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Common food processing techniques linked to higher risk of Type 2 diabetes


Researchers explained that this occurs because of the high levels of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in foods processed using these methods. ... They hope that further study can help determine if the reduced consumption of advanced glycation end-products can help lower a person’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and improve their general well-being. "...

Eating heavily-cooked or heat-processed foods can increase your risk for diabetes


Eating heavily-cooked or heat-processed foods can increase your risk for diabetes Wednesday, January 23, 2019 by: Mary Miller advanced glycation end-products , AGEs , badfood , badhealth , blood sugar , blood sugar levels , diabetes , diabetes prevention , diabetes risk , glucose , insulin , nitrosamines , nutrition , toxic foods , type 1 diabetes , Type 2 Diabetes - (Natural News ) You might have heard that what you eat can have either a positive or negative effect on ...

A wild species of banana native to South Asia found to have powerful antidiabetic properties


Glycation, on the other hand, refers to sugars attaching onto proteins, forming advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) which are harmful to the body. ... The acetone extract inhibited glycation as well as alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase activity better than the other extracts. "...

Top 10 ingredients to avoid that cause dementia


Food affects our bodies and minds. ... Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) may cause plaque buildup in brain AGEs, also known as glycotoxins, are proteins that have become glycated through exposure to sugars. "...

Researchers develop a simple eye scan that detects undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes


It involves a simple eye scan that searches for biomarkers of diabetes called advanced glycation end-products or AGEs. ... The levels of AGE products were correlated with the levels of blood sugar,” added Dr. "...

Well done and overcooked meats greatly raise the risk of developing dementia and diabetes


A research team from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has found that that consuming heat-processed animal products, such as grilled or broiled meats, may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. The study team expanded well documented prior works showing that heat-processed meats contain high levels of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). "...

Regular physical activity helps prevent or reduce artery stiffening linked to heart failure


At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that both exercise groups had more elastic arteries and lower levels of stiffness than the sedentary group. Exercise also reduced the accumulation of harmful substances called advanced glycation end-products (AGE), which are linked to atherosclerosis , Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease . "...

Delicious, nutritious, health-promoting: There are many reasons to eat an apple every day


. - It protects against advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGEs are harmful substances primarily linked to the oxidation of blood sugars, which become caramelized when exposed to oxidants. ... Sources include: FoodRevolution.org ScienceDaily.com EWG.org ConsumerReports.org Previous :Sweet little lies: How food companies hide the sugar of their food products from you Next : The impact of lifestyle behaviors on a person’s immune system - More news on anti-aging ...

Yerba Mate: South America's Health Drink


Glycation, Oxidation and Disease Laboratory, Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Touro University-California, Mare Island, Vallejo, CA Glycation, the nonenzymatic adduct formation between sugar dicarbonyls and proteins, is one key molecular basis of diabetic complications due to hyperglycemia. ... The aim of the present study was to address the hypothesis that polyphenol-rich yerba mate extracts are capable of inhibiting advanced glycation end-products ...

Benefit from Calorie Restriction and Intermittent Fasting, Part II


Fats are stable, slow burning sources of energy that do not create advanced glycation end-products and that naturally satiate. "...

A bad diet can give you a bad back: Researchers discover highly processed foods increase bone loss, risk of vertebral fractures


“This is the first study to show that high-AGE [high-age glycation end products] diets can directly result in altered vertebral bone quality with inferior biomechanical properties, and with a stronger influence on females than males,” said James Iatridis, the study’s lead researcher. ... They fed half of the mice with a diet rich in age glycation end-products (AGEs) or highly processed foods for 18 months, while the remaining half were fed with ...

Slow aging and boost your metabolism: Eat quinoa


The researchers determined the “healthspan” of the C. elegans worms by observing lifespan, movement, advanced glycation end products pigments, and reactive oxygen species in response to feeding quinoa. ... They saw significant reductions in levels of advanced glycation end products pigments and lower levels of body fat and reactive oxygen species. "...

Crust formed on overcooked foods can triple the risk of heart disease


Not only do you have to be especially cautious of hydrogenated and trans fats infused during cooking, but the crust formed on these foods, and many others, from grilling, charbroiling or frying boosts pre-formed anti-glycation end products (AGEs) that are shown to dramatically raise the risk of heart disease, especially in diabetics. ... Karen Chapman-Novakofski noted "We see evidence that cooking methods that create a crust, think the edge of a brownie or the crispy borders ...

Want to look younger? Cut back on sugar…it makes you look old and feel terrible


Cut back on sugar…it makes you look old and feel terrible Friday, May 04, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons aging , anti-aging , bad food , glycation , glycation end products , Health and Wellness , healthy diet , high blood sugar , high glycemic diet , high-fructose corn syrup , natural remedies , nutrients , premature aging , refined carbohydrates , signs of aging , Skin , skin aging , skin health , soft drinks , sugar , sugar addiction , sugar intake , sweeteners , ...

Natural Diet and Lifestyle Reverse the Effects of Aging


Jonny Bowden identifies the four main causes of aging in the human body as free radicals, inflammation, glycation and stress. ... Glycation: Sugar mixes with proteins in our body to create non-functional structures called advanced glycation end products (AGE`s) which accelerate the aging process. "...

Studies reveal that a diet full of heavily cooked foods is linked to increased risk of breast and prostate cancer


High-temperature cooking — like frying, grilling, and roasting, to name a few — exposes your body to toxic chemicals including mutagens and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). ... Glycation products are also known to cause weight gain and premature aging. AGEs can affect critical molecules in your body – such as antibodies, collagen, enzymes, hemoglobin, hormones, and neurotransmitters – that can lead to serious health risks. "...

Hailed by Ayurvedic healers as a powerful medicine, bael is now proven to protect diabetics from other health complications


These substances are called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). They are produced by enzyme-free glycation and oxidation of lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins such as glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). ... Its antioxidant properties might also have anti-glycation activity that stops AGEs formation. "...

Super nutrient duo carnosine and carnitine attacks disease


Protein structures are rendered useless as they are bound with sugar as combined units known as advanced glycation end products (AGE`s). ... Carnosine Shown to Demonstrate Anti-Aging Effects The heart muscle and vascular system are very sensitive to the effects of free radical damage and protein degradation from sugar glycation. "...

Wheat causes weight gain and sickness


This yo-yo effect on glucose/insulin levels also creates an issue with glycation. ... They are the beginning of AGE or advanced glycation end products, which are implicated in age related chronic diseases. "...

Eat with the ANDI Score of Nutrient Density


Low nutrient eating leads to increased oxidative stress, free radicals, and advanced glycolytic end-products (AGEs). ... It is also essential to get more calorie rich foods such as healthy fat sources like avocados, extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed meat products, free-range eggs, nuts and seeds. "...