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THIRD WORLD COUNTRY: Californians ordered to turn off air conditioning to save energy by Los Angeles Mayor


THIRD WORLD COUNTRY: Californians ordered to turn off air conditioning to save energy by Los Angeles Mayor Wednesday, September 09, 2020 by: News Editors air conditioning , California , energy conservation , environment , Eric Garcetti , third world country Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/456086.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The mayor of Los Angeles instructed residents of his city to turn off their air conditioning ...

California power officials beg customers to stop using air conditioning as West Coast power grid reaches critical failure


“It is a result of high overnight temperatures, high level of air conditioning use and just overall demand on the system,” stated Robert Villegas from the energy utility to reporters. ... Break-ins in San Francisco up by 90% in some neighborhoods Disney to lay off 28,000 workers in belt-tightening move amid coronavirus pandemic - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-11-california-power-officials-beg-customers-to-stop-using-air-conditioning-as-west-coast-power-grid-reaches-critical-failure....

"Smart" homes turn STUPID as Google cloud craters, locking people out of their own homes and shutting off access to air conditioners


During the recent East Coast tech failure, many people with Nest thermostats and other Google-owned “Cloud Platform” gadgets reported to the media that they could suddenly no longer unlock their doors, turn on the air conditioning, or even use their baby monitors. ... Sources for this article include: FastCompany.com NaturalNews.com TheInquirer.net Previous :Public health officials in New Hampshire publicly admit that MMR vaccine causes measles Next : Abortion advocates claim “medical” ...

5 Ways to stay cool when SHTF during a heatwave


This is why it’s important to know how to keep cool when the air conditioning fails. ... You can add some ice for cooler air. If you want to use this DIY air conditioning while camping, you can add a 90-degree piece of PVC pipe and dryer vent hose to isolate the air. "...

JUNK SCIENCE: Climate change alarmists now claim global warming will overheat pregnant women and kill their babies... but ABORTION is completely ignored


In some parts of the world, however, comforts like air conditioning or even a glass of cold water are hard to come by, so scientists set out to determine if the effects of high temperatures on a pregnant woman also extend to her baby. "...

Time to change your AC filter? Scientists reveal the ammonia smell in your system comes from bacteria feeding on dead skin cells


Air conditioning maintenance Air conditioning units have become a standard in offices, schools, and homes. ... Cases were observed to worsen if the air conditioning unit was not regularly cleaned. "...

Freezing pollution before it enters homes removes 99 percent of fumes, scientists say


In this air purification setup, outdoor air will pass through condensing tubes fitted with air conditioning units. ... They believed their work on cryogenic condensation and circulation could inspire manufacturers of air conditioning and humidifier units to modify their products. "...

8 Easy ways to improve indoor air quality


8 Easy ways to improve indoor air quality Monday, April 26, 2021 by: Divina Ramirez air filters , Air pollution , badhealth , badpollution , environment , humidity , indoor air pollution , indoor air quality , indoor plants , tips , ventilation , volatile organic compounds Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/511696.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The term “air pollution” often conjures up images of car exhaust, ...

New air purifier technology removes 99% of indoor allergens


Unlike many air purification systems that filter the air, the Guardian Air REME+ air purifier generates Ionized Hydro-Peroxides that neutralize impurities on contact, just like in nature. ... It is a whole house air purification system, and can be installed directly into your existing air conditioning unit or home ventilation system. 2. "...

Guard your home's indoor air quality with these simple measures


As air quality worsens, so does health. ... Other options for ventilation include using bathroom and kitchen fans and running a window air conditioning unit with the vent control open. "...

How to harness solar energy to power an off-grid air conditioner


Choosing an efficient off-grid air conditioner Your off-grid air conditioner should be energy-efficient so you have more electricity to keep other appliances running. ... Air conditioning units that run at 115 V require less powerful – and less expensive – inverter and use less power than those running at 200 to 240 V. "...

California wildfires are causing unprecedented levels of air pollution


Purple represents an air quality index (AQI) value of 300 or more, indicating hazardous air quality. ... These include keeping indoors with the windows shut and turning on air conditioning units to create clean air. "...

Why you need to purify your indoor air and how to do it


Did you know the air inside your home or office is often worse than outside air? ... Indoor Toxic Issues Air duct filters for forced air central heating and air conditioning should be replaced often with the best and most expensive filters. "...

The big fraud of green homes: they suffocate their owners with indoor air poisons


To justify this "green" label, they is seal off all the air flow between the home and the outside world, thereby creating an "air tight" home that has virtually no air leaks. Because this results in lower costs for air conditioning and heating, they call this a "green" home. "...

Start your pre-resolution conditioning for New Year's Day 2015


Put it this way, January 1, 2015, is too late. "...

Solar energy plants ignite birds in mid-air; thousands killed by intense light beams


Coal plants spew toxic mercury residue into the air, and environmentally damaging strip mining is required to get the necessary coal. ... They create enough steam to generate electricity for over 140,000 homes in an area that uses refrigerated or swamp cooler air conditioning throughout most days out of nine months. "...

Heatwaves could melt roads in the Pacific Northwest, warn experts


Two-thirds of Seattle-area and nearly one-third of Portland homes lack air conditioning. ... Stay indoors in air conditioning whenever possible and keep windows and doors closed if you are using air conditioning. "...

Scientists develop white paint that keeps surfaces up to 18 degrees cooler


The paint, said the researchers, could be used to keep buildings cool and decrease the need for air conditioning. ... It could also save consumers about a dollar a day, which otherwise would have been spent on air conditioning for a one-story house. "...

Air pollution and asthma: People living in tree-lined neighborhoods have fewer attacks


She added that the connection between pollen and air pollution, and “the effect on health and asthma” is manifold. ... Trees can also help lower your air conditioning bill, especially if they shade your house from direct sunlight. - They improve your landscaping — A yard full of trees has a more “natural and inviting” vibe. "...

Doubling the number of trees in major cities would reduce air pollution and energy use, study finds


The researchers also created a model for each major city that considered the local megacity tree cover, human population, air population, air pollution, climate, energy use, and purchasing power. ... Since temperature would be cooled down, many households could reduce their use of air-conditioning units. "...