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Real-life prepper moment: Midwest flooding shutting down roads and highways, making it impossible to restock store shelves


In some parts, there have been 10 inches of rain or more, and much of it over only a two to three day period. ... People who don’t have anything to fall back on – food, water, protection, first aid, power generation – will become victims, period. "...

Merck and Pfizer’s "anti-covid" pills are just another profiteering scam to exploit covid hysteria


In the molnupiravir study, 68 of 699 in the placebo group were hospitalized or died after the twenty-nine-day observation period. A slightly smaller number of people who took molnupiravir (48 of 709) were hospitalized or died after the twenty-nine-day observation period. "...

How to prepare for an EMP threat


Historic cases of EMP attacks An EMP is an intense burst of electromagnetic energy caused by a sudden and quick acceleration of charged particles. ... When the grid goes down, batteries will be your only reasonable source of electricity for a period of time. "...

California wildfires burn record-breaking 2 million acres (and counting)


Historic is a term we seemingly often use here in the state of California,” said Newsom, “but these numbers bear fruit to that assertion, that this is historic, this is the largest fire season we’ve had in terms of total acreage.” The record was previously held by the 2018 wildfires that wreaked 1.96 million acres of land over the same period of time. "...

California lowers organic standards in face of historic drought


California lowers organic standards in face of historic drought Monday, March 31, 2014 by: L.J. ... In the face of a historic drought, California's organic standards have been cut in half. "...

Antipsychotic meds make children three times more likely to develop diabetes, increase suicide rates 20 fold


Historic, comprehensive study shows 20 fold increases of suicide in today's drug treated patients Suicide prevention is one of the main goals of treating mental disorders; however, today's new age antipsychotic drug treatments are making this issue worse. ... This translates to "a 20-fold increase in suicide rates for patients with schizophrenia in the modern period." "...

In historic move, C.D.C. orders federal quarantine for 195 Americans evacuated from Wuhan


This historic decision by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) – the first in 50 years – was announced not long after the agency mysteriously diverted the evacuation flight, which was originally supposed to land at Ontario International Airport near Corona, California, to nearby March Air Reserve Base in Riverside. ... With much of December a period when the outbreak went unreported and unrecognised, the population exposed to the virus is far greater than ...

Global food prices skyrocketing; up 10 percent in month of July alone


"Historic" increases threaten the world's poorest According to the World Bank's report, corn and wheat prices increased 25 percent between June and July, and soybean prices increased by 17 percent over the same time period. ... In South Sudan, the price of sorghum surged 220 percent in the same time period. "...

Tucker Carlson: This is the definition of a manufactured threat


Period. In fact, the millions who have recovered from COVID have greater protection against the virus – getting it, spreading it – than those who rely on chemically induced antibodies alone. ... Peter McCullough Top public health figures accused of GENOCIDE in historic complaint sent to the International Criminal Court Tucker Carlson: This is the definition of a manufactured threat Sens. "...

Danger ahead: 120 retired U.S. military flag officers raise alarm, say constitutional republic is in danger of being taken away by socialists and Marxists


The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at stake ,” the letter states. ... “The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at stake,” they wrote. "...

Almost a third of Americans say they will AVOID the coronavirus vaccine


Some segments of the population are also naturally distrustful of experimental medications due to historic injustices. ... African American healthcare workers are more reluctant to get vaccinated because of historic distrust of the medical community. "...

Einkorn - Historic hulls unlock healthier diet for all


The roots of Einkorn wheat grain reach back over 12,000 years ago, to the Epi-Paleolithic period in the rich soils of Western Asia called the Fertile Crescent. ... American wheat often doused with toxic herbicide before harvest Monsanto's GMO wheat found growing illegally again... this time in Washington Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/032260_Einkorn_wheat.html Embed article link: ...

Financial preparedness: 13 Ways to prepare for hyperinflation


(h/t to TheSurvivalMom.com ) Hyperinflation refers to “an extremely rapid period of inflation , usually caused by a rapid increase in the money supply.” ... Refinance your mortgage Take advantage of interest rates since they are at historic lows and consider refinancing your mortgage. "...

Biden's EPA deletes inconvenient data showing no man-made climate change


Heat Wave Index from 1895 to 2015 that clearly established the unique drought and heat period of the 1930s.” ... “That long-standing heat wave index chart has now been replaced by a new chart which simply ‘disappears’ any notion of the great heat wave period of the 1930s,” Watts reveals. "...

JPMorgan exposed: Company found guilty of masterminding 'manipulative schemes'


'Historic criminality' The regulator's potential actions come on the heels of similar showdowns with other agencies, the paper said. ... The regulatory scrutiny which involves at least eight federal agencies currently examining the bank's practices comes amid a period of record profits, but what should we expect, given its historic criminality? "...

Fukushima's TEPCO nationalized by Japanese government


Historic government takeover "Not only is it the biggest state intervention into a private non-bank asset since America's 2009 bail-out of General Motors," The Economist said. "In Japan it is also historic." That's because, the publication noted, with the exception of a brief period of nationalization immediately preceding and then during World War II, Japan's power industry has always been "proudly private." "...

Smoking Increases and Risk for Bladder Cancer Increases Too


But with the rate jumping to 21 percent in such a short span of time, this historic moment probably won`t be documented by historians or textbook writers. ... They then compared the rates of bladder cancer in this time period with those from two studies conducted between 1994 and 1998 and 1998 and 2001. "...

Satellite data proves Earth has not been warming the past 18 years - it's stable


The period between 1663 and 1762, to be precise, saw a century-length increase of 0.9 degrees Celsius. ... The 40-year period between 1694 and 1733 saw the century-length equivalent of a 4.3 degrees Celsius increase in surface temperatures, the highest ever recorded. "...

Zero U.S. measles deaths in 10 years, but over 100 measles vaccine deaths reported


The database is available to the public, and there is a search portal the public can use at Medalerts.org.[1] We ran a search for a ten year period for deaths reported with measles vaccines, including a few that are no longer in production. The search result contained 108 deaths over this period, associated with four different measles vaccines sold in the United States during the past 10 years. "...