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Did ya catch that crazy article by Birsin Filip out of the Mises Institute: “Multinational Agrichemical Corporations and the Great Food Transformation”? ... It is also endorsed by some of the most powerful agrichemical multinational corporations in the world, such as BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, DuPont, and Syngenta, which, together, control more than 75 percent of the global market for farm inputs. "...

New report probes pro-GMO journalists


Kirby Kester is president of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, an agrichemical front group. ... Prakash cc'd the email to Jay Byrne (former director of corporate communications for Monsanto), Jon Entine, Bruce Chassy (agrichemical industry advocate) Val Giddings (former VP of BIO), Henry Miller (agrichemical industry advocate), Drew Kershen (agrichemical industry advocate), Klaus Ammann, Piet van der Meer, Martina Newell-McGloughlin (agrichemical ...

FDA warns Dr. Mercola to stop writing about vitamin D


Mercola to stop writing about vitamin D Thursday, March 18, 2021 by: News Editors banned , Big Pharma , Censored , Censorship , conspiracy , coronavirus , covid-19 , FDA , free speech , Mercola , propaganda , speech police , thought police , vaccines , vitamin D This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/504521.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In the summer of 2020, the Center for Science in the Public Interest ...

The politics surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats don't care about the environment and are more interested in money


Anti-GMO activist Rosemary Mason claimed politicians in the E.U., U.K. and U.S. are in the pockets of agrichemical companies. ... They say the recent decision proved the E.U. pesticides regime is an utter failure and showed the absolute control exerted by agrichemical companies. "...

The EPA intervened on Monsanto's behalf, sabotaging another government agency's safety review of glyphosate


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GMO industry manipulates the media, public opinion and politics with sleazy tactics, bought science and PR spin, report reveals


Right To Know, accused the agrichemical and food industries of spending lavishly the past few years pushing and touting GMOs globally, at the risk of fact-based science proving that they are harmful: Since 2012, the agrichemical and food industries have mounted a complex, multifaceted public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaign in the United States, costing more than $100 million, to defend genetically engineered food and crops and the pesticides that accompany ...

Corruption watchdog demands investigation into harassment of USDA workers researching GMOs


"Those scientists work for the public, not Monsanto nor the agrichemical industry. They must be fully insulated from the political pressure of the agribusiness and agrichemical industries. "...

Cornell University abandons science, goes all in for GMO propaganda and biotech corporate interests


It is difficult to understand how these ideals are served by a unit of Cornell operating as a public relations arm for the agrichemical industry. ... How ethical is it for journalists to represent the policy positions of a pro-agrichemical-industry group? "...

Monsanto's whored-out journalists exposed: Amy Harmon, Keith Kloor, Tamar Haspel and more


The email was sent to a woman by the name of Renee Kester, and refers to Kirby Kester, the president of an agrichemical industry front group by the name of "Hawaii Crop Improvement Association." ... Haspel participated in a conference coordinated by John Entine and his colleague Cami Ryan, and was led by the Genetic Literacy Project and Academics Review, another agrichemical front group. "...

Jennifer Kahn's 'love GMOs' NYT article is propaganda, not journalism


U.S. and European agrichemical companies are exerting pressure on countries in the Global South to accept patented seeds, despite massive resistance in those countries. ... GMOs: a long history of failed promises For 30 years, agrichemical companies have hyped genetic engineering as the solution to hunger, but it hasn’t worked out that way. "...

Pressure mounts on biotech industry shill and chemical pesticide pusher Jon Entine to disclose his financial ties


"Entine is executive director of the agrichemical industry front group Genetic Literacy Project, a group with unknown funding that regularly attacks activists, journalists and scientists who raise concerns about the health and environmental risks of genetically engineered foods and pesticides," the USRTK press release noted. ... USRTK, in its press release, said that Entine is an influential spokesman for the agrichemical industry as well. "...

U.S. Right to Know's 'Hall of Shame' exposes industry front groups manipulating government policy and public opinion


It's becoming a well-known fact that processed food and agrichemical companies speciously hire front groups and disinformation "shills" to push the lie that chemicals are safe, organics are dangerous and GMOs are just fine for your children. ... American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) ACSH claims to be an independent advocate of sound science, but let the record show that this front group is devoted to promoting the interests of the tobacco, agrichemical, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical ...

Pro-terrorist Cornell University takes money from globalist Bill Gates to push GMOs destroying America


As reported by Corporate Crime Reporter, the Cornell Alliance for Science is using a $5.6 million Gates Foundation grant to "add a stronger voice for science and depolarize the charged debate around agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)" - or, more correctly, "defend GMOs on behalf of the agrichemical and food industries against all critics," the website reported. ... We deserve to know the details Corporate Crime Reporter further noted: Earlier this year, ...

Dangerous gene-edited "Crispr" crops classified as GMO by EU – has all the U.S. biotech shills squirming like worms coated in pesticide


Wells agrichemical , badfood , biotech , biotechnology evil , Bt corn , chemical agriculture , CRISPR , evil biotech , gene editing , genetic engineering , GM corn , GM soy , GMO , gmo lies , gmo mushrooms , gmo propaganda , gmo toxic , how to avoid gmos , propaganda , toxic food , war on cancer This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author - (Natural News ) The GMO trolls at the New York Times are at it again, sowing “seeds of confusion” for the typical American ...

Meet the top nine shills, hacks, hucksters and charlatans of the biotech industry


A "sellout" will speak only positively about GMO agriculture, always selling the public on the safety and security of the whole industry of agrichemical science. ... Recently, Kloor has been "enlisted" by the chemical agri-business as a charlatan to spread propaganda written in large part by industry insiders. 6) Amy Harmon: A bestselling author of eight novels and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Harmon suddenly became a GMO advocate a few years ago, conspiring with biotech's top shills ...

Blueprint of Monsanto's "black ops" public relations machine REVEALED: See the names of fake front groups and science hacks who took part


Tier 1 industry partners included agrichemical industry-funded lobbyists and public relations groups: - Biotechnology Innovation Organization is a trade association for the biotech, GMO and pesticide industries. - CropLife International / European Crop Protection Association are trade groups for the pesticide industry. ... Though these sources are often listed as “independent,” the sad truth is that behind closed doors, they work with the industry on public relations and lobbying efforts: ...

Global food supply headed for era of collapse and starvation... must-listen Home Grown Food interviews teach self-reliance, food preservation and more... playing NOW


Right now the world is headed for a global food catastrophe due to floods and droughts, soils erosion, the collapse of marine ecosystems, the systemic failure of GMO crops and the rise of invasive superweeds due to agrichemical contamination. "...

2.6 billion pounds of Monsanto's Roundup sprayed on America's farmland


A June 2015 Reuters article stated that "personal injury law firms around the United States are lining up plaintiffs for what they say could be 'mass tort' actions against agrichemical giant Monsanto Co that claim the company's Roundup herbicide has caused cancer in farm workers and others exposed to the chemical." "...

Which cereal brands are whitewashing their GMO-ridden, pesticide-laden products as 'natural'?


Even at many popular health food stores and grocery chains, brands are tacking on the word "natural" to their products, even when they contain conventional agrichemical residues, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), hexane solvent residues, and various other harmful ingredients. "...