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China's 10-year effort to fight aerosol pollution may be linked to warming in the northern hemisphere


The scientists advised that even though aerosol emissions were significantly reduced in China for the last 10 years, air pollution in the country is still a major concern. ... Understanding aerosols and preventing aerosol pollution The word “aerosol” refers to the particles themselves, which can also go by different names. "...

UK scientists warn that household aerosols are worse pollutants than vehicles


At present, VOCs constitute about 93 percent of current aerosol emissions by mass. ... “The association of VOC emissions with gasoline and vehicles is heavily entrenched, and even among air quality professionals – there is limited knowledge of the scale of aerosol impact,” they noted. "...

Aerosols in household products account for almost 1 million deaths every year


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Biden's Inflation Reduction Act imposes fee on greenhouse gas emissions


The agency further claimed that its emissions accounted for 11 percent of total GHG emissions in the U.S. in 2020. ... Sources include: TheEpochTimes.com CNBC.com WhiteHouse.gov EPA.gov ClimateDepot.com Brighteon.com Previous :Freight operations delayed due to heavy rain, floods in Dallas-Fort Worth area Next : Scientists find that high COVID-19 vaccination rates DO NOT equate to herd immunity - More news on air pollutants Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act imposes fee on greenhouse ...

NASA study reveals carbon dioxide emissions make trees grow faster - the key to reforestation and food production?


NASA study reveals carbon dioxide emissions make trees grow faster - the key to reforestation and food production? ... Thus, it is essential that rainforests be preserved in the interest of climate regulation, which would eliminate the need for more man-made interventions such as atmospheric aerosol spraying and weather manipulation. "...

How mad science will destroy humanity


Science saves lives, but it also takes lives – especially when it’s in the wrong hands Another example of science gone crazy is the idea of injecting aerosol particles into the stratosphere in an attempt to slow global warming. ... There’s also the fact that should such insane aerosol emissions suddenly be stopped for whatever reason, our planet’s temperatures would suddenly spike and humanity simply wouldn’t be able to adjust. "...

Unilever recalls 1.5M products that may contain elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene


It can also be found in tobacco smoke, motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions. ... Also last year, Big Pharma company Johnson & Johnson issued a recall for five of its aerosol sunscreens after finding trace amounts of benzene in them. "...

One lava field eruption just emitted more climate change aerosols than all 28 European countries COMBINED


While sulfate aerosol has been considered the most significant atmospheric aerosol coming from industrial sources, this serves as a reminder of the impact of sulfate aerosol from natural sources, such as this volcanic eruption. ... This indicates that clouds have something akin to a buffer protecting them from aerosol changes in the environment. "...

COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 caused temporary global warming, study shows


The effects were mixed in the tropics and relatively minor in the southern hemisphere, where the emissions of aerosol generally tend to be far less pervasive. ... However, the aerosol effect may be enough for this to go down as the hottest year since NASA started measuring temperatures. "...

Researchers rig a building with a thousand sensors to find out how chemicals from self-care products increase indoor and outdoor pollution in offices


As Boor said, “it is important to first understand what’s in the air and what factors influence the emissions and removal of pollutants.” ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com Engineering.Purdue.edu ToxTown.NLM.NIH.gov HBR.org Previous :Researchers find proof that “spear-thrower and bow-and-arrow technologies” allowed modern humans to hunt better than Neanderthals Next : Car tires a major source of microplastics in California coastal waters, warn scientists - More news on Air pollution Polish ...

TOXIC products: Humans are the greatest pollutants of office air, reveals surprising study


VOC emissions associated with humans include exhaled breath, personal care products and clothing. ... Sources include: MedicalNewsToday.com Health.State.mn.us EPA.gov Previous :Scientists claim that terraforming the Earth can pave the way to terraforming Mars Next : Water vapor detected on Mars can help answer whether the Red Planet was once habitable - More news on air pollutants Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act imposes fee on greenhouse gas emissions 9 Common allergy triggers hidden ...

Particle-forming sulfur dioxide is the most damaging pollutant from coal-fired power plants, concludes study


After analyzing the effects of emissions from more than a dozen of the state’s coal plants, they discovered that those living downwind of such plants would be better off now if the state had focused on reducing these emissions along with those that cause ozone. ... Some models have shown that using stratospheric aerosol injection on North Atlantic storms could increase the chances of drought in parts of the Sahara; doing this above the southern half of the planet would ...

Good for the environment, bad for your health? Underground transit systems offer poor ventilation, increasing concentration of cancer-causing agents in the air


According to a study in Aerosol and Air Quality Research, the lack of proper ventilation in underground metro trains can lead to an uptick of carcinogens in the air. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com EPA.gov Previous :Bacteria samples from all over the globe found to have antibiotic resistance genes, says research Next : 4 skills every prepper should have to master the “language of nature” - More news on Air pollution Polish households resort to burning TRASH to survive winter without ...

A new map of Earth: Here's what our planet looks like with the aerosols from wildfires and dust circulating our globe


The powerful winds of the tropical cyclones haul sea spray high into the air, filling the Pacific skies with so much sea salt aerosol that you can almost taste it. ... For the sake of convenience, the aerosol concentrations were color-coded. The sea salt is colored blue, the black carbon is red, and dust is denoted by purple. "...

DIESEL engines now cleaner for the environment than gas engines


Carbonaceous PM comprises primary organic aerosol (POA), secondary organic aerosol (SOA), and black carbon, all of which can cause lung cancer. ... The increase in emissions at lower temperatures is related to a more pronounced cold-start effect.” "...

No U.N. support for geoengineering: Proposal to use chemicals in our atmosphere to dim the sun is “infeasible” according to leaked report


President Donald Trump severed ties with the United Nation’s Paris Climate Agreement in 2017, he was not only saving billions of taxpayer dollars, but he was also protecting the planet from the scourges of geo-engineering experiments and a future of global strategic aerosol spraying. ... One of the nefarious technologies the U.N. studied was the strategic aerosol spraying of sulfur-containing particles in the upper atmosphere to block sun light from reaching Earth’s surface. "...

Explosive eruptions by Caribbean volcano ravage island and fling climate-cooling aerosols into the atmosphere


Verity Flower, a volcanologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said that the eruptions led to a sustained injection of sulfate aerosol and ash into the stratosphere. She and other scientists were closely monitoring for volcanic emissions creeping into the stratosphere. "...

After mocking "chemtrails" for over a decade, global elites suddenly announce geoengineering plan to "dim the sun" with aerial spraying


These “stratospheric aerosol injections,” as they’re now calling what they previously claimed didn’t exist, can reportedly now be used to blanket the skies in swaths of chemicals, effectively blocking out the sun’s rays and “cooling” the planet. ... The researchers behind the paper attempt to validate their newfound claim that shooting untold tons of sulfur dioxide aerosols into the world’s skies will effectively block out just enough natural sunlight to ever-so-slightly “cool” the planet, ...

Study: Exposure to household cleaning products just as bad for your health as car exhaust


Commercial disinfectants and indoor air quality Results from the study show that using commercial disinfectants can decrease indoor air quality and, ironically, increase pollutants in both gas and aerosol form. ... The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that most air fresheners contain toxic chemicals like aerosol pollutants, formaldehyde, petrochemicals and more. "...

Switzerland puts geoengineering on UN agenda


But with greenhouse gas emissions still high, there is growing concern that these technologies could be deployed without protections and that the prospect of a technofix will be taken as a license to keep on polluting the environment. ... However, even simple interventions like tree-planting may call for international rules to make sure that the emissions cuts in one place don’t cancel out somewhere else. "...