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Ancient "desert glass" turns out to be from a 29-million-year-old meteorite


According to some, the glass is the result of a meteor outburst — similar to that of the recent Chelyabinsk meteor. ... A meteor outburst refers to a phenomenon where the air that flowed inside the meteor percolated within and caused it to explode . "...

California residents see mysterious lights flash in the sky during earthquake


Orbs of light referred to as "ball lightning" have been seen floating in the air for up to a minute at a time. ... And the light outburst from the ground is one of them." Sources for this article include: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com http://news.nationalgeographic.com - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

Bill Nye earns an "F" in climate change science... can't even answer basic questions on live TV


When John Doe goes to take his Hummer for a drive or plug in his air conditioning unit, is he bringing us closer to a global apocalypse? ... In what appeared to be a final outburst of anger and frustration, Nye ended the debate by blaming Donald Trump for the recent leaks coming out of the federal government, a comment that had absolutely nothing to do with the issue of climate change. "...

Manufactured climate hysteria of Greta Thunberg a repeat of what Severn Cullis-Suzuki did back in 1992


Just like angry Greta , Severn lamented being “afraid to breathe the air,” which in the year 1992 was said to be damaged due to “holes” in the ozone layer. ... Amazingly, Severn’s diatribe contained many of the same concepts and ideas as Greta’s verbal outburst, which was presumably meant to appear “organic” and “grassroots,” but that actually echoes back to the same rehashed nonsense from Severn that had already been tried in the past. "...

Traveling with Swine Flu - A Real-Time Health Ranger Report from Quito, Ecuador


On the U.S. side, swine flu doesn't seem to have many people worried in the air travel business. ... This immediately told me that Ecuador was quite serious about being able to contact air passengers after the fact - a key strategy for stemming outbreaks due to infected air passengers. "...

Covid-19 swab test burst woman's brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid


Timm was later diagnosed by a neurologist as having pneumocephalus, a rare cranial condition involving air inside the cranial cavity. ... “I have to be careful with the air I breathe as bacteria may get in through the injury and tear and can cause meningitis.” "...

Trouble focusing in the new year? Try a 10-minute BURST of exercise to jumpstart your brain


But some researchers believe they have a ‘cure’ of sorts for mental fogginess: A 10-minute burst of exercise. ... If you work out of the home, see if the boss will let you bring one to work. — Squats: Like jogging in place, you can also do air squats in place. "...

As war with North Korea approaches, Pentagon scrambling to protect U.S. power grid from cyber attacks, EMP burst


As war with North Korea approaches, Pentagon scrambling to protect U.S. power grid from cyber attacks, EMP burst Tuesday, April 18, 2017 by: JD Heyes cyber attack , EMP , Iran , North Korea , U.S. power grid - (Natural News ) Various reports claim that the United States may be preparing to strike North Korea after it conducted its sixth nuclear weapons test, over the weekend – a strike that, if it happens would likely invite retaliation from Pyongyang. ... “Smart” homes turn STUPID as Google ...

SHTF tips: How to survive an EMP attack that brings down the power grid


EMP caused by weapons Gamma radiation produced by a nuclear explosion collides with air molecules, which then causes a massive electric field. Asymmetries in the electric field caused by air movement and the Earth’s surface generate an EMP. "...

About 90% of stroke risk factors are related to lifestyle habits... are you guilty of any of them?


Air pollution and household contaminant exposure Around 30 percent of all stroke cases around the world are a result of poor air quality. Whether it is cigarette smoke, air pollution, or exposure to toxic household contaminants, the poor quality of the air you breathe will have a detrimental health on your body. "...

Flashback: mind-control programming on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


From this point forward, they will play a huge role in every audience outburst. ... Is it remotely possible that Arnold recalls the 1976 Paddy Chayefsky film and its wacked-out news anchor, Howard Beale, who survives a ratings dive and firing by delivering a delirious populist message on air and becomes, for a short time, the most revered man in America? "...

Developers roll out new robo-bee: It can fly, swim, monitor environmental studies... AND people


In order to achieve this, the team utilized a combination of experimental data and theoretical modeling to find the ideal flapping frequency for the wings in the air and in the water. ... Following this, the researchers had to devise a way for RoboBee to break surface tension and leap back into the air. "...

Heart news, articles and information:


Breathing outdoor air polluted with industrial particles increases risk of early death, heart disease and lung cancer 7/2/2016 - As a kid, how many times did your parents tell you to go play outside and get some fresh air? ... Olive oil protects heart from air pollution, lowers blood pressure 11/16/2014 - The Mediterranean Diet has received plenty of praise in recent years for its role in protecting against disease. "...

We could soon harvest energy from leaves fluttering in the wind


They seldom stop and take a second look unless it’s autumn, and leaves burst into flaming colors of orange, red, yellow, and purple. ... She demonstrated the effect vividly by holding a twig with leaves in the air coming from a fan. "...

Attack news, articles and information:


In one of the most laughable examples of modern-day abandonment of journalistic... 4/23/2015 - The contrived attacks on Doctor Oz backfired in spectacular fashion today as he took to the air to expose the convicted felons, frauds and hucksters - all doctors operating as corporate front men - who tried to silence him. ... Keep calm: Risk of heart attack rises in hours after angry outburst 3/5/2014 12:05:35 PM - If ever there was a reason to try to stay calm in stressful situations, ...



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