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Kenyan researchers evaluate method of growing potatoes using air


But growing them using aeroponics would be more preferred in Kenya, owing to the country’s drier climate. ... Each aeroponics box had side windows to allow for the monitoring and harvesting of the mini-tubers. "...

Franz Walker


To try to address this issue, researchers evaluated whether five Kenyan potato varieties could be grown through aeroponics. "...

Scientists harvest first crop of vegetables grown without sunlight, soil, or pesticides in Antarctica


There were large water tanks installed in the floor of it and filled with melted, filtered, and purified ice, with water being added to a “special nutrient solution” that gets sprayed on the plants every five to 10 minutes automatically in a process called aeroponics. ... Sources include: Phys.org IFLScience.com Previous :Researchers discover more than 3,300 Android apps used to track children improperly Next : Researchers develop an artificial eye using a metalens and an artificial muscle ...

Product review: Read this before buying the AeroGrow AeroGarden countertop herb garden


Aeroponic devices In true aeroponics, a series of high-pressure sprayers combines with a high-pressure pump to spray a fine mist of nutrients onto the roots of plants. ... It does contain a very low-pressure pump that delivers water dribbles to the plant roots, but that is a far cry from anything resembling true aeroponics. "...

Health Basics: Understanding GMO engineering and why altering plant DNA in laboratories becomes so DANGEROUS to human health


Indoor tower gardens can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and could feed the whole “starving” world if implemented on a mass scale The new age of aeroponics (tower gardens) supports a healthy lifestyle with advanced gardening technology that doesn’t involve changing plant DNA in laboratories or spraying your food with cancer-causing chemicals. "...

How to grow your own pharmaceuticals


I'm talking about hydroponics and aeroponics. Hydroponics has been around for quite a while. "...

Functional and efficient: Why vertical farming is being embraced by many farmers today


Aeroponics, a farming innovation used often in vertical farming, uses 70 percent less water than hydroponics. "...

Preparing to THRIVE in the post-collapse economy: Scavenging, barter, off-grid food production and rescuing survivors


(In typical hydroponics, NFT, aeroponics or aquaponics, the plants all die within hours…) Watch this video and learn. "...



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