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Homeopathy Heals in Africa


Homeopathic clinics in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Ethiopia and Ghana are bringing homeopathy's healing medicines to the suffering in Africa. ... His organization, the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation funds projects in Africa and around the world. "...

Homeopathy Heals in Africa


Homeopathic clinics in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Ethiopia and Ghana are bringing homeopathy's healing medicines to the suffering in Africa. ... His organization, the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation funds projects in Africa and around the world. "...

South Africa news, articles and information:


Natural Society noted recently that the contaminant now present in Eastern Cape, South Africa, has essentially... Trophy hunter Melissa Bachman causes worldwide outrage over lion kill in South Africa 12/26/2013 - Over a month has passed since Minnesota-based trophy hunter Melissa Bachman went to South Africa to hunt wildlife in that country, but the controversy over her "accomplishments" rages on. "...

West Africa news, articles and information:


West Africa news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It 12/6/2014 - Sending America's military men and women directly to the front lines in West Africa apparently isn't enough for the Ministry of Ebola Propaganda. ... U.S. soldiers sent to West Africa now in isolation being monitored for Ebola in Italy 11/3/2014 - The Defense Department assured Americans that the U.S. military personnel that President Obama ordered to West Africa to build clinics for Ebola victims ...

Watch out, Africa, Melinda is coming!


Melinda Gates has just unrolled her new program to reduce population in Africa and South Asia. ... If millions of girls and women in Africa and South Asia are crippled by the Depo-Provera injections, well, that's just collateral damage. "...

Obama opens door to Africa for Monsanto


ast week President Barack Obama announced a plan that puts Monsanto, as well as other large argi-businesses, in charge of increasing food supplies to malnourished regions in Africa. The Grow Africa Partnership is a part of the Obama administration's plan to end hunger in Africa. "...

Swine Flu Vaccines Dumped in Africa


This was despite their own website reporting very low occurrences of swine flu in Africa. ... It would seem that while the rest of the world was announcing the end of the swine flu epidemic, Africa started gearing up for mass inoculations of her people. "...

Gates vaccine spreads polio across Africa


In Africa it was cause of almost 653,000 deaths, yet Mr. Gates and friends seem to be interested in other things. ... This was concealed by a US Government change in defining polio, much as the WHO and CDC do today in Africa. "...

Africa is becoming the battleground for the world's seed monopolists


Mega-mergers between agricultural giants may lead to nearly 60 percent of the world's seed supply being controlled by three companies, with sub-Saharan African farmers being caught in the squeeze and threatened with even deeper levels of poverty. ... "Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming the battleground of the giants," he said. Monsanto already controls a large portion of the maize seed market in sub-Saharan Africa, and a merger with Bayer could mean the creation of the world's biggest ...

Monsanto unleashes massive GMO push into Africa


When Wikileaks first dropped the bomb on the U.S. "...

Monsanto GM Corn a Disaster in South Africa


Marian Mayet of the Africa Center for Biosecurity disputed the company's claims, however. ... South Africa was one of the first countries after the United States to adopt GM corn . "...

Massive locust swarms threaten parts of southern Africa


Commenting on July’s locust outbreak in East Africa, entomologist Dino Martins said that there could be a deeper message behind the locust infestations. ... This delay could have serious consequences, said Stephen Njoka, the executive director at Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA). "...

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa


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New wave of desert locust swarms threaten East Africa


East Africa, where the Horn of Africa is located, went through its worst locust outbreak in several decades last year, causing considerable crop failure and food insecurity in the region. ... The locust outbreak was the worst seen in Kenya in seven decades and the worst for east Africa in 25 years. "...

South Africa goes into lockdown as the country struggles against coronavirus


South Africa goes into lockdown as the country struggles against coronavirus Sunday, March 29, 2020 by: Darnel Fernandez China , coronavirus , covid-19 , Flu , infections , lockdown , outbreak , pandemic , prevention , quarantine , South Africa , superbugs , virus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/414092.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) South Africa began a nationwide military-patrolled lockdown on Friday, joining the growing number ...

Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon


Africa is repeatedly chosen as a testing ground for weaponized depopulation viral and bacterial strains, by the way, which is one reason why so many deadly, hyper-aggressive diseases are found spreading in Africa. ... The plague outbreak in Africa will be met, of course, with a wave of antibiotics “treatments” for the citizens. "...

How high demand for chocolate is wiping out Africa's rainforests


Ivory Coast once boasted one of the highest rates of biodiversity in Africa, with thousands of endemic species. ... As long as everyone is making money, there are a lot of people turning a blind eye to the rape of some of the most beautiful and environmentally important parts of Africa. "...

WHO declares new Ebola epidemic as infections soar in Africa


Energy drinks will NOT keep you hydrated - More news on Africa Uganda declares three-week lockdown in two districts amid new Ebola outbreak British government funding experiments that involve feeding African children INSECTS What are the odds? The US, Europe, Africa and China are all simultaneously experiencing droughts of epic proportions Implementing the Great Reset: Why is monkeypox only circulating in countries where Pfizer’s covid injection was distributed? "...

Infant formula manufacturers routinely violate marketing rules in Africa


Infant formula companies regularly promote their products in violation international standards adopted to protect infant health, an article on AllAfrica.com charges. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Infant formula at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on infant formula More hospitals promote breastfeeding by forgoing unhealthy formula samples Infant formula kills infants through cytotoxicity DHA used in infant formula products comes from ...

Bill Gates now pushing genetically modified seeds in Africa


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to throw its support behind risky genetically modified (GM) seeds as a means for feeding hungry Africans, ignoring safer and more reliable technologies that already exist. Not long after publicly blaming GM critics for prolonging hunger in Africa, Gates announced that his foundation is partnering with DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred to develop higher yield GM strains of corn. "...