracy or defrauding the United States - Wire fraud - Conspiracy to commit wire fraud - Violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act - Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Violations of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 - Tax evasion - ...

Unintended consequences of Obamacare devastating American jobs and workers


Delta Air Lines - In a letter sent to employees, the airline announced its health insurance costs are set to rise a staggering $100 million next year alone, leaving the company no alternative but to implement several changes, including dropping its specially crafted insurance plan for pilots, because the "Cadillac tax" on top-rated plans has now made them too expensive. ... At the same time, it plans to consolidate operations. - Smith & Nephew, a British manufacturer, has informed nearly ...

Solar-powered desalination device vaporizes seawater to produce safe drinking water


The foam is wrapped in a highly porous type of paper known as air-laid paper . Made from wood fibers and commonly used for disposable diapers, this air-laid paper wicks away water from the receptacle and supplies it to the solar absorber. ... The researchers also used air-laid paper as a substrate (material in which something is deposited) for the titanium nitride oxide. "...

Climate change is a malicious, dangerous myth


Back in 2004, the Observer newspaper told us that we’d be living in a Siberian climate by 2020. ... But according to the Bill Gates linked newspaper The Guardian, the newspaper for the empty-headed and the addle-brained, there are plans afoot to manufacture steel without using coal. "...

PENAL CODE: German doctor who killed lover by spiking his genitals with cocaine ordered to pay for her medical treatment


Her father believes he deliberately chose her to be his victim, telling German newspaper Bild: “He promised to heal our daughter — now she is dead. ... He told the paper that he regretted following his lawyer’s advice to stay silent and wanted to prove that he was not criminally guilty of Yvonne’s death. "...

Get started with vermicomposting if you want to grow healthier plants


. - Properly placed holes to drain excess water and for air circulation. - Pieces or sections of screening material over air-circulation holes. This will prevent fruit flies or other insects from entering and compromising the vermicomposter. - Air space under the container to allow for effective drainage and air circulation. "...

Martha's Vineyard newspaper lists 50 job ads despite claims of no work on island


—While some locals have claimed that the illegal immigrants who arrived on this wealthy island should go elsewhere since there wouldn’t be work for them with the summer rush gone, the local newspaper has listed 50 help wanted ads in a recent issue, and the local supermarket chain has been known to need help all year long. ... Wade if Dems take control in 2022 midterms Prisoner swap: Biden eager to trade Russian arms dealer for basketball player before midterms China luring ex-RAF pilots ...