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High-fructose corn syrup consumption in adolescence impairs learning and memory


Metabolism is the process that your body uses to make (or get) energy from the food that you eat, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. "...

Exercise in childhood and adolescence may stave off osteoporosis (press release)


"During childhood and adolescence, children's bodies grow rapidly and bone mass is accumulated quickly. ... Sigueira and colleagues found that those volunteers who were active in adolescence had a 45 percent lower risk for osteoporosis. "...

Prenatal stress found to alter the developing brain: Children of stressed mothers are predisposed to binge eating in adolescence


The researchers further discovered that it is possible to avoid prenatal stress-induced binge eating by eating properly in adolescence. ... They then conducted a series of tests to ascertain if the offspring would be predisposed to binge-eating disorder in adolescence. "...

Eating more nuts and fiber in adolescence helps young women avoid breast cancer later in life


Although many foods are high in fiber, researchers in the adolescence study found that nuts were particularly protective. ... "These findings support the hypothesis that dietary intake of fiber and nuts during adolescence influences subsequent risk of breast disease and may suggest a viable means for breast cancer prevention ," the researchers wrote. "...

Could vitamin D deficiency explain adolescent aggression? Researchers say yes


Senior author Eduardo Villamor noted that children deficient in vitamin D scored higher on tests that measured behavior problems in adolescence. Their work belongs to the handful of studies on behavior problems that extended into adolescence. "...

Scientists discover neurons that remain "forever young" through life


During adolescence — long after most of the brain has finished growing — the amygdala continues to expand. ... But by the end of adolescence, only about 20 percent of the neurons in that brain region remain the same. "...

Reduce your colorectal cancer risk by up to 39% with 60 minutes of daily physical exercise


The report, led by researchers from the University of Sao Paolo, is the first to analyze the direct link between physical activity during adolescence and the risk of developing adenomas later in life. ... Compared to participants with low-activity lifestyle during both adolescence and adulthood, those with high physical activity during both stages had a reduced risk of advanced adenoma by 39 percent. "...

Teenagers living in areas with high air pollution are at higher risk of psychosis


This is the first study that reported a link between air pollution and psychotic experiences in adolescence. ... While psychotic experiences are more common in adolescence than adulthood, teens who report psychotic experiences tend to go on to develop psychotic disorders, as well as a range of other mental health problems and suicide attempts. "...

When it comes to exercise, age is just a number – SHOCKING study shows that even the elderly can benefit from working out


Not much is known about how long-term participation in LTPA from adolescence to early adulthood and into middle age can affect mortality. ... This is similar to the risk reduction associated with maintaining LTPA in all age groups from adolescence into adulthood. "...

Alcohol, not cannabis, is the REAL gateway drug for teens, say experts


Alcohol, not cannabis, is the REAL gateway drug for teens, say experts Friday, September 27, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson addiction , adolescence , alcohol addiction , badhealth , brain development , brain health , cannabis , cocaine , drug use , gateway drug , Heroin , illicit drugs , physiological addiction , psychological attachment , research , substance abuse prevention , substance dependency - (Natural News ) Adolescence is a time of exploration, a time of forming one’s own identity....

Omega-3 supplements continue to prevent psychological disorders up to 7 years after patients stop taking them


One study found that when rats with brain lesions were treated with an antioxidant during adolescence, they did not develop the structural brain defects seen in untreated adult rats. ... The findings suggest that omega-3 supplementation during adolescence might prevent dopamine levels from becoming elevated, thereby halting one of the processes that leads to the development of schizophrenia in adulthood. "...

Weight Gain: A New Reason to Get Smokers to Kick the Habit


And now, research in Finland has revealed that smoking during adolescence is strongly associated with obesity in adulthood - this applied to both men and women. ... The study found that women who smoked during adolescence were likelier to be heavier when they got older. "...

You need exercise to keep your bones strong


A study conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute revealed that physical activity during adolescence is important for skeletal development and that sedentary lifestyle has detrimental effects on bone health. ... Previous studies have shown that the benefits of physical activity and weight-bearing exercise on bone strength are optimized during adolescence. "...

Breastfed babies make stronger, healthier adolescents


"Our objective was to analyze the relationship between the duration of breastfeeding babies and their physical condition in adolescence," explained Artero concerning the study. ... "However, our results concur with the observations made as regards other neonatal factors, such as weight at birth, are positively related to better muscular condition during adolescence." "...

Every sniff you take: Study reveals unpleasant odors can evoke "stronger memories" in both adolescents and adults


“The generalization and persistence in memory of learned negative associations are core features of anxiety disorders, which often emerge during adolescence,” she adds. In particular, the study highlights the impact that negative experiences have, especially during childhood or early adolescence. "...

Study shows fruit consumption lowers breast cancer risk in adolescents


The scientists report that higher fruit consumption during adolescence – 2.9 servings per day – was linked to a 25 percent reduced risk of breast cancer diagnosis in middle age. ... Fiber plays a crucial role Earlier this year, the same researchers suggested that fiber intake in adolescence may reduce breast cancer risk later on. "...

Consequences of sleep deprivation for teenagers


When adolescence kicks in the natural circadian rhythm is altered with the consequence that it can be difficult to get to sleep. ... However with the onset of puberty and adolescence sleeping time increases. Once adolescence is over the sleep pattern changes again to adult sleeping times waking earlier and sleeping less. "...

Teens who nap during the day perform better in school


Teens who nap during the day perform better in school Thursday, May 31, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons adolescence , adolescents , attention , benefits of napping , Brain , brain function , circadian rhythm , goodhealth , memory , mental health , mind body science , nap , napping , neurocognitive function , school , sleep , sleep loss , sleep quality , sleep schedule , sleepiness , teenagers , Teens , young adults - (Natural News ) Young adults who take a nap during the day perform better in ...

Being overweight as a teen associated with premature death in adulthood (press release)


The results showed that women with a higher BMI at 18 consumed more alcohol, smoked more and were less likely to engage in vigorous physical activity during adolescence. ... They found the same results-women with a higher BMI during adolescence who never smoked had a significantly increased risk of premature death than those with a low BMI. "...

Research finds link between early life environmental exposures and immune responses later in life


Research finds link between early life environmental exposures and immune responses later in life Monday, April 15, 2019 by: Edsel Cook adolescence , Air pollution , allergies , asthma , babies , badhealth , badpollution , breakthrough , Caesarean section city living , Diseases , early life , environment , farm , farm life , immune response , immune system , Infants , newborns , particulate matter , science , urban pollution - (Natural News ) It turns out that the places you frequented ...