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LIAR-IN-CHIEF: Biden lied about not having advanced notice of Mar-a-Lago raid


“I didn’t have any advanced notice. None, zero, not one single bit,” he claimed on Aug. 24. ... Sources include: ConservativeBrief.com TheConservativeReview.com Previous :Big brother dystopian future revealed as thousands locked out of their thermostats during heat-related ‘energy emergency’ Next : Biden wants to continue pouring tens of billions of dollars down the Ukraine money pit while Americans suffer - More news on advanced notice LIAR-IN-CHIEF: Biden lied ...

Researchers are developing AI that can detect emotional states using radio waves


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Signs of alien civilization: Did astronomers detect "technosignatures?"


Radio signal is the best possible evidence for extraterrestrial life The Breakthrough Listen team has been scanning skies for technosignatures – indicators of technology developed by advanced alien civilizations. ... Sources include: Planetary.org ScientificAmerican.com NewScientist.com TheGuardian.com Previous :CDC urges Americans to get coronavirus vaccine despite 10 times higher allergic reaction rate than flu shots Next : Researchers detect unsafe levels of radioactive elements ...

Smartwatch that can detect seizures has received highly coveted FDA approval


Soon, a smartwatch that uses advanced machine learning to tell when a user is having an epilepsy or a seizure may become one of the most recommended items for patients, as it has just been approved a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ... According to a press release issued by Empatica , their product can detect seizures with a 100 percent success rate. "...

Astronomers say “technosignatures” can be used to find advanced alien civilizations


With recent technological developments, the scientists said that they may one day be able to detect technosignatures should advanced alien species exist. ... The researchers will focus on artificial gases that are likely produced by an advanced alien species. "...

Astronomers detect mysterious radio signal coming from neighboring star


(Related: Astronomers say “technosignatures” can be used to find advanced alien civilizations .) ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk TheGuardian.com Previous :New wave of desert locust swarms threaten East Africa Next : At least 80% of people with diabetes also have fatty liver, warns endocrinologist - More news on advanced alien civilization Harvard astronomer claims alien tech got marooned in the solar system Astronomers detect mysterious radio signal coming from neighboring ...

Breakthrough Listen Project and NASA collaborate on the search for advanced alien civilizations


The team will use NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to identify “light-curve anomalies” and detect “technosignatures.” ... These signatures are indicators of technology that may have been developed by advanced civilizations. "...

Beagles can "sniff out" lung cancer more accurately than "advanced technology"


Some of this research has focused on whether dogs, with their highly advanced sense of smell, have the ability to detect lung and other types of cancer in humans. ... The latest study will examine whether the beagles can detect cancer through patient breath samples alone, and the researchers say that thus far the results seem very promising. "...

UNEXPLAINED: Navy submarines detect fast-moving unidentified vehicles underwater


Rogan commented on the footage, saying that the UFO might be an that was neither operated by the United States, China nor Russia – the three most advanced countries when it comes to military aviation. ... Navy vets who manned submarines later confirmed that sophisticated listening equipment did occasionally detect unexplained, very high-speed sonar targets. "...

Space weather radar system to be operational by 2021 hopes to provide advanced warning of power grid-killing CME solar flare


Scientists certainly seem to think so; that’s why they are working on building the world’s most advanced radar system to try to detect hazardous flares on the horizon — before they get to earth and wipe out power grids and cause all forms of chaos. ... Sources for this article include: DailyMail.co.uk NERC.ak.uk Previous :BOMBSHELL: United Nations admits latest outbreak of polio in Syria was caused by polio vaccines Next : Push for women to take on male roles in society causing ...

Researchers develop tiny, shining crystals that detect and clean heavy metals in water


Using an X-ray device at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source (ALS) and software tools, the research team could map a three-dimensional structure of the crystal with an atomic resolution. ... EWG’s updated database can help you find out Premium teas in “silken” tea bags contain MICROPLASTICS, warn researchers - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2016-12-11-researchers-develop-tiny-shining-crystals-that-detect-and-clean-heavy-metals-in-water....

Handheld DNA sequencer could soon allow individual consumers to detect GMOs in food


In the original Star Trek series, Dr. ... There is little doubt that MinION and devices like it will be in widespread use within a short period of time, especially as the technology becomes more advanced and even less expensive. "...

Dogs can PERFECTLY detect cancer by sniffing bandages ... works better than lab equipment


Researchers have also found that our beloved canines can even help to detect cancer with their super-sensitive noses. ... In 2016, Lucy the Labrador retriever-Irish water spaniel mix made headlines after being trained to detect multiple forms of cancer. "...

Scientist believes advanced alien civilization inhabited our solar system long before humans came along


Further, they would have left a distinctive technosignature; one far different from a biosignature which a “lesser” being would have left behind and which would be considerably easier to detect. ... Sources include: NYPost.com Arxiv.org[PDF] TheSun.co.uk Independent.co.uk Previous :The humble broccoli brings DRAMATIC benefits to your digestive health Next : Vegan Monk reveals the secret to a happy life - More news on alien life Marine life is thriving on the Antarctic seafloor, even after ...

Astronomers detect the earliest example of a "galactic merger": The two galaxies spotted crashed together 13 BILLION YEARS ago


Astronomers detect the earliest example of a “galactic merger”: The two galaxies spotted crashed together 13 BILLION YEARS ago Monday, February 17, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo astronomy , cosmic , galactic collision , galactic merger , Galaxies , galaxy merger , goodscience , Milky Way galaxy , outer space , real science , research , Space , Universe , weird science Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/402415.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A galactic merger ...

Russia claims it can wipe out the entire US Navy with an advanced electronic warfare weapon... (and they say they've already tested it on a US warship)


The Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops could detect and “neutralize” any target from a radar, a ship’s navigation system, to a satellite. ... Pelosi says, ‘Our democracy is at stake when you define democracy as integrity of the vote’ Seven times ‘disinformation’ turned out to be just the opposite The Prophetic Report: Stacey Whited says God’s prophetic words are coming together – Brighteon.TV I’m Fired Up: Chad Caton slams liberals for tagging conservatives as “violent extremists” – ...

This sensor can pick up your voice using just skin vibrations – for spying, perhaps?


Professor Kilwon Cho of Chemical Engineering and Professor Yoonyoung Chung of Electronic and Electric Engineering from POSTECH have created an advanced sensor that can detect a voice by picking up on your skin vibrations. ... The ultrathin sensor can immediately detect a person’s voice by feeling skin vibrations. "...

Late stage lung cancer more prevalent among the middle-aged than the elderly, study finds


among men and women. ... Our results show that younger patients in their 50s and early 60s are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced lung cancer compared to patients in older age groups. "...

The Pentagon has developed an implantable covid microchip - a blood surveillance system used to control people


The implant contains a tissue-like gel and a sensor that is designed to detect for changes in the body on a continuous basis. If these sensors detect the presence of any coronavirus, the system will alert the individual that an impending infection is occurring in their body. "...

DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna's mRNA vaccine


Enter Profusa, which is developing a nanoscale biochip that can detect symptoms of an infection. ... However, this past March, the company quietly announced that it was conducting a study to see if the technology could be used to detect respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. "...