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University administrators shred U.S. Constitution in a shredder to calm student 'afraid' of the Constitution


University administrators shred U.S. Constitution in a shredder to calm student 'afraid' of the Constitution Friday, November 06, 2015 by: L.J. ... College administrators shred Constitution to appease student To see this type of ignorance at work, investigators Project Veritas to report on how easily college administrators will cater to student complaints to destroy the the Constitution of the United States. "...

Colleges ramp up discrimination against people with white skin, with call by administrators to force acknowledgement of “privilege”


Colleges ramp up discrimination against people with white skin, with call by administrators to force acknowledgement of “privilege” Monday, September 24, 2018 by: Jayson Veley campus insanity , discrimination , education , fascism , indoctrination , insanity , left cult , Liberal Mob , lunatics , progressive Left , propaganda , race wars , social justice , Tyranny , white privilege Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/215490.html Copy URL - (Natural News ...

Dallas hospital administrators ignored nurses' complaints about holes in protective gear while treating Ebola patients


Dallas hospital administrators ignored nurses' complaints about holes in protective gear while treating Ebola patients Wednesday, October 22, 2014 by: Ethan A. "...

School administrators throw food away, waste tax dollars, let kids go hungry to make parents pay


A Utah elementary school made international headlines recently after it was reported that administrators there starved out about 40 students whose lunch funds were lacking. ... Those students with unsettled account balances were forced to surrender their food, which administrators say had to be thrown away in accordance with the health code. "...

California nurse fired for declining COVID shot testifies against San Diego County's vax mandate


Former nurse Tawny Buettner testified before local administrators during the Sept. 13 meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. "...

The doctrine of inerrancy: Science as a cult


I wish I could have witnessed the meeting of medical administrators that led to that choice, because I’m fairly confident that it played like a Paddy Chayefsky movie IRL. ... Medical administrators prepare to discuss mRNA products Excommunications continue; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — again, a research hospital — quite recently took away a physician’s hospital privileges because the filthy heretic has but two injections of the Holy Sacrament of the mRNA. "...

Largest hospital system REMOVES popular medical report about the rapid progression of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in double-vaccinated patient


Hospital system buries medical report about Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in recently vaccinated patient Instead of taking this matter seriously, HCA administrators scrubbed the report in June of 2022. ... She said HCA administrators were concerned about the report’s popularity. “When we noticed an abnormally high number of downloads, we temporarily removed it to ensure there was not a technological issue with the website,” Stanford wrote. "...

Nearly every student at California school with "social justice academy" is FAILING MATH AND SCIENCE


The three-year program is comprised entirely of an “education” that brainwashes students to “challenge and criticize power, oppression, capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism, colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, cisheteropatriarchy, ableism, and xenophobia on the internal, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological levels,” according to administrators. ... - More news on anti-white Nearly every student at California school with “social justice academy” is FAILING MATH ...

Public schools aren't just grooming your children to become transgenders: They're also drugging them with mind-altering pharmaceuticals


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Desperate media trying to keep covid delusion alive, but hospital officials reveal it's all "hype"


Hospital administrators have complied with a fraudulent narrative for far too long When covid-19 propaganda and medical tyranny first swept the nation, hospital CEOs and administrators largely kept their mouths shut. ... Hospital administrators may be hesitant to stand up to oppressive government protocols and fear-mongering media, because they are afraid of losing their liability protections. "...

Physician assistant fired, branded as "evil" for not calling transgenders by their preferred PRONOUNS


This did not sit well with UMHW administrators. Kloosterman’s refusal to bow down to the LGBT agenda and violate her beliefs was tackled in a July 2021 meeting with hospital officials. "...

Conservative, pro-family Christian becomes Italy's new prime minister as left-wing media, deep state comes unhinged


Political criticism of Biden Regime now labeled “domestic terrorism” and punishable with indefinite prison time, just like in Communist China Traitors: NBC News slammed after suggesting that the Feds should begin censoring text messages Lunacy: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams claims fetal heartbeats are “manufactured” so men can “control” women ‘Democratic’ Ukraine threatens five years in prison for any citizen who votes to join Russia Brazen falsehood: Woke law school’s quest to ...

For the medical industrial complex, transgenderism is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY - and here's proof


Administrators and doctors at Vanderbilt in Nashville were caught on video admitting they bankroll tens of thousands of dollars for every child and teen they get on the chopping block, cutting off penises, breasts and clitorises. "...

OUTRAGEOUS: New mandate at UC Berkeley requires all "unvaccinated" people to wear bacteria-infested scamdemic mask for the SEASONAL FLU


Is it legal for campus administrators to even require this and to view your personal medical information? ... Sources for this article include: TheGatewayPundit.com PubMed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov NaturalNews.com CDC.gov Previous :LEFTISTS in America do not practice the TOLERANCE they preach – watch ‘liberal’ fascist school administrators caught on video discriminating against race and religion Next : Top 7 most UNEXPECTED adverse events from the gene-mutating COVID jabs - More news on ...

Brazen falsehood: Woke law school's quest to silent conservative views


Wokeism is destroying higher education, and it is nowhere clearer than in the anti-intellectual rhetoric issued by high-level administrators such as Ruger when faced with perspectives with which they disagree and about which they patently know almost nothing. ... If university administrators can so frivolously and anti-intellectually restrict the range of presentable ideas and the freedom of their faculty to expose their students to such controversial ideas, we have reason to fear ...

Private school announces ban on staffers who take coronavirus vaccines, as they might threaten the health of students


Administrators at the private school explained that it is simple too risky for “unvaccinated individuals” to have injected people roaming around campus. "...

California votes down mandatory reporting requirements for students who issue mass shooting threats


“Teachers and administrators will still be able to call law enforcement if they believe that is the right response to a particular incident, but they will not be required to do so.” ... This could result in a reverse racism type of situation where teachers and administrators avoid reporting non-white students for fear of being called “racists” while only reporting white student violence. "...

Trans "female" swimmer Lia Thomas is a sign of things to come: The utter destruction of women's sports at the hands of "woke" leftists (op-ed)


Trans “female” swimmer Lia Thomas is a sign of things to come: The utter destruction of women’s sports at the hands of “woke” leftists (op-ed) Friday, December 17, 2021 by: Ethan Huff college sports , gender confused , Ivy League , LGBT , lgbtq , Lia Thomas , Penn , physical advantage , swimmer , Testosterone , Trans , transgender , Whistleblower , women Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/579187.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) (Op-ed) Despite being told by administrators ...

Dean of a California university's medical school was a pill-popping, prostitute-banging, meth head surgeon


Puliafito , crime , current events , Dean , drug addiction , drugs , Keck School of Medicine , medical school , prostitues - (Natural News ) When it comes to professors and school administrators, there really should be some kind of psychological screening process that they have to go through before they get the job. ... As one of the school’s top administrators, Puliafito was largely responsible for the success of his students, but instead of being committed to the next generation ...

Maine hospital fired so many unvaccinated employees they had to close the ICU


(Article by Warner Todd Huston republished from FlagAndCross.com ) The administrators of Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, Maine, enacted a vax policy demanding all employees to take the vaccine. "...