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McDonald's says providing antibiotic-free beef "too quickly" will cause meat shortages


This fact bestows a serious responsibility upon the company, since misuse of antibiotics in the agricultural sector has led to antibiotic resistance, placing mankind on the brink of what the United Nations calls a “post-antibiotic era.” ... The company continues to work with farmers, producers and other purchasers of food animals to influence meaningful change across the agricultural sector.” "...

Dangerous monopoly on the horizon as five of the "Big 6" agricultural corporations now looking to merge


The proposed mergers and acquisition did not sit well within the agricultural sector, prompting a nationwide concern over competition and fewer choices in the marketplace. ... “Big 6” holds majority of global, U.S. agricultural market The “Big 6” currently holds 60 percent of the global market for agricultural products including seeds, pesticides, and herbicides. "...

Continued growth of organic sector protecting bees, improving biodiversity


And a new study out of Germany has found that the organic sector is doing it best, utilizing an array of crop and habitat varieties that are helping to improve the land and protect vital pollinators like butterflies and bees. ... The German study found that, while there are definitive benefits to existing agricultural systems that rely on organic methods, the need for even more diverse habitats is critical. "...

Shanghai goes green: District with towering vertical farms may become a reality in the near future


This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that over 13 percent of China’s total Gross Domestic Product comes from the country’s agricultural sector — the same agricultural sector that feeds 20 percent of the world’s population. ... The threats of water shortages, deforestation, and many other complications that continue to affect small farms may soon be things of the past as investments are poured into the modernization and mechanization of the agricultural ...

Genetically modified alfalfa and Roundup herbicides may create an agricultural disaster


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been extended to alfalfa. ... This may cripple a large sector of our food chain permanently ( ) Sources for this article include - Follow real-time breaking news headlines on at FETCH.news - More news on Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/034264_GM_alfalfa_Roundup.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below): Reprinting this article: Non-commercial ...

Robot fruit pickers to put migrant agricultural laborers out of work


Experts raise flags on potential losses in migrant laborers Despite the agricultural advances, the announcement did not sit well with many agricultural experts. According to experts, robot pickers will negatively impact the livelihood of farm workers especially the migrant labor sector, many of whom have been illegally working in the U.S. "...

Ukrainian farmers destroy harvest equipment to prevent Russians from seizing their crops


The Kyiv School of Economics has also estimated that the invasion has cost Ukraine’s massive agricultural sector over $4.3 billion in destroyed equipment, damaged land and unharvested crops. Ukraine unable to properly restart food production due to ongoing conflict The threat of being caught in the middle of a battle or being targeted by artillery is preventing Ukraine’s already crippled agricultural sector from being able to keep up with what little activity it ...

Mass starvation coming: Oil-rich Venezuela doesn't have enough fuel for its farmers to sow their fields


Venezuelan agricultural sector is shrinking According to the Confederation of Associations of Agricultural Producers of Venezuela (Fedeagro), a farming labor union, because of ongoing fuel shortages, more than half of the land Venezuela used last year to grow vegetables won’t get replanted. ... Aquiles Hopkins, president of Fedeagro, says that the country will begin experiencing the consequences of the agriculture sector’s lack of productivity in a few months. ...

Climate change craziness: New Zealand plans to tax FARTS and BURPS of farm animals


The He Waka Eke Noa (HWEN) collective was behind the proposal to impose a “farm-level split-gas levy on agricultural emissions, with built-in incentives to reduce emissions and sequester carbon.” ... According to HWEN, the collected tax on farm animal emissions “will be invested into agricultural sector emissions research and technology development” and “remaining funds will cover system costs.” "...

The biotech and agricultural industry is now aggressively pushing 'Missouri Monsanto Bill' through the state legislature


To protect this vital sector of Missouri's economy, the right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state. ... In reality, modern farming and agricultural technology generally refers to genetically modified seeds and animals. "...

How Monsanto, the World Bank and the IMF are working to force GMOs into a destabilized Ukraine


The not-so-hidden hands of Monsanto and Dupont Mousseau added that in the past 10 years Ukraine's agricultural sector has been defined by growth that has been concentrated increasingly within very large corporations that use large-scale, intensive farming systems. ... Therefore, there is an effort underway by mega-biotechs like DuPont and Monsanto to force open Ukraine's vast agricultural sector to foreign corporations and the influence that they seek to peddle....

Big Ag is ruining what ground water they don't take: Excess nitrogen reaching dangerous levels, study finds


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The biotech and agricultural industry is now aggressively pushing the 'Missouri Monsanto Bill' through the Missouri state legislature


To protect this vital sector of Missouri's economy, the right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state. ... In reality, modern farming and agricultural technology generally refers to genetically modified seeds and animals. "...

Globalist agriculture cartel pillages Ukraine as IMF and World Bank wage war to expand Monsanto's GMO empire


Before Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was forcibly removed from office, he had repeatedly rejected agreements and loan packages from international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, which padded their deals with conditions that included loosening regulations for Ukraine's agricultural sector. ... In fact, if you look inside this Trojan Horse, what you see is a back-door means of allowing multinationals easy access to the country's important and lucrative ...

Agricultural areas surrounded by natural habitat buffers show reduced negative impact on wildlife, new study finds


Colin Strine of Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand found that herpetofaunal communities have little sensitivity to agricultural lands as long as they remain surrounded with natural habitat buffers. ... Yet expansion of agricultural land by its primary sector is becoming more frequent with newly established properties, as with any other developing nation. "...

Total idiocy of government agricultural subsidies now undeniable as peanut glut threatens to cost taxpayers billions in farm bailouts


Why millions of Americans continue to believe that the federal government should be empowered with so much regulatory authority over the private sector and the economy, given Washington's abysmal record of "managing" things, is one of the great wonders of the modern era. "...

NZ farmers demand cancellation of PM Ardern's plans to tax the burps and farts of livestock


“This country’s rural and agricultural sector has been hard hit by floods, intense storms and droughts this year alone,” Emily Bailey of Climate Justice Taranaki said on their social media account. ... “Taking the lead on agricultural emissions is both good for the environment and our economy.” "...

Holland becomes first European nation to withdraw sanctions against Russia without EU permission


Someone else pointed out that The Netherlands still has the problem of the “green” agenda, which is rapidly destroying its once-thriving agricultural sector. "...

Countries racing to take over global agriculture market following disappearance of Ukrainian and Russian food exports


Ukraine’s agriculture sector is unlikely to recover soon In Ukraine, the country’s agricultural industry isn’t expected to begin recovering until at least the next year. ... Agricultural equipment has been destroyed, and many farms are even riddled with mines. "...

Globalists in the Netherlands are targeting farms to deliberately achieve GLOBAL FAMINE


Thousands of people hailing from the Netherlands’ agriculture sector took to the streets in protest against the climate proposal, which they believe would devastate the country’s vibrant agriculture sector. ... Regulations that would cripple the country’s agricultural sector would no doubt lead to food shortages all over the world. "...