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Why you should think twice before calling an ambulance


areas of the country must depend on air ambulance services for medical emergencies."...

Transportation company pitches oversized hydrogen-powered drones as air ambulances or sky taxis


transporter, a flying taxi or even an air ambulance. The company, Alaka’i Technologies"...

Americans too fat to be airlifted by medical helicopters


development for Air Methods, one of the country's biggest air ambulance firms, told ABC"...

Americans too fat to be airlifted by medical helicopters


development for Air Methods, one of the country's biggest air ambulance firms, told ABC"...

Hospital bills add to the problems of coronavirus patients


fraction of the air ambulance bill he incurred. Michael needed an air ambulance to transport"...

Family fights Medicaid for medical marijuana to save daughter's life


officials in Florida about obtaining an air ambulance for Abby so that she could be moved"...

Air drop delivery: Drones are being used in Rwanda to deliver blood and medicine to remote hospitals


Medical Services Authority (REMSA) is an ambulance service that operates in Nevada. The"...

Lightning eMotors and REV Group subsidiary to develop "zero-emission" electric ambulances


an electric ambulance thanks to (LEV). The upcoming electric ambulance is based on"...

Turn down the noise: Noise pollution is the latest public health threat to Americans


85 dB - Approaching train – 100 dB - Ambulance siren – 120 dB Tips to prevent noise"...

Biological warfare-like 'thunderstorm asthma' killing Australians


cardiac arrest. The ambulance demand was so great that Ambulance Victoria officials"...

Unmanned airship fitted with a surveillance camera can spy on people from above


They claim Eon can serve as a flying ambulance, a long-endurance “eye in the sky” for"...

Hundreds more people being evacuated from Wuhan and sent to California


Health System – Medical Center via ambulance for testing and observation. Official"...

Southwest pilot suffered medical emergency, prompting off-duty pilot to enter cockpit and seize control


attendant, but we need to get him on an ambulance immediately.” (Related: Last summer"...

It’s not “just the flu”: Here is why you definitely do not want to catch this coronavirus…


before I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. > > ‘I’d originally been diagnosed"...

The reason George Floyd couldn't breathe is because his lungs were inflamed from a fentanyl overdose


the officers had been waiting for an ambulance to arrive to help Floyd with his overdose"...

Hospital evacuated, plane put into lockdown over Ebola scares


removed from the building and put into an ambulance now headed to Beth Israel Deaconess"...

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is the new name for vaccine deaths in the medical establishment's play-pretend reality


few in the world that has combined ambulance, hospital, and forensics information"...

EXCLUSIVE: New Jan. 6 bodycam videos show DC police officer assaulting unconscious protester


The records don’t indicate why the ambulance wasn’t allowed to leave the Capitol"...

Hospital evacuated, plane put into lockdown over Ebola scares


removed from the building and put into an ambulance now headed to Beth Israel Deaconess"...

GPS-dependent America is one solar storm away from collapse


locate callers and identify the nearest ambulance or police car. GPS failure can also"...