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Aflatoxins pose serious health risks to humans and animals


Aflatoxicosis Humans and animals are at risk for aflatoxicosis because aflatoxigenic fungi grow in dietary staples. ... Aflatoxicosis affects growing poultry, young pigs, pregnant sows, calves and dogs. "...

Here's everything you need to know about aflatoxins


Health risks in people In a study published in the Encyclopedia of Toxicology (Third Edition), exposure to high doses of aflatoxins can cause aflatoxicosis in humans , especially in areas stricken by poverty, drought and other conditions for plants, with the liver as the target organ. ... Next : Here’s why natural toothpaste is better than commercial toothpaste for supporting optimal oral health - More news on aflatoxicosis Aflatoxins pose serious health risks to humans and animals ...

Chronic exposure to aflatoxins is linked to numerous health problems, such as cancer and kidney damage


Aflatoxicosis, while primarily a liver disease, can also cause brain damage, convulsions, hemorrhage, and pulmonary edema. ... Sources include: GreenMedInfo.com PoisonousPlants.AnSci.Cornell.edu Cancer.gov Previous :Improve your blood circulation naturally to avoid the deadly side effects of blood thinners Next : Easy to grow and nutrient-rich: Considerations and instructions for sprouting - More news on aflatoxicosis Aflatoxins pose serious health risks to humans and animals Here’s ...

Mycotoxins: What are they and why are they bad for you?


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