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China’s "megadrone" is world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle, carries passengers at 80 mph during test flights


Footage released by the Chinese drone maker show their EHang 184 “autonomous aerial vehicle” zipping through the air at 80 mph (130 kph) with a live person aboard its sleek cabin. ... A driverless flying taxi The EHang 184 megadrone is an autonomous aerial vehicle that can transport one or two people. "...

Biological war imminent? Russia identifies unmanned aerial vehicles over Ukrainian port city of Kherson equipped with containers capable of spraying BIOAGENTS


About a month later, 10 more of those very same unmanned aerial drones were spotted in the area of Kakhovka. ... This would suggest that the U.S. has, in fact, created and now potentially unleashed a bioagent-delivering aerial vehicle system to use as a weapon against Russia. "...

U.S. patent describes "toxic mosquito aerial" chemtrails program to spread chemical and biological weapons for killing people


Entitled “Toxic mosquito aerial release system,” the patent, which was issued as US8967029B1, outlines a system of spraying for biological, chemical, or other materials using “unmanned aerial vehicle[s] operable by remote control.” ... According to documentation, the patent application for this technology was filed by TMARS Associates Trustee for Toxic mosquito aerial release system CRT Trust. "...

The latest prototypes of flying cars do not require a pilot or piloting skills


No piloting skills are reputedly required for its operation; the autonomous aerial vehicle relies on self-flying software. ... (Related: China’s “megadrone” is world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle, carries passengers at 80 mph during test flights .) "...

Unmanned airship fitted with a surveillance camera can spy on people from above


The official website describes it as a sleek aerial vehicle fitted with electric motors that deliver plenty of torque. ... “Water-only landings give this vehicle a huge amount of possible landing sites.” "...

FAA warns: Don't shoot down drones


In response to a small Colorado town's proposal to place a bounty on drones, the Federal Aviation Administration is warning that anyone who shoots down an unmanned aerial vehicle risks fines and jail time. ... "In no case shall a citizen engage an obviously manned aerial vehicle," the draft proposal says. "...

Human agriculture laborers soon OBSOLETE: U.K. researchers grow the world's first crops using nothing but drones and robots


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Mosquito-sized spy drones being developed by researchers


. - is helping develop what they are calling an MAV (micro aerial vehicle) that will no doubt have loads of uses, up to and including the usurpation of privacy rights by the Leviathan State. ... Specifically, the vehicle was designed to give American troops the capability to see around corners and look inside buildings to spot enemy forces. "...

Imminent proliferation of drones in American skies requires widespread civilian debate


The point to using drones to help find people who are lost, tracking wildfires, identifying criminals, mapping inhospitable terrain, and other tasks that are currently being performed by other aerial assets as reason to surrender what's left of our privacy. ... The Association for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (AUVSI) - yes, there is an "association" now for drones - says proliferation of UAVs can "save money, time and lives" in civilian life. "...

When the whole world has drones, U.S. political leaders are likely to be targeted and assassinated


Today, U.S. political and military leaders may have the technological upper hand, as they say, in terms of emerging unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, but what happens when other nations around the world - and especially "competitor" nations - get them as well? ... At its last display at a trade show in Beijing, China showed off 25 different unmanned aerial vehicles. "...

Techno-liberals don't realize their Utopian future is actually a totalitarian nightmare


Self-driving vehicles without human drivers now allowed in California Technology “pollution” threatens astronomy with light from LEDs, satellite, wifi China’s “megadrone” is world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle, carries passengers at 80 mph during test flights No self-driving allowed: Uber wants to ban privately-owned self-driving vehicles in your city - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www....

Japan building world's largest drone army after removing 'peace' provision from Constitution


And finally, as the world's third-largest economy, Japan must remain in a position to protect its global interests, because "the implications for both global peace and commerce could be widespread," Defense One noted: The country will invest [3 billion Japanese yen] (approx $372 million) in the coming decade to drastically expand its virtually non-existent military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) program, according to a senior analyst at IHS Jane's, the leading defense and security ...

Spy drones can be hijacked by terrorists, used as weapons


"Spoofing a GPS receiver on a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is just another way of hijacking a plane," Humphreys told Fox News. ... They are used for a number of things, such as hiding the improper use of a company fleet vehicle that is tracked by GPS, for example. "...

Violent crime is down where marijuana use is up, according to new study


Sources include: TheGuardian.com OnlineLibrary.Wiley.com Previous :China’s “megadrone” is world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle, carries passengers at 80 mph during test flights Next : Living beyond our means: We are burning through the planet’s resources, living an unsustainable way of life - More news on California California reservoirs dropping fast; LA approaching ZERO DAY for water Los Angeles desperately trying to meet water demand as drought continues to threaten future ...

Ocean pollution has covered the globe: Seabirds as far away as Alaska are being threatened by microplastics


Sources include: NewsDeeply.com CDC.gov Previous :Stockpiling perishables: How to store fresh fruits and vegetables for the long term Next : China’s “megadrone” is world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle, carries passengers at 80 mph during test flights - More news on Alaska Alaska’s snow crab season CANCELED due to population crash; lying media blames “climate change” US military revamping to fight Russia – and maybe China – in the Arctic Lunacy: Russian member of Parliament demands ...

The smell of pot DOES NOT constitute probable cause for police to search your vehicle rules the Colorado Court of Appeals


As reported by The Grand Junction Sentinel in Colorado, indications by drug-sniffing police dogs that there are controlled substances in a vehicle is in and of itself not sufficient probable cause for officers to then search the vehicle, the state Court of Appeals ruled on Thursdays. ... Sources include: CannabisCures.news GJSentinel.com Previous :Intolerant feminist attacks “Doctor Who” British TV show for not being transgender or black enough Next : Citing the scientific research ...

UN report: Killer AI drones with no remote pilot hunted down humans


“Once in retreat, they were subject to continual harassment from the unmanned combat aerial vehicles and lethal autonomous weapons systems.” ... Even adequate classification of a vehicle is difficult.” According to Kallenborn, the risk is too high without humans to make a judgment call . "...

China ramping up production of military drones to rival US drone fleet, leaked defense ministry document shows


Search Follow China ramping up production of military drones to rival US drone fleet, leaked defense ministry document shows Tuesday, January 26, 2021 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/491142.html - ( ) China is amassing a fleet of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (combat drones) as the communist regime hopes to such as the United States. ... A variant of the Stryker, ...