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A different perspective: Why getting upside down with aerial yoga is so good for your body


One particular type that is trending lately is aerial yoga. Aerial yoga uses hammocks attached to a ceiling — allowing practitioners to swing and perform different yoga positions that are difficult to do on a mat. ... Aerial yoga improves mental health and relieves stress Like traditional yoga, aerial yoga can help . "...

These home remedies can help alleviate sciatic pain


Aside from treating sciatica, yoga also has many other health benefits. (Related: ) - Aerial yoga — If you can’t decide between inversion therapy and yoga, why not have them both at the same time? Aerial yoga is a “gravity-defying” form of yoga that combines the principles of inversion therapy and the physical poses of yoga. "...

Vitamins to boost your immune system when you're stressed


Sources include: HelpGuide.org Heart.org Healthline.com 1 Healthline.com 2 NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov 1 NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov 2 JEM.RUPress.org JustPlainMarie.ca Next : A different perspective: Why getting upside down with aerial yoga is so good for your body - More news on anti-diabetes Lower your blood sugar and keep your glucose levels balanced with these foods The science-backed health benefits of acai berries Walking after a meal can help prevent diabetes, experts say 10 Medicinal uses of ...

Crazy workouts you've never tried


Are you bored with your favorite jogging route and tired of the treadmill? ... Antigravity yoga. Antigravity yoga classes combine the drama of aerial dance with the calm of yoga. "...

Scientists are looking at this African plant as a possible natural treatment for HIV


The study, which appeared in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, used extracts derived from the aerial parts (like the leaves and the branches) of the plant. ... Aside from acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy have been known to reduce anxiety and depression which are usually felt by those with HIV. "...

Chemical leak at New Hampshire hospital nearly causes 20 patients and staff to lose consciousness ... this is a place of HEALING?


Aerial footage from local media outlets showed patients on hospital beds being taken out of the building, with the doctors still treating them. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk FoxNews.com UnionLeader.com HealthLine.com NewHampshire.com Previous :Gulf of Mexico DEAD ZONE caused by agricultural runoff from U.S. farms Next : Breakfast cereal found contaminated with gender-bender chemical that tells your brain to make you fat - More news on carbon monoxide poisoning Survival first aid: ...



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Carolanne Wright


Not only is yoga exceptional for reducing stress, relaxing the body and taming disease, but it's also a fabulous method for shedding unwanted pounds. "...