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South Asians living in the U.S. are consuming less beneficial nutrients; that's why more of them are developing Type 2 diabetes


South Asians living in the U.S. are consuming less beneficial nutrients; that’s why more of them are developing Type 2 diabetes Wednesday, April 18, 2018 by: Jessica Dolores adopted country , bad diet , bad food , bad nutrition , badfood , badhealth , diabetes , food choices , food science , good diets , good nutrition , health , junk food , lifestyle choices , lifestyle habits , metabolic diseases , migrant health , nutrients , obesity , processed food , proper diet , proper nutrition ...

Washington Post propaganda claims Muslims shouldn't condemn Islamist terrorism, because white males are the real terrorists


And if asking you to speak out in defense of your adopted country is "nativist," then you've obviously not fully adopted the one country where you are allowed to be all your Muslim self wants to be – without fear of persecution and death. ... If that kind of free expression bothers you, maybe you're in the wrong line of work and maybe you're living in the wrong country. "...

Leaked docs show "woke" Walmart now subjecting white employees to race propaganda, telling them they are guilty of internalized racial superiority


Leaked docs show “woke” Walmart now subjecting white employees to race propaganda, telling them they are guilty of internalized racial superiority Thursday, October 21, 2021 by: JD Heyes bigotry , Critical Race Theory , cultural destruction , culture wars , intolerance , left cult , lunatics , propaganda , race wars , racism , systemic racism , Walmart , woke , woke corporations , wokeism , wokies Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/563146.html Copy URL - (Natural ...

Is Canada becoming North America's Cuba?


Such policies have never been enacted by a Western country against its own citizens (with the extremely rare exceptions of those actively engaged in terrorism): “Using powers granted under the Emergencies Act, the federal government has directed banks and other financial institutions to stop doing business with people associated with the anti-vaccine mandate convoy occupying the nation’s capital. ... On my radio show, I once asked the late Charles Krauthammer, one of the most insightful ...

Defiant speech Nazis at Facebook double down on anti-Christian censorship even after being called out by four U.S. senators


Defiant speech Nazis at Facebook double down on anti-Christian censorship even after being called out by four U.S. senators Friday, September 20, 2019 by: JD Heyes abortion , abortionist , bias , Censorship , conservatives , discrimination , Facebook , Fact Check , fake news , hypocrisy , information control , Josh Hawley , letter , lies , Live Action , partisanship , pro-abortion , pro-life , propaganda , senators , suppressed news , Ted Cruz , thought control , US Senate Bypass censorship by sharing ...

Chicago pastor warns about orchestrated efforts to destroy the Church, conservatives


It happened in his native country in the past and, in his view, it is happening now in his adopted land. ... The country may or may not succumb to communism, but it is definitely heading in that direction. "...

Wayne Allen Root calls for nationwide voter ID and the immediate arrest of all "sanctuary city" Mayors and Governors


As part of their plan to prevent voter fraud and ensure election integrity, planners adopted a measure requiring everyone who voted to dip their finger in purple paint to show they had already cast a ballot (and, thus, could not cast another). ... In his latest column, he says it’s time for POTUS Donald Trump to adopt some “bold” moves when it comes to securing our border and taking on the hundreds of state and local jurisdictions around the country that have declared themselves ...

The Left covers up for racist, hate-filled, anti-white NYT staffer Sarah Jeong in latest attempt at revisionist history


As for Jeong, her outsized hatred of white people and especially white men doesn’t jibe with the fact that a whole bunch of them dressed up as American soldiers put their lives on the line for her every day of her life – in her native Korea and today in her adopted country. "...

DAFOH demands end to CCP's illegal organ harvesting practices


Millions of Falun Gong practitioners were detained in jails and detention facilities across the country, where they are subjected to torture and forced organ harvesting. ... Their report pointed out that there had been an uptick in organ transplant surgeries conducted in China since 2000, with unusually short wait times as advertised by hospitals, at a time when the country has no formal organ donation system. "...

Swedish PM admits failure of integrating migrants, laments society becoming "too weak"


We live in the same country, but different realities,” Andersson said during an April 28 speech. ... Shootings in Sweden also hit a record high in 2021, with 46 persons being killed in 335 shootings across the country. "...

From UK troll farms to covert psyops: The troubling past of Nina Jankowicz


In the May 2019 North Macedonian presidential vote – which pitted pro-European Union, pro-NATO candidate Stevo Pendarovski against Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, a more pro-Russian figure – OIP’s founding members, including Bellingcat, were flown into the country, providing two weeks’ intensive training to a local media outlet. ... Whatever the truth of the matter, it can only be considered a perverse irony that in July 2020, Bellingcat published a report on alleged “Russian interference” ...

Russia is considering bringing back the GOLD STANDARD to maintain financial sovereignty amid economic sanctions


If the country goes through with this proposal, the ruble would be the first national currency to be on the gold standard in more than a century. ... The Russian Empire adopted the gold standard in 1897 but later abandoned it during World War I as governments decided they needed to print more money to finance their conflict. "...

Abortion activists call for PROTESTS at conservative SCOTUS judges' houses following leaked Roe v. Wade opinion


If adopted by four other justices, it could overturn the 1973 Roe decision that upheld abortion. ... This country was built on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The president must stand up for both.” "...

PETRODOLLAR PUKES: Cracks emerge in U.S. dollar dominance as Saudis consider accepting Chinese currency for oil sales to Beijing


They know certain policies embolden and empower our country — like those Trump adopted — and they know which policies will push our allies into other economic spheres of influence and thus weaken our country (which they believe we deserve, for some insane reason). ... This crash is inevitable, by the way; electing Trump to another four-year term won’t do anything but delay it — that is if our country’s economy has not collapsed already by 2024. "...

Be warned: The World Health Organization's "Pandemic Treaty" will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP


If adopted by WHO member nations, the Pandemic Treaty would remove all national sovereignty while granting the WHO the power and authority to mandate whatever it deems as necessary to treat a public health threat, whether real or imagined. ... “The treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy everywhere,” he adds. "...

Walgreens, CVS, join list of companies cutting back sick leave benefits for unvaccinated workers who test positive for COVID


Either way she explains it, what CVS and the other companies who have adopted this horrendous policy are doing is engaging in outright worker discrimination — so much for being “woke” and “tolerant.” ... Either way, this pandemic has led to some of the most bizarre and discriminatory treatment of Americans in the history of the country. "...

Big Brother is here: Governments exploit pandemic to normalize surveillance


The technology-laden “smart city” being built on the southern coast of the country epitomizes this daily bargain. ... This rapid, meticulous tracking was central to the country’s widely celebrated success at pandemic control. "...

Two Foxconn factories in mainland China suspend operations as COVID "cases" result in knee-jerk LOCKDOWNS


The forced shutdowns in factories owned by Foxconn and other technology firms came as the Chinese Communist Party adopted a zero-COVID policy across the country. "...

Shanghai's latest COVID lockdown has left the city in shambles: "pushed to the brink of collapse"


According to reports, Shanghai adopted an app called Healthcare Cloud that serves as its integrated Internet and Healthcare services platform. ... “What other country do you think is doing this kind of epidemic prevention now?” "...

'Arm Yourselves': Revolutionary anthem by libertarian artist Jordan Page officially adopted by The Oath Keepers


Is there a song so powerful, so prescient and so timely that it would be adopted by one of the country's biggest supporters and defenders of the Constitution? "...