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The grass is always greener (and the soil is healthier) on the side of conservation agriculture


The grass is always greener (and the soil is healthier) on the side of conservation agriculture Thursday, September 12, 2019 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez agronomic productivity , agronomic yield , biodiversity , brown manuring , climate-smart technology , conservation , conservation agriculture , conventional farming , crop growth , Ecology , ecosystem , environmental conservation , environmental friendly , farming , farming system , farming technology , food supply , goodfood ...

Organic farming found to eliminate plant parasites longer than conventional chemical pesticides


According to the scientists, a combination of agriculture intensification and poor agronomic practices led to increased incidence of PPN and other soil pathogens in East Africa. This then resulted in reduced crop productivity in smallholder farms. A team of researchers carried out two field trials — one in farmer fields and one on-station — in order to assess the efficacy of organic farming against PPN and other soil pathogens . "...

Improving food nutrition and security, soil health: The U.N. encourages modified farming systems


Therefore, the land area (106 ha) and agronomic yield (mg/ha) would have to be increased, respectively, from 85.6 and 0.70 in 2015 to 296 and 1.25 in 2030, 248 and 1.50 in 2050, and 238 and 2.15 in 2100.” Additionally, adding legumes and pulses in the crop rotation cycle can enhance soil fertility and improve the productivity of cereals in the next cycle. "...

Glyphosate decreases yield, seedling quality of Roundup Ready soybeans; increases rate of fungal disease


"[C]hanges in the nutritional balance and physiology of the plant as a whole, as well as in photosynthesis and other biosynthetic processes, can lead to decreased biomass accumulation in the tissues of agronomic interest, with potential negative effects in not only plant development but also the productivity and quality of seed harvested." "...

Scientists think they just invented "multifunctional polyculture" food farms, but it's been around forever as "food forests" and "permaculture"


For example, there are practical agronomic considerations like placing the shrubs and trees 30 feet apart in linear rows to accommodate equipment. ... They are already three years into their project, which will measure economic potential, management strategies and crop productivity. "...

How Bill Gates and his foundation are driving the food system — in the wrong direction


The work supported is a mix of basic agronomic, breeding and molecular research, as well as policy research. ... Netherlands 95 Mostly for five grants to the Wageningen University for agronomic research on grain legumes, supporting digital farming and other projects ($57m). "...

Monsanto: The worst of the worst


Successive studies have documented the productivity and sustainability of family farming in the Third World as well as in the North(57). ... It offers the only practical way of restoring agricultural land degraded by conventional agronomic practices. "...



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