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Left-wing open borders law firm SPLC files claims on behalf of three illegal alien fathers, wants American taxpayers to “compensate” them for “lasting harm”


Left-wing open borders law firm SPLC files claims on behalf of three illegal alien fathers, wants American taxpayers to “compensate” them for “lasting harm” Wednesday, September 04, 2019 by: JD Heyes administrative claim , American taxpayers , border crossing , Bush Administration , children , Clinton administration , detention , family separation , Flores Agreement , Illegal aliens , lawsuit , migrant caravan , migrant children , migrants , Obama Administration , SPLC , taxpayers ...

"I did not recant": USPS whistleblower stands by backdated ballot claim


Hours after the Post‘s claim, O’Keefe tweeted a recording of Hopkins’ interview with IG employee Russel Strasser. ... At the end of the interview with O’Keefe, Hopkins says that he stands by his original claim. "...

Army doctor took millions from taxpayers to physically, sexually abuse soldiers and animals, activists claim


Army doctor took millions from taxpayers to physically, sexually abuse soldiers and animals, activists claim Wednesday, July 01, 2015 by: J. ... The charges are administrative in nature and were listed in a 15-page dossier that was compiled by two assistant attorneys general on behalf of the medical board, which temporarily suspended Hagmann's license in March. "...

Court rules only 152 died of COVID-19 in Portugal, not 17,000


Court rules only 152 died of COVID-19 in Portugal, not 17,000 Friday, July 02, 2021 by: Divina Ramirez coronavirus , Coronavirus pandemic , covid-19 , COVID-19 deaths , covid-19 fatality , covid-19 pandemic , deception , freedom , government , health freedom , Liberty , lies , pandemic Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/531864.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Following a citizen’s petition, the Administrative Court of the Circle of Lisbon provided verified ...

Yet another risk for kids on antidepressants: Higher chance of developing type-2 diabetes, according to new study


Burcu et al. studied Medicaid administrative claim files for an estimated 120,000 children and adolescents aged five to 20 from California, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey. "...

MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW: Bill filed in Washington to create "strike force" to hunt down and "involuntarily detain" the unvaccinated


Mainstream media outlets that ran these stories have uncritically accepted Grellner’s claim that the quarantine camps are not real and have not made any effort to independently verify the information. Other mainstream media outlets claim that the bill was actually introduced in 2015 and was supposed to be a measure designed to protect the state against a potential outbreak of Ebola. "...

VAX ATTACKS: The new mRNA coronavirus vaccines will likely cause immune cells to attack placenta cells, causing female infertility, miscarriage or birth defects


Michael Yeadon, have issued a motion for administrative and regulatory action to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding the new mRNA coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech. ... Sources include: 2020News.ed [PDF] NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov NaturalNews.com Eugenics.News Previous :A Georgia Dominion voting machine has been obtained, shows clear evidence of flipping Trump votes to Biden Next : Al Gore endorses the “great reset” while other media outlets continue to claim it’s ...

Oregon fire officials prepare for "mass fatality" event – do they know something we don't?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff arson , civil war , deaths , disaster , false-flag , fires , Jim Walker , left cult , Mariana Ruiz-Temple , mass casualty event , mass fatalities , natural disaster , Oregon , wildfires Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/457865.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) It is now being reported that Oregon Fire Marshal Jim Walker has officially resigned from his post after being placed on administrative leave due to the ...

Reuters calls Louisville riots where cops were shot by Black Lives Matter terrorists 'mostly peaceful'


Reuters calls Louisville riots where cops were shot by Black Lives Matter terrorists ‘mostly peaceful’ Thursday, September 24, 2020 by: News Editors anti-police , Black Lives Matter , BLM , breonna taylor , fake news , left cult , Louisville , lunatics , mainstream media , Police , protests , Reuters , revolt , riots , uprising , violence Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/460924.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) After cops were shot in Louisville during widespread ...

US Attorney General Barr: Big tech 'clearly … engaged in censorship'


Attorney General William Barr backed the calls of President Donald Trump and conservatives to rein in social media companies on Tuesday, agreeing that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are restricting speech like publishers rather than the open forums they claim to be. ... The order essentially directs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to propose an administrative rule that would “spell out what it means for the tech giants to carry out their takedown policies ‘in good ...

Judge blocks Biden's oppressive vaccine mandate for federal contractors and subcontractors


Vaccine mandate is illegal and unconstitutional The states charged that the vaccine mandate is both illegal and unconstitutional, partly because it has been imposed without checking “important aspects surrounding the mandate,” such as: - Cost to U.S. states - Cost to citizens - Economic impacts - Labor-force and supply-chain disruptions - Current coronavirus risks - The basic distinctions among workers like those with natural immunity to COVID-19 and “those who work remotely or with limited in-person ...

High school to force students to undergo hair analysis to reveal alcohol consumption


So big and domineering is this administrative state, that we are constantly reminded of its reach, scope and power. Just when we think we still own a portion of our own lives, the administrative state reminds us, again, that such ownership is largely illusory. "...

SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or face closure


But licensing is more than just an administrative headache—it would require the Christian school to relinquish its moral standards. ... The following month a federal judge abstained but dismissed part of the case, saying it should first go through the state’s administrative process. "...

WHO using COVID omicron variant to push for global "pandemic treaty"


A radical WHO pandemic treaty may just be the ticket for the administrative state to [rein] in rogue anti-lockdown governors.” ... Sources include: ClimateDepot.com Reuters.com VOANews.com BMJ.com Previous :India revokes PepsiCo’s patent on potato variety Next : Study: COVID-19 vaccines increase risk of heart attack by 127% - More news on badhealth Psychiatrists invent a totally fabricated “stress disorder” to try to explain away vaccine-induced HEART DAMAGE… they claim it’s all ...

Obamacare a 'war against doctors,' warns desperate U.S. physician


He's now unable to see new patients due to all the unnecessary administrative work that is destroying doctor-to-patient relationships. ... Gill wrote about six doctors he knew who either left patient care for administrative positions or fled into outright retirement. "...

Natural News is now de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook: We depend on YOU to share our stories and lifesaving messages with the world


Like all tyrants throughout world history, Jack Dorsey believes that no one has the right to criticize him, and he abuses his administrative power over Twitter to silence whatever voices he doesn’t like. ... By silencing conservative, pro-America voices, Twitter has abandoned any claim to Sec. 230 protections. "...

AMA: Health insurance companies botch up to 20 percent of claims


Many NaturalNews readers have likely experienced, if even just once, the hassle of having their health insurance company improperly file a insurance claim, which can result in filing disputes, delayed payments, and other administrative problems. ... "Health insurers must put more effort into paying claims correctly the first time to save precious health care dollars and reduce unnecessary administrative tasks that take time and resources away from patient care." "...

2022 will be too little too late


Government officials have demonstrated an inordinate fondness for authoritarianism, dishonesty, coercion, and general autocratic behavior while disregarding the objections of the citizens they claim to serve. ... Such majorities will not address the damage already done, nor will they be sufficient to stop the activities of the “fourth branch of government” – the administrative state. "...

New York physician assistant says she was told to stop reporting COVID shot injuries


Then she noticed “all these people coming in,” so she started notifying her “administrative leaders of what was going on.” ... She also told the host that she called foul on the frequent claim that the vaccines are “100 percent safe and effective.” "...