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Study: Cinnamon compound boosts metabolic health and helps fight obesity


The researchers tested human adipocytes from participants representing a range of ages, ethnicities and body mass indices. ... Adipocytes normally store energy in the form of lipids, which are a class of molecules in the body that include hormones, fats, oils and waxes. "...

Research shows eating berries can help reduce inflammation and health risks caused by obesity


Fat cells and chronic and systemic inflammation Adipocytes or fat cells do more than just store or release energy. "...

Another natural food found to manage obesity


Another natural food found to manage obesity Saturday, August 11, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons adipocytes , alternative medicine , broken bones plant , broken bones tree , fats , herbal medicine , Herbs , lipase , lipid , natural cures , natural healing , natural medicine , natural remedies , obesity , obesity management , obesity prevention , obesity treatment , Oroxylum indicum (L.) ... In a study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the effects of broken ...

Investigating the anti-diabetic effects of fucoidan


Based on these results, the researchers concluded that fucoidan exerts its anti-diabetic effects by improving insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and inhibiting basal lipolysis in adipocytes without inducing adipogenesis. ... FUCOIDAN FROM UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA HAS ANTI-DIABETIC EFFECTS BY STIMULATION OF GLUCOSE UPTAKE AND REDUCTION OF BASAL LIPOLYSIS IN 3T3-L1 ADIPOCYTES. "...

A compound in brown seaweed helps manage symptoms of diabetes – study


Fucoidan treatment also stimulated glucose uptake in normal adipocytes and restored insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in adipocytes with obesity-induced insulin resistance. ... Based on these results, the researchers concluded that fucoidan exerts its anti-diabetic effects by improving insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and inhibiting basal lipolysis in adipocytes without inducing adipogenesis (formation of new adipocytes). "...

A traditional plant native to Thailand effectively manages obesity, according to new study


They looked at the effects of broken bones plant extract on the adipogenic and biomolecular change in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. They used the cell line 3T3-L1 to establish the potential toxic effects of broken bones plantextract during adipogenesis, the differentiation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes. "...

Studies show that ordinary household dust may be the reason why you're fat and sick


This is bad news for people trying to maintain a healthy weight, as constant inhalation of these chemicals can spur on the accumulation of adipocytes, which function as precursors for fat cells. Researchers at Duke University tested 11 different house dust samples and found that seven of them caused adipocytes to grow and turn into fat, while nine of them caused adipocytes to both increase in number and proliferate. "...

Coffee bean extracts contain anti-inflammatory compounds that can help fight chronic disease


The team tested the effect of five pure phenolics found in coffee husk and silverskin on adipocytes and immune response cells called macrophages. ... The researchers found that protocatechuic acid and gallic acid were the most effective at blocking fat accumulation in adipocytes. "...

White Tea May Promote Weight Loss, Reduces Fat Cells


The results of the study, just published in BioMed Central's open access journal Nutrition and Metabolism show this herbal extract effectively inhibits the generation of new human fat cells (adipocytes). ... The scientists looked at lab-cultured human cells known as pre-adipocytes. They found that as the cells developed fully into fat cells, the incorporation of fat into these cells was greatly reduced when adipocytes were treated with white tea extract. "...

Researchers develop method to eliminate scarring by getting wounds to heal as normal skin instead of scar tissue


With age comes an inevitable loss of adipocytes, which then leads to skin discoloration and wrinkles that can’t be reversed. ... In fact, Cotsarelis states, “they can be efficiently and stably converted into adipocytes.” "...

Blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols aid weight management goals


Scientists determined that extracts of the berry compound inhibited the formation of new baby fat cells (adipocytes) in a dose-dependent manner. Less adipocytes mean there are fewer `containers` to store triglycerides from the blood, and this is an ultimately powerful mechanism to lower or help maintain body weight. "...

This overlooked member of the citrus family has antioxidant, antidiabetes, and anticancer properties


Leaf extract from M. lunu-ankenda increases glucose uptake and kills cancer cells For their study, Malaysian researchers used two different cell lines, 3t3-L1 adipocytes and HepG2 hepatocarcinoma cells. 3t3-L1 adipocytes are fat cells derived from mice, while HepG2 is a human liver cancer cell line. ... The ML extract also proved to be highly cytotoxic against HepG2 but not against 3t3-L1 adipocytes, demonstrating its ability to selectively kill only cancer cells but leave ...

A traditional Malaysian medicine can help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels


These were subjected to an MTT assay to determine whether it was toxic to cells, particularly on 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes. ... Of the four, wogonin, norwogonin, and techtochrysin exhibited adipogenesis, a process where certain cells called pre-adipocytes develop and become mature adipocytes in the presence of insulin. "...

Fermented green tea can control adiposity and lipid metabolism, effectively ameliorating obesity


. - To maximize health benefits, the researchers fermented green tea and obtained an extract, which they used to treat cultured adipocytes. - They reported that the fermented green tree extract (FGT) inhibited adipogenesis and lipogenesis while augmenting mRNA expression of fatty acid oxidation-related genes in differentiated myocytes. - In mice with diet-induced obesity, FGT reduced body weight and fat mass gain by 69.7 percent and 56.7 percent, respectively. - FGT also improved circulating ...

Purple corn is an ancient superfood that can fight diabetes and obesity


Using mice, they combined fat cells called adipocytes with large immune cells called macrophages to simulate the cells of obese people with high concentrations of lipids and inflammation. ... “We observed very important changes in molecules that reduced oxidative stress and inflammation in the insulin-resistant adipocytes,” said postdoctoral researcher and study co-author Diego Luna-Vital. "...

White Tea Fights Obesity


Researchers exposed laboratory-grown human fat cells (adipocytes) to an extract of white tea. They found that exposure to the tea extract led a decrease in activity among the genes associated with new adipocyte formation, "while also prompting existing adipocytes to break down the fat they contain." "...

Caulerpa okamurae can potentially treat obesity and metabolic disorders


in 3T3-L1 adipocytes was considerably reduced. - Mice treated with C. okamurae had a lower body fat and liver weight, compared to those in the control group. - Researchers compared the effects of C. okamurae to that of Garcinia cambogia, which served as the positive control. - C. okamurae-treated mice also had lower biomarkers for weight gain. ... CAULERPA OKAMURAE EXTRACT INHIBITS ADIPOGENESIS IN 3T3-L1 ADIPOCYTES AND PREVENTS HIGH-FAT DIET-INDUCED OBESITY IN C57BL/6 MICE. "...

Piceatannol aids weight management, helps prevent obesity, found in red grapes and wine


The team found that piceatannol bound to the insulin receptor on the immature fat cells, effectively blocking insulin's ability to control normal cellular cycling resulting in mature adipocytes. ... Piceatannol is yet another natural compound that has demonstrated the ability to influence genetic expression to inhibit the formation of adipocytes or alter metabolism to help achieve weight management goals alongside resveratrol, green tea catechins (EGCG) and irvingia gabonensis. ...

Resveratrol and vitamin D synergistically team to boost metabolism and prevent obesity


Scientists studying metabolism in aging adults have found that stem cells differentiate in favor of adipocytes (fat cells) and to the exclusion of osteoblasts (cells necessary for the formation of new bone). ... As metabolism slows, we continue to eat the same number of calories that helps to fill the newly acquired adipocytes. "...

Nutrients in blueberries may hold the key to fat cell formation and natural weight loss


Researchers at TWU set out to evaluate whether blueberries play a role in the development and differentiation of new baby fat cells or adipocytes that are the primary vehicle for fat storage in the body. ... The berry may also play a part in releasing fat from adipocytes that will help millions with the desire to lose weight. "...