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How can a small patch of printed material fool A.I. surveillance?


However, unlike the magical garment — which actually makes a person invisible when wearing it — the adversarial patch is designed to fool the A.I.’s image recognition system using a technique called an adversarial attack. In machine learning, an adversarial attack occurs when data is “deliberately engineered” to dupe a model . "...

America's most powerful nuclear plant was swarmed by mystery drones – but why?


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) described the incident as “drone-a-palooza,” expressing worry that drones might be used in the future to conduct an “adversarial attack” against a high-level target such as a nuclear power plant. ... Some say that it is only a matter of time before unmanned drones are used to attack civilians or civilian sites somewhere here in America. "...

National security risk: MIT received over $51 million from Russian foundation


The Association of American Universities said the Education Department’s report was “less a serious security assessment than it is a partisan and politically driven attack.” ... “There is no doubt they can – and indeed do – track funds coming from foreign sources, including those adversarial to American interests.” "...

U.S. officials increasingly taking North Korean EMP threat seriously, knowing MILLIONS of Americans could die


As far back as 2004, Congress voiced concerns about the potential for North Korea to become part of the ‘nuclear club’ of adversarial nations that could eventually threaten the United States with an EMP attack. ... Earlier this year, North Korea warned of an EMP attack . American military and infrastructure officials, experts and planners are taking Pyongyang seriously. "...

Maintenance and supply chain issues hobble the Navy's deadliest new submarine


According to data from the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Congressional Budget Office, parts for the $166 billion nuclear fast-attack submarines are being shuttled regularly among the vessels so that they can return to operation. ... The supply chain disruptions brought about by COVID-19 have highlighted just how dependent the U.S. supply chain is on products from adversarial nations. "...

AI could spark a nuclear apocalypse by 2040, new study warns


With AI calculating risks more efficiently, armies will be able to attack with greater precision. ... “There may be pressure to use AI before it is technologically mature, or it may be susceptible to adversarial subversion. "...

Slate, Yahoo News, NYT, WashPost, Mother Jones, CNN and The Atlantic all named as willing co-conspirators in deep state #RussiaGate propaganda plot


In the last interview , from March 2016, Obama told him he was “very proud” of the moment in 2013 when he declined to attack Assad for deploying chemical weapons. ... Since everyone took Clinton’s victory for granted, journalists assumed extravagant claims alleging an American presidential candidate’s illicit ties to an adversarial power would fade just as the fireworks punctuating Hillary’s acceptance speech would vanish in the cool November evening. "...



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