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Study: Adolescent cannabis use in US increased by 245% over 20 years


Search Follow Study: Adolescent cannabis use in US increased by 245% over 20 years"...

Could vitamin D deficiency explain adolescent aggression? Researchers say yes


Could vitamin D deficiency explain adolescent aggression? Researchers say yes Wednesday"...

Adolescent nutrition news, articles and information:


to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Concepts related to Adolescent nutrition"...

Lack of sleep alters adolescent behavior: Study finds it reduces brain activity, compromises judgement leading to increased risk of addiction, depression


Search Follow Lack of sleep alters adolescent behavior: Study finds it reduces brain"...

The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. James Greenblatt calls for HOLISTIC APPROACH in addressing mental health – Brighteon.TV


suicidal risk. “We have [a] suicidal adolescent who was not responding to medication"...

Leading trans health group names Matt Walsh as top enemy, equates bans on child sex changes to racism


political posture,” citing recent bans on adolescent sex changes passed in , as well as"...

Transgender surgeries linked to horrific and often fatal infections: "I now live in a painful body that no longer belongs to me"


- ( ) The Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology published recently about"...

CDC knows lockdowns harm the mental health of children – but it supports them anyway


director of the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health, noted that significantly"...

Horrendous food habits of the young: Less than half eat a single fruit or vegetable each day


Assistant Director of the Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit at the . However,"...

Saffron is just as effective as Ritalin in managing symptoms of ADHD – study


published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, saffron was found"...

Transgenderism rooted in massive scientific FRAUD, says psychiatrist


child and adolescent psychiatrist who has been working in mental health for 40 years"...

LGBT PERVERSION: Gov. Tim Walz signs EO making Minnesota a sanctuary and "refuge" state for doctors to chemically and surgically mutilate children


Endocrine Society – The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine – The American Psychological"...

Drug-free options for dysmenorrhea relief include reflexology and connective tissue manipulation


around the world. About 90 percent of adolescent girls suffer from primary dysmenorrhea"...

Boost brain health with taurine, an amino acid with antidepressant properties


researchers from in China first exposed late adolescent rats to chronic, unpredictable mild"...

On to greener pastures! How horticulture improves mental health


UAE-based center for child and adolescent mental health, said, “The benefits of gardening"...

Health freedom group prepared to SUE any state that requires COVID-19 vaccines for schools


unanimously on Oct. 20 to its child and adolescent immunization schedules. All members"...

HPV vaccines (Gardasil) now pushed onto boys in Canada


Canadian Association of Adolescent Health and head of adolescent medicine at Montreal"...

Texas Children’s Hospital stops mutilating and chemically castrating children, as more crimes against humanity are exposed


transgender propaganda that inundates the adolescent mind through pop culture and poor education"...

Experts warn impact of coronavirus pandemic on children's mental health is "increasingly alarming"


France’s Education Ministry, child and adolescent suicides hit record levels in 2020"...

Why Common Core is bad for children's health: unnecessary stress, unhealthy eating habits and more


time, says Katie Hurley, a child and adolescent psychotherapist and parenting expert"...