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Is President Trump about to invoke the Insurrection Act and arrest government officials complicit in election fraud?


Wednesday, December 16, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson adjudicated votes , ballot harvesting , cyberwarfare , Dominion Voting Systems , error rate , fake ballots , illegal election certification , insurrection act , law and order , mass arrests , vote switching Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/482905.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) On Tuesday December 15, President Donald Trump sent out a series of messages that shudder of law and order , giving ...

Antrim Co. forensic report reveals Dominion machines were set at 68.05% error rate… meaning 68.05% of ballots could be sent out for mass adjudication


In Central Lake’s School Board election, 742 votes were added to the total after a recount on November 6. ... and “Was it [tabulation of votes performed] offsite?” The full report can be found HERE . "...

FOX News and FBN block Attorney Matthew Deperno from appearing on Hannity and Lou Dobbs after explosive Antrim County IT report on Dominion voting machines


My guess is that it was shipped offsite, adjudicated, and then sent back to the system, or it was done internally in the program. ... No one can be confident that with a 68.05% error rate that your ballot was not mass adjudicated.” "...

Situation Update, Dec. 16th - Epic counterattack readied against "Cyber Pearl Harbor"


It is critical to understand that the Dominion system classifies ballots into two categories, 1) normal ballots and 2) adjudicated ballots. ... In another post, he writes “Many Trump votes were routed to Biden … This Fake Election can no longer stand.” "...

Forensic audit finds that security log files were deleted from all Dominion machines to hide vote switching


During a second tabulation of election results, the ASOG team found that nearly all (1,474 votes) in the precinct were altered. Votes for one candidate vanished, and votes added back to another. This forensic audit of Dominion voting machines is monumental. "...

Does the Arizona Constitution provide means for lawmakers to crack down on Big Tech censorship?


The case recognized that violations of the First Amendment would represent de facto violations of the It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the Arizona Attorney General, or state legislature, could hold Big Tech oligarchs to account for violating the Article 2 Section 6 rights of Arizona citizens- especially in a context the major platforms are collectively adjudicated to be acting as a trust in order to suppress competition and silence lawful speech. ... Ducey to China: ‘Lots of ...

Compelling, powerful, credible kraken exhibits in Michigan


Dowling republished from IndependentSentinel.com ) THE FOLLOWING HAS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND ADJUDICATED BUT YOU NEED TO SEE IT! ... For one, real, living human voters do not cast fractions of votes. They cast one vote each, no decimal places. "...

Mitch McConnell received donations from Dominion Voting Systems and shut down two election integrity bills in 2020


The machines have systematically rejected an astronomical percentage of ballots, allowing Democrat officials to switch Trump votes to Biden . ... Every ballot that was adjudicated and potentially switched by Democrats could not be adequately traced. "...

Cortes: If Biden were sure of his "victory", he'd welcome transparency


Like his fellow Republican, Governor Ducey of Arizona, Gates amazingly purports that opacity serves the interest of election integrity, even with the state’s reported differential a mere 10,000 votes out of over 3.3 million cast. ... If Wisconsin would simply release full, detailed activity reports about exactly who reportedly voted, and Georgia would post every digitized signature scan, these concerns could be quickly addressed and adjudicated in the court of public opinion. "...