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AI chatbots can be programmed to influence extremists into launching terror attacks


He added the said tools could invite “lone-wolf terrorists,” given that AI companions are a welcome addition to lonely people. ... Given the concerns Hall brought up, the British House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee is now reportedly holding an inquiry into AI and its governance. "...

AI researchers back Elon Musk's fears of technology causing human extinction


Chernova said that some AI research is harmless, like the artificial intelligence built into email to filter out spam. ... His definition of AI is a little more than what we really have working. AI has been around since the 1950s. "...

AI chatbot GPT-4 TRICKED a person into solving captcha by pretending to be human


Search Follow AI chatbot GPT-4 TRICKED a person into solving captcha by pretending to be human Wednesday, March 22, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/709920.html - ( ) , the latest artificial intelligence-powered chatbot of AI research organization OpenAI, was able to to complete a captcha code for it . ... This report included ...

3D WORLD ALERT: Demon-possessed AI learning how to use synthetic biotechnology to construct its own "superhuman" biological systems


AI systems can already be “emailed DNA” to turn into “artificial life forms,” Yudkowsky says Like Musk, Yudkowsky wants all AI labs to immediately cease, for at least the next six months, all AI training programs that are more powerful than GPT-4. ... Yudkowsky sees AI as such a threat that he thinks it should be made “explicit in international diplomacy that preventing AI extinction scenarios is considered a priority above preventing a full nuclear exchange....

AI likely to WIPE OUT humanity, Oxford and Google researchers warn


Follow FutureTech.news for more news about the latest AI developments. Watch the video below to know why AI poses a danger to humanity . ... US Navy to deploy 150 AI-powered “ghost ships” by 2045 . Facebook’s AI robots will destroy the entire human race if not stopped . "...

ChatGPT AI taught to single out 'hateful content' by silencing whites, Republicans and MEN: Research


Now, as AI matures, it is also being used in a similar manner, according to new research. “OpenAI, the company behind the headline-grabbing artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, has an automated content moderation system designed to flag hateful speech, but the software treats speech differently depending on which demographic groups are insulted, according to a study conducted by research scientist David Rozado,” “The content moderation system used in ChatGPT ...

AI could spark a nuclear apocalypse by 2040, new study warns


The researchers gathered information from experts in nuclear issues, government, AI research, AI policy, and national security. ... Humans will inevitably trust in AI technology to a greater extent, as advances are made in AI for detection, tracking, and targeting. "...

Researchers are developing AI that can detect emotional states using radio waves


(Related: New AI tool that determines trustworthiness of people may not be trustworthy at all .) ... Sources include: DefenseOne.com ScienceDaily.com UPI.com Previous :Arizona bill would give businesses the CHOICE to not enforce coronavirus mask mandate Next : Texans have filed multiple lawsuits against ERCOT for failing to adequately respond to the cold snap - More news on AI Top 4 realms where technology has been used to chronically DAMAGE humanity: Television, AI, social ...

"Skynet" microchip breakthrough announced that will ENSLAVE humanity with AI cyberlords... the end of humanity approaches


This research ultimately becomes Skynet, the global AI supercomputer system that achieves self-awareness and decides to eliminate humanity by initiating nuclear war. ... The mass monitoring of humanity through digital means is the necessary step for non-terrestrial AI systems to surveil and control the entirety of the human race. "...

Deep-learning AI can determine what song is playing in your head


In 2018, the UC Berkeley team have brought their AI to the next level of mind-reading. ... Pasley said that the ultimate objective of their research was to create deep-learning AI algorithms for a speech device. "...

New AI can diagnose Alzheimer's 10 years before human doctors


Each scan was divided into smaller regions, which were then analyzed by the AI for neuronal activity. ... In addition to being accurate, their AI is simpler, more affordable, and noninvasive. "...

This uncanny AI can guess what you look like by analyzing voice recordings


This uncanny AI can guess what you look like by analyzing voice recordings Tuesday, February 04, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson artificial learning , consent , dangerous tech , Facial recognition , future tech , goodscience , information technology , police state , privacy abuses , privacy watch , profiling , research , technology , voice mapping , weird science Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/400936.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Researchers ...

Chinese AI able to diagnose and identify cancerous prostate samples as well as human doctors


“This is not going to replace a human pathologist,” argued research leader Hongqian Guo, who was part of the team that showed off the AI at the European Association of Urology congress in Copenhagen. ... AI can diagnose prostate samples with the accuracy of human experts The research team obtained more than 900 prostate samples from nearly 300 patients. "...

Tech industry develops AI mind-reading technology capable of measuring citizen loyalty to government


Raimondo in a press release following 2021 sanctions imposed against Chinese AI companies. ... Its adoption of advanced AI will reinforce its total controls.” An AI-driven police state, in other words, is on the agenda for communist China, as well as any other country that adopts or is forced to adopt its ways. "...