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Gab's response to the ADL and CNN


So now the ADL is lobbying the US government to remove us from the internet. We will never bend to their demands and we will never censor legal, 1A-protected speech that hurts the ADL’s feelings. ... Previous :Silence will be the next hate crime Next : FLASHBACK: 217 Antifa/BLM violent insurrectionists arrested during Trump’s inauguration in 2017, duplicitous media, politicians called for understanding, not 25,000 troops - More news on ADL Even the Washington Post called ...

Elon Musk, echoing ADL talking points, says new Twitter policy is 'freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach'


> > — ADL (@ADL) > Our Center on Extremism also analyzed a statistically representative sample from over 529K tweets mentioning “Jews” or “Judaism” both before and after Elon Musk’s takeover. They found a notable increase in the percentage of tweets that espoused or defended antisemitic sentiments. > > — ADL (@ADL) > This data suggests that in the two weeks following Musk’s Twitter takeover, the prevalence of tweets (excluding retweets) referencing “Jews” or “Judaism” ...

ADL changes definition of racism so only Whites can be labeled as racist


Though the average American doesn’t even know who the ADL is and their website doesn’t get much traffic relative to their outsized influence , Google is now manually giving the ADL the number one result when you search “racism.” ... Read more at: InformationLiberation.com Previous :Authoritarian madness: The slippery slope from lockdowns to concentration camps Next : Black Lives Matter funneled millions to ‘charity’ to buy mansion from communists - More news on ADL Even ...

ADL and the fake news media are pressuring Parler to censor 'hate speech' accounts


If Parler wants to keep their momentum, they need to ignore groups like the ADL crying out in pain. ... Elections security expert finds Michigan results a COMPLETE FRAUD — current machines do not have capability to count the mass dumps for Biden in reported time period (VIDEO) Next : Leftist thugs explode in violent outlash against Trump supporters following Million MAGA March - More news on ADL Even the Washington Post called out the left-wing ADL over its fraudulent claims ...

ADL HOAX: Data showing America has a “right-wing violence” problem is completely fabricated


ADL cherry picked cases to inflate numbers For example, they included a case in their data in which five people were charged for the murder of a 14-year-old girl in Georgia. ... Sources for this article include: InformationLiberation.com WashingtonPost.com Previous :Horrified patient says doctors left a breathing tube in his body for 30 years Next : Woke mainstream media suddenly drops monkeypox scare stories to avoid offending gays - More news on ADL Even the Washington Post called ...

ADL, NAACP call for Facebook boycott because platform supposedly doesn't censor ENOUGH


The demands being made by the ADL and NAACP would only make matters worse for these tech companies by opening them up to even more scrutiny over their trampling of the First Amendment. ... Sources for this article include: WSJ.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Leftist mob dismantles history with removal of cop shows, censorship of Gone with the Wind Next : New York Times tech writer demands that Facebook censor Trump or else “we’re leaving” - More news on ADL Even the Washington Post ...

ADL hails Big Tech censors: CEOs are 'the 4th branch of govt,' 'they're trying to hold the country together'


In our 100+ years of history, @ADL has never called for the President of the United States to be removed from office. ... More here: https://t.co/BAzttptLk7 > > — ADL (@ADL) January 13, 2021 In related news, Reuters reported last week that a handful of “billionaire donors” now control our political system. "...

Even the Washington Post called out the left-wing ADL over its fraudulent claims that "right-wing extremist violence" is responsible for most killings


RealClearInvestigations also called out the ADL fakery . “The FBI has not issued the official number of murders in the U.S. in 2021, but it is expected to exceed the number of murders in 2020: 21,570 — of which, according to ADL, 23 were committed by extremists,” Carl Moody, an economist at the College of William & Mary who studies crime, told the outlet. ... Wade from being overturned - More news on ADL Even the Washington Post called out the left-wing ADL over ...

Sell out: Elon Musk says independent media will stay banned on Twitter; only "trusted" media outlets allowed


It turns out that Musk stole these words from the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL being a prominent hate group that vilifies white people and constantly denigrates the First Amendment. ... The official ADL Twitter page continues to complain that Musk is still not doing enough to censor “antisemitic sentiment,” meaning anything that criticizes the globalist agenda in any way. "...

Report: Apple threatens to kick Twitter off app store unless censorship is 'ramped up'


(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from ) Other app store gatekeepers such as Google Play and Amazon look set to also deplatform Twitter unless more censorship occurs. reports: Speculation over app stores potentially targeting Twitter intensified after Apple executive Phil Schiller deactivated his Twitter account for no apparent reason days after Donald Trump was restored to the platform. "...

News Editors


(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from NewsPunch.com) Other app store gatekeepers such as Google Play and Amazon look set to also deplatform Twitter unless more censorship occurs. "...

CLAIM: Gates Institute quietly drops "population control" from its name


Sean Adl-Tabatabai of “The People’s Voice” elaborated on this claim in a video . ... Yet Google still gave me two Gates Institute links right at the top of the search results,” said Adl-Tabatabai. "...

Anti-Defamation League claims Waukesha attack suspect Darrell Brooks isn't an extremist


The ADL, which supposedly exists to identify and counter extremism, has been criticizing for sweeping blaring examples of left-wing extremism under the rug when it’s politically inconvenient. ... Read more at: BigLeaguePolitics.com Previous :CNN’s Don Lemon allegedly sent Jussie Smollett texts informing him of police investigation Next : Chicago detective: Jussie Smollett scheduled meeting ‘on the low,’ paid for supplies, held ‘dry run’ before ‘attack’ - More news on ADL Even the ...

Associated Press wants "extremist" podcasts that challenge fraudulent elections to be eliminated


The ADL, by the way, went extremely far-left during the Barack Hussein Obama regime when former Obama official Jonathan Greenblatt was appointed to head up the ADL. ... The ADL agrees with the AP that podcasts have to go as part of this purge because they play “a particularly outsized role,” it says, in propagating “white supremacy.” "...

Not again: Musk to reinstate Twitter censorship tools after a meeting with leftist groups


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Democrats steal the senate amid widespread election fraud


(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from ) Amid widespread voter fraud during the midterm election cycle this year, Democrats have secured at least 50 seats plus the vice presidential tiebreaker vote, with an opportunity to secure another seat in the Dec. 6 Georgia runoff pitting Republican Herschel Walker against incumbent Raphael Warnock. reports: With Senate control no longer at stake, it seems likely that already-dull Republican enthusiasm for Trump-backed Walker will sag even ...

Why the media loves fake news (when it serves their agenda)


But the truth of the matter is that the ADL simply couldn’t be bothered to verify the facts in this particular case, seeing as how the narrative represents everything the ADL exists to exploit. ... The ADL was also silent when the group “Red Guards Austin” suggested fomenting violence to bring about “change” in the form of a new American communist state. "...

Black Lives Matter 'canceled' after criticizing Israel


.” > A leaked memo shows the ADL strategizing how to defend Israel against annexation's critics. > > The ADL is particularly worried annexation could exacerbate already strained relations with leaders of color and civil rights activists. ... “Do not give the impression that ADL is an ally of PM Netanyahu and a supporter of annexation.” "...

PayPal's Indymedia wipeout


I reached out this week not just to the media relations offices of PayPal and the ADL, but to figures quoted in last year’s announcement, including ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt and PayPal Chief Risk officer Aaron Karczmer, getting no response anywhere. ... At the very least, the ADL and PayPal should both explain the nature of their relationship to “policymakers” and “law enforcement.” "...

Hundreds of 'woke' Twitter employees flee to Facebook and Google so they can continue censoring users


(Article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai republished from NewsPunch.com ) The report notes that a total of 530 Twitter employees have left since Elon Musk took control of the platform, with many running directly to the tech giant’s direct competitors who are more draconian than Twitter. "...