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10 Possible triggers of an afternoon headache


If you’re worried, read up on the 10 possible causes of afternoon headaches and how to prevent them. As the name implies, an afternoon headache occurs in the afternoon. While they’re no different than other kinds of headaches, afternoon headaches can be triggered by something you did or consumed earlier in the day. "...

TRY THIS: Replace all your beverages with water and receive optimal health benefits


If you get headaches, feel tired in the middle of the day, and can’t seem to focus, then you are probably dehydrated. ... In one study , grade school students who were allowed water in the classroom were more hydrated in the afternoon and scored higher on tests measuring visual attention. 67 percent of the students who depended on school water fountains were dehydrated by the afternoon and couldn’t focus well. "...

Nashville woman PARALYZED after taking Pfizer’s experimental covid vaccine


Brandy McFadden immediately felt unwell after the shot and began to experience serious health problems the following afternoon . ... Many people have been told that their vaccine-induced headaches, inflammation, fatigue and fever are just something they must accept. "...

Woman left unable to speak after receiving second dose of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine


Side effects from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine include soreness at the injection site, headaches, muscle pain and fatigue. ... Local Cypriot media later reported that Dubois suffered a brain hemorrhage and died on the afternoon of May 22 . "...

Dementia is Reversible, Part II: Natural Remedies


Brain elixir to be used as mid afternoon snack. Place 1 cup of yogurt, 2 figs, 1 rosemary twig and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a jar. Refrigerate overnight and the next afternoon, place in blender and mix well. 6. "...

20 Useful medicinal herbs to plant in your home garden


Use bergamot for aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and tension headaches. ... Since it grows natively along the edges of woodlands, choose a spot with morning shade and afternoon sun or vice versa. "...

Poll reveals confidence in AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine plummets amid reports of jab increasing clotting risk


About two-thirds of women who received the AstraZeneca vaccines reported symptoms like fatigue, headaches , muscle strain and generally feeling unwell. ... The figure was almost twice the percentage of women who reported symptoms like fatigue, headaches, or muscle strain and triple the rate of women who said they felt sick. "...

British model dies days after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine


Local Cypriot media reported that Dubois suffered a brain hemorrhage and died on the afternoon of May 22. ... Last started experiencing headaches on April 9, which caused him to be brought to the emergency room of Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. "...

Wolf's bane is an effective remedy for minor sprains and muscle soreness


Use the remedy in the morning, afternoon, and at night after you take a shower and apply some ice to the bruise or sprain. ... Next : Yoga and mindfulness-based therapy can help stressed out employees improve their quality of life - More news on Arnica 6 Natural and effective alternatives to ibuprofen Headaches, injuries, and more: Possible causes of facial pain (plus some natural remedies) Arnica salve is an herbal medicine that smart preppers keep in their emergency kits Wolf’s ...

Dean Ryan: Stand up to the Biden administration's medical tyranny


She added that the symptoms of Havana syndrome, such as headaches and dizziness, are similar to the symptoms of prolonged mask-wearing. ... The protesters gathered on the afternoon of Aug. 23 to oppose vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination for children. "...

Briton censored on Facebook for posting baseball-sized blood clot following AstraZeneca vaccination


Ruston reported patchy vision, severe headaches and an inability to generate body heat to warm himself up for three months. ... It was only on the afternoon of Jan. 18 that he went under the knife to have the clots removed. "...

Sunscreen 101: What to wear (and what not to wear) this summer


. - Go out when the sun is lower in the sky — in the early morning or late afternoon. - Monitor your skin. ... Sources include: MindBodyGreen.com EWG.org WHO.int Previous :Survival gardening: Why you should grow these 7 edible perennials Next : Warning sign: Daughter’s Lyme disease started with headaches - More news on Non Toxic Remove clothing stains using these 2 DIY cleaners made with non-toxic ingredients How to make a natural skin moisturizer that you can actually eat Bacteria ...

Escape from Zombie Land by Following Good Sleep Principles


By integrating the Good Sleep Principles into your lifestyle typical symptoms such as the ones below will disappear: - Forgetfulness, - Itching, - Headaches, - Neck and Back tension, - Lack of focus We almost consider these to be the norm. ... Avoid stimulants after 12pm Ideally, you should avoid stimulants such as coffee, sugar and cigarettes in the afternoon and evening. "...

Hong Kong reports third post-vaccination fatality in ongoing Sinovac immunization drive


Locals afraid of vaccination following reports of deaths and adverse reactions According to Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection Controller Ronald Lam Man-kin, a total of 45 cases of serious adverse reactions were reported by the afternoon of March 7. He added that another 16 non-serious cases were reported – involving headaches and fatigue. "...

5 toxin-clearing plants you should have in your home


If you have allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma, breathing in the polluted indoor air can also cause, coughing, dizziness, headaches, or wheezing. ... Keep the houseplant away from direct afternoon sunlight and don’t overwater it. - Dracaena – Various types of dracaena can have tree-like woody stems as they grow and after some time these houseplants can tower up to five or six feet tall. "...

Adrenal Fatigue is the Root of Many Illnesses


Blood sugar imbalances cause energy dips during the day, low energy, dizziness and irritability when not eating frequently, afternoon drowsiness, excess thirst and sugar cravings. ... *Mental and physical fatigue *Depression *Sleep problems and insomnia *Headaches *Low blood pressure *Waking too early in the morning Specific symptoms of DHEA deficiency include: *Persisting fatigue *Depression *Anxiety *Hypersensitivity to noise *Loss of libido *Dry eyes *Dry skin and hair *Loss ...

Cinnamon and honey's healing properties


It helps alleviate chronic headaches and migraines. Increased circulation in the brain cells promotes proper blood circulation within the brain. ... Acid, enzyme, and hormonal levels are more evenly balanced facilitating reduction of cramps, headaches, and nausea associated with the monthly cycle. 17. "...

Study links Moderna's coronavirus vaccine to painful skin reactions after inoculation


In the study, almost 7,000 people reported to the CDC that they were experiencing side effects after inoculation like headaches , fatigue and dizziness – about 80 percent are women. ... But on the afternoon of the same day, she felt her teeth chattering. She was also sweating and felt “soaked, but frozen.” "...

A beginner's guide to starting a medicinal garden


Use this natural disease and pest control spray on foliage in the late afternoon every five to seven days or after a heavy rain. ... It is often used to treat headaches and migraines, joint pain and menstrual discomfort. "...

How to get your doctor to sing Happy Birthday while he washes his hands (satire)


Apparently, there are a thousand or so scenarios for which you're supposed to remember when to wash your hands either before something happens, or after something happens, or both before and after, and this all gets rather complicated very quickly, especially if your mind is preoccupied with that afternoon's golf game. ... New study suggests that medical staff DON'T actually wash their hands in almost 40 percent of all cases Covert surveillance program in NY hospitals uses hand-washing compliance ...