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Illegal Chinese vaccines blamed for new strains of African swine fever


Though African swine fever does not affect humans, it is wildly contagious and deadly in pigs. ... “The current [African swine fever] unlawful vaccines in China is repeating history,” Salman said . "...

Threat of deadly African swine fever virus triggers biggest seizure of U.S. agricultural products in history


African swine fever virus has ravaged the world’s largest hog industry in China and sent pork prices skyrocketing. ... Will the CDC and freak doctor Paul Offit design a new “mandatory” and “safe and effective” childhood vaccine that contains the African swine fever virus? "...

Swine Fever DEVASTATING China's Pork Industry - over one-third of pigs now DEAD


Wells african swine fever , african swine fever virus , badfood , badhealth , CAFO , china pig disease , circovirus , CSFV , dead pigs china , Factory farms , infectious disease , outbreak , pig disease , Pork , pork costs , pork inflation , SFV , swine fever , swine flu , swine virus , vaccine contamination , viral This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship ...

Leaked documents: CCP used paid trolls to counter news of swine fever outbreak online


The brand’s dumplings were found to contain traces of the virus that causes African swine fever (ASF). ... Screenshot of a comment posted by a hired troll, to counter negative news about a Chinese food company’s pork products containing the African swine fever virus. "...

New York’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center accused of weaponizing ticks, spreading LYME disease


The list of animal diseases studied there includes but is not limited to: African swine fever, Brucellosis, classical swine fever, foot and mouth disease, Nipah virus, Rift Valley fever, Rinderpest, Sheep and goat pox, vesicular stomatitis, and West Nile virus. ... The weaponization of ticks, African swine fever and Lyme disease In 1977, there were reports of African Swine Fever outbreaks in ...

Social media hires communist Chinese trolls to spread pro-China propaganda during crises


Another example is when the Henan-based company Sanquan Food earned negative publicity after the brand’s dumplings were found to contain traces of a virus that is believed to cause African swine fever (ASF). ... Sources for this article include: TheEpochTimes.com NaturalNews.com Previous :NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny gets paid to harass, intimidate, censor, and dox Trump supporters Next : Pope Francis sounds like Al Gore from 20 years ago, says climate change must be “fixed” now ...

Do Not Kill a Fever: Fever Kills Viruses


Have you been influenced by modern allopathic medicine's obsession with lowering fever? ... Fever and It's Necessity for Good Health http://www.antibiotic-alternatives.com/fever... "...

Latest Chinese “gray zone” warfare plot to kill Americans involves large spike in shipments of tainted meat


Dept. of Agriculture further notes that China’s livestock and fowl are afflicted with African Swine Fever (ASF), Classical Swine Fever (CSF), Newcastle Disease (ND), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD), each of which can be deadly if consumed. "...

Swine Flu Vaccines Dumped in Africa


No Swine Flu Pandemic in Africa According to the Swine Flu Watch, at the height of the "pandemic" in 2009, very few cases of swine flu was recorded in sub-Saharan African countries. ... Similarly, low figures were reported for swine flu in other African countries, with the exception of South Africa, where 12500 cases were reported over the same period. "...

Dengue fever strikes Japan for first time since 1945


A locally induced outbreak of dengue fever, the first since 1945, has occurred in Tokyo during the summer of 2014. ... About dengue fever and possible remedies According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 22,000 people die annually from complications of dengue fever. "...

Health Ranger Teleconference to Explain African Monkey Virus Vaccine Patent Finding


Yesterday's story about the African Green Monkey virus harvesting and vaccine patents still has many people scratching their heads. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Swine flu virus at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on swine flu virus Is a potential drug-resistant swine flu pandemic on the horizon, or are health officials' warnings just scare tactics? "...

Food scarcity alarm bells ringing in CHINA as farmers face a collapse of fertilizer availability


At the same time Chinese farmers are suffering from a lack of crop materiel, the country is also experiencing a massive shortage of one of its staples — pork — thanks to the culling of pig herds due to a widespread African Swine Fever outbreak, which is referred to grimly as “Pig Ebola.” In many cases, Mertz notes, as much as half of swine herds have had to be culled, which “may actually have helped China weather the food export bans from both Ukraine and Russia” ...

Congressman warns DNA collected in ancestry kits could be used to create TARGETED BIOWEAPONS


“If we look at food security and what can our adversaries do with biological weapons that are directed at our animal agriculture, at our agricultural sector … highly pathogenic avian influenza, African swine fever,” said Ernst. "...

Bill Gates funded the PIRBRIGHT institute, which owns the patent on coronavirus


A close look at the patent page also shows that the Pirbright Institute owns all sorts of other virus patents, including one for African swine fever virus, which is listed as a “vaccine.” "...

Harvard astronomer claims alien tech got marooned in the solar system


Research links them to increased risk of heart conditions Next : Illegal Chinese vaccines blamed for new strains of African swine fever - More news on CLAIM: Interstellar object ‘Oumuamua’ may have dropped sensors on Earth to give alien civilization readings of the planet Rocket booster mistaken for an asteroid shows ‘Oumuamua is not just a space rock, astronomer says Harvard astronomer claims alien tech got marooned in the solar system Looking at the lunar surface: Harvard ...

Hunter Biden's investment firm partnered with Ukrainian researchers to "isolate deadly pathogens" using money from Obama's defense department


“The meeting focused on existing frameworks, regulatory coordination, and ongoing cooperative projects in research, surveillance and diagnostics of a number of dangerous zoonotic diseases, such as avian influenza, leptospirosis, Crimea Congo hemorrhagic fever, and brucellosis,” a summary of the meeting explains. ... One such project involved isolating strains of deadly pathogens such as the “virulent African Swine Fever Virus.” "...

This African shrub shows remarkable anticancer potential


Other members of this genus include forest fever-berry (Croton sylvaticus) and small lavender croton (Croton pseudopulchellus). ... This was unlike forest fever-berry and small lavender croton, which worked against both healthy and cancerous cells. "...

US-funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine were tampering with bat coronaviruses


“According to the documents, the American side planned to conduct work on pathogens of birds, bats, and reptiles in Ukraine in 2022, with a further transition to studying the possibility of carrying African swine fever and anthrax,” said chief spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Major General Igor Konashenkov. "...

The world is headed for a rocky commodities and energy market in 2022: Here are 3 reasons why


In China, added Lin Tan, the executive president of Hopefull Group in Iowa, “the small hog producers who could quickly respond to price signals are gone – they did not come back after the African Swine Fever outbreak, and the government no longer allows feeding human food waste, their main source of feed.” 3) Political tensions all around the world Finally, we have the Russia-Ukraine conflict. "...

Self-spreading vaccines being developed right now could put society at grave risk of an uncontrolled, endless plague


In other parts of Europe, similar techniques are being tested using pigs to stem the spread of African swine fever. "...