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Ukraine is running out of air defense missiles amid Russian aerial bombing campaign


And so they’re trying to get around our air defense systems by using the landscape or intelligence about where we’re located. ... The UK will also be donating hundreds of additional air defense missiles, aerial drones and Howitzer artillery guns. "...

CLAIM: Russia damaged U.S.-supplied Patriot air defense system in Ukraine, but Zelensky says multiple hypersonic missiles intercepted and destroyed


According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, at least one Kinzhal missile was employed in Tuesday’s attack, with officials claiming that a Kinzhal had successfully targeted a Patriot air defense system. ... Ukrainian officials have indicated that these repeated attacks were deliberately intended to test and wear down their air defense capabilities. "...

Biden promises to provide Ukraine with advanced air defense systems as Russia threatens more "severe" attacks


Biden spoke with Zelensky on Monday, Oct. 10, pledging to continue providing Ukraine with the support it needs to defend itself, including advanced air defense systems, as per a White House statement. ... After speaking with Biden, Zelensky went on Twitter to say that air defense is currently the top priority in their defense cooperation. "...

Report - Ukraine to run out of anti-air missiles by end of May


The Buk air defense systems could run into trouble sourcing ammunition by mid-April. ... Ihnat added that Kyiv needs more air defense systems to fully replace the depleted ones. "...

Russia launches drone attack on Kyiv Day, killing one and injuring another


You are heroes,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in praise of the air defense and rescue personnel. ... Russia appears to be attempting not only to drain Ukraine’s stock of air defense missiles, but also to destroy the launch systems themselves. "...

Pentagon admits to $3B "accounting error" in Ukraine aid, which means more goodies for Zelensky


(Related: ) According to a press release, the package includes air defense systems, ammunition and “support to enable Ukraine to better maintain its on-hand systems and equipment.” ... “This USAI package underscores the continued U.S. commitment to meeting Ukraine’s most urgent requirements by committing critical near-term capabilities such as air defense system and munitions, while also building the capacity of [the AFU] to defend its territory and deter Russian ...

Russia vows to block transfer of S-300 missile defense system to Ukraine, threatens to target arms shipments


Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Nad said that, since the S-300 is the country’s only strategic air defense asset, it is asking its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to provide it with a substitute system. ... Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. Nad added that his country will only make the transfer once it has a proper replacement because handing over “the only strategic air defense ...

Pentagon to announce another $1.2B weapons package for Ukraine – when does it end?


The package includes air defense systems, ammunition and “support to enable Ukraine to better maintain its on-hand systems and equipment,” the press release stated. ... Of this amount, $2.1 billion will be used to source new air defense munitions directly from American manufacturers. "...

South Korea ready to parry North Korea's military threat with $2.6B "Iron Dome" defense system


According to military sources, the air defense system and will cost the South Korean government around $2.6 billion to build. ... The air defense system’s completion is slated for 2029, but the Yoon administration has vowed to have it ready by 2026. "...

Playing with FIRE: US to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine


Search Follow Playing with FIRE: US to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine Thursday, December 15, 2022 by: , This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/683693.html - ( ) United States defense officials are reportedly finalizing plans , risking the possibility of the conflict escalating as Russia no doubt has to respond to this act. ... The fact that Ukraine will ...

Air Force looking at directed energy technologies to protect US from enemy missiles


They are already being used in counter-air defense, target identification, tracking, counter-intelligence search and reconnaissance and electronic warfare. ... The performance of the air defense system has sparked talks between Israel and the U.S. about buying more of the missile defense system. "...

Pentagon expediting delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine in acceleration toward continental war


Department of Defense is now to Ukraine. This was confirmed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin of the Defense Contact Group (DCG) at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. ... We continue to rush in ground-based air defense capabilities and munitions to help Ukraine control its sovereign skies and to help Ukraine defend its citizens from Russian cruise missiles and Iranian drones,” Austin said. "...

Three scientists working on Russia’s hypersonic missile program charged with TREASON


Kiev claims it has shot down Russian hypersonic missiles At the same time, Kiev has been claiming that air defense systems it received from the U.S. have managed to shoot a number of Russia’s hypersonic missiles down – the same missiles Putin has boasted in the past are pretty much unstoppable. ... The British Defense Ministry said that Russia was likely surprised and embarrassed by its missiles’ vulnerability. "...

Defense chief offers Ukraine to be "testing ground" for NATO weapons


According to Reznikov, Ukraine is employing Western weapons like the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems or HIMARS, Polish Krab 155mm artillery systems and shoulder-fired air-defense missiles and anti-tank guided missiles against the Russians. ... Adam Kinzinger told Defense News he has been in touch with Kyiv on the matter and he added that the $100 million for training as an amendment to the defense authorization bill will facilitate an eventual shift of Ukraine’s ...

Leaked military documents reveal America's dirty secret about SPYING on its own allies


By May 23, Ukraine will have fewer air defense systems to protect its frontline troops – threatening the outcome of its ground war with Moscow. If air defense systems are not bolstered at the soonest, Kyiv will be in danger. "...

Northern Aussie bases get extra $3.8B funding for "potential conflict" (with China)


Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles expounded on the A$3.8 billion funding in a statement. ... [The RAAF] must also be equipped to support operations in the north through surveillance, air defense, strike and air transport.” "...

China ramping up production of military drones to rival US drone fleet, leaked defense ministry document shows


In fact, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Army got rid of many of its air defense systems, preferring to redirect resources elsewhere. ... A variant of the Stryker, an armored fighting vehicle, began being outfitted with interim maneuver-short-range air defense (IM-SHORAD) systems . "...

China simulates precision strikes on key Taiwanese targets during three-day military drills


On Saturday, the first day of the exercises, Taiwan reported that 45 warplanes either crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait – the unofficial dividing line between Taiwanese and Chinese territory – or flew into the southwestern region of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). ... “Regarding the movements of the Chinese communists’ Rocket Force, the nation’s military also has a close grasp through the joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system, and ...

China carries out military drills around Taiwan in “serious warning” after US House Speaker visit


Saturday marked the start of the drills, and a total of 71 Chinese warplanes made their way across the Taiwan Strait that day, 45 of which breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. ... Chinese warplanes regularly enter Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and the CCP has said that it may use armed forces if a peaceful unification does not occur. "...

New legal defense: The air pollution made me do it… researchers say it "triggers" unethical behaviors


With this research, a new legal defense has been created, essentially allowing perpetrators to claim that “air pollution made me do it.” ... Sources include: Dailymail.co.uk NaturalNews.com Previous :Tamiflu is not safe OR effective Next : Liberal lunatics: Students go insane when panel agrees that men and women are different - More news on Air pollution Polish households resort to burning TRASH to survive winter without Russian energy Study: Exposure to household cleaning ...