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Switzerland to destroy 9M expired doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after consumer demand plummets


According to the statement, reports of blood clotting linked to the adenoviral vector shot began to emerge in Europe – which coincided with the arrival of four million AstraZeneca vaccine doses in Canada. ... J&J forced to toss 60 million covid vaccine doses due to “contamination.” Sources include: Reuters.com MedicalBuyer.co.in TheGatewayPundit.com BMJ.com Brighteon.com Previous :Schools in Dutch province serving INSECTS to students - More news on adenoviral ...

Johnson & Johnson expects global sales of $2.5 billion from coronavirus vaccines in 2021


J&J’s pharmaceutical business, which developed its one-dose adenoviral vector vaccine against COVID-19, generated $12.59 billion in revenue. ... Vaccines.news has more stories about the J&J single-dose COVID-19 vaccine. Sources include: MSN.com CNBC.com 1 CNBC.com 2 Previous :Evidence of life on Mars erased over time – NASA scientists Next : Report: Monsanto forced science journal to RETRACT study of Roundup dangers - More news on adenoviral vector ...

Denmark SUSPENDS COVID vaccination program but plans to resume it after summer


In April 2021, it permanently removed the AstraZeneca two-dose adenoviral vector vaccine from the list of approved shots for COVID-19. ... The following month, Copenhagen permanently dropped the single-dose Johnson & Johnson adenoviral vector vaccine. "...

AstraZeneca drops plan to seek US approval for its COVID-19 vaccine


The Danish Health Authority (SST) announced in April 2021 that Denmark’s COVID-19 vaccination program will continue without the adenoviral vector vaccine , citing “its possible link [to] … cases of unusual blood clots, bleeding [and] low blood platelet count.” ... “We have, therefore, decided to remove the vaccine from our vaccination program.” "...

AstraZeneca vaccine creator says continual Covid vaccine booster shots are UNSUSTAINABLE


Pollard and others from the Oxford Vaccine Group tied up with the drug manufacturer to create the AZD1222 adenoviral vector vaccine. ... (Related: New research points to link between AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots .) "...

Fauci claims fourth COVID dose is "entirely conceivable"


Fauci pointed out that health officials “don’t know the durability of protection” imbued by a third dose of the , and a second dose of Johnson & Johnson’s adenoviral vector vaccine. ... The CEOs of vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer earlier predicted that a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose may be needed against the omicron strain – which Fauci now advocates. "...

Research links COVID-19 vaccines to increase in athlete deaths


When the COVID-19 variant’s spike protein gene information was made into a vaccine as part of mRNA and adenoviral DNA vaccines, the prion region was also incorporated. ... For AstraZeneca, which uses an adenoviral vector platform , the DNA of the spike protein is carried into the cell through an adenoviral vector and then into the nucleus, where all human DNA is stored. "...

Doctors dismiss Aussie woman's post-COVID vaccine issues as alcohol withdrawal symptoms


The mRNA vaccine from the New York-based Pfizer is one of three COVID-19 shots authorized in the Land Down Under, alongside the mRNA shot from the Massachusetts-based Moderna and the adenoviral vector vaccine from AstraZeneca. ... Healthy 19-year-old from Australia bedridden after receiving Pfizer vaccine. Australian woman, 82, dies three hours after receiving first dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. "...

No surprise here: Fauci now insists FOURTH Covid vaccine doses are very LIKELY to be needed


The strain first identified in South Africa can evade vaccine-induced immunity, he warned. ... (Related: Fauci claims fourth COVID dose is “entirely conceivable.” ) According to the NIAID director, health officials “don’t know the durability of protection” imbued by a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and a second dose of the Janssen adenoviral vector vaccine. "...

Coronavirus vaccine injury reports now exceed 400,000 victims in the USA


As of July 5, there have been 411,931 vaccine injuries reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). ... The Johnson & Johnson vaccine only had 12 million doses administered so far. Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines required two doses, while the J&J adenoviral vector vaccine required only one dose. "...

VACCINE FAIL: CDC admits more than 9,000 Americans contracted the coronavirus even after taking covid vaccines


J&J’s adenoviral vector vaccine was tested when different Wuhan coronavirus variants were already circulating. ... The state of Israel predominantly used the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for its immunization drive, alongside a small supply of Moderna vaccine doses. "...

European Medicines Agency adds SEVERE allergic reaction to Novavax COVID shot's side effects


FDA grants EUA for the Novavax vaccine despite cardiac inflammation warning Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted emergency use authorization (EUA) to the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine on July 13. ... Currently, the two-dose mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna and the single-dose adenoviral vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson are authorized for use. "...

FDA to add blood clot warnings on J&J coronavirus vaccines


J&J’s adenoviral vector vaccine stood out from its counterparts in a number of ways. ... Visit VaccineInjuryNews.com to read more articles about the blood clots caused by the J&J one-dose COVID-19 vaccine. "...

Moderna CEO: Existing COVID vaccines, treatments may not work well against omicron variant


First, it has started testing a higher dose booster shot of its mRNA-1273 vaccine. ... But it expressed its readiness to update the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The university collaborated with the British drug manufacturer to develop the latter’s COVID-19 adenoviral vector vaccine. "...

Study: Mixing Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine doses CAUSES MORE side effects


AstraZeneca’s vaccine, made in partnership with the University of Oxford, uses an adenoviral vector, while Pfizer’s vaccine, made in partnership with German firm BioNTech, uses messenger RNA (mRNA). ... The MHRA approved Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for use in the country but has yet to give the Novavax adenovirus vaccine the green light. "...

Ohio lawmakers pass bill banning mandatory coronavirus vaccination in schools


The single-dose adenoviral vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson has also received emergency approval from the FDA since February 2021. ... Ron DeSantis openly slammed the idea of vaccine passports as “completely unacceptable.” "...

Putin does NOT inoculate his troops with deadly mRNA vaccines, they use vector vaccines only


Wells biological weapons , bioweapons , inoculate troops , moderna corruption , mRNA , pfizer corruption , putin mrna , Sputnik , sputnik v , Vaccine deaths , vaccine injury , vaccines This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/609601.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Many people do not understand the difference between viral vector vaccines and mRNA injections, and therefore would ...

AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine will "never be licensed in the US," says analyst


These engineered synthetic virus vaccines, he says, could be more effective at “boosting” immunity to COVID-19. “… but it appears that the occurrence of pre-existing or post-vaccination immunity to the vector has a significant dampening effect on the efficacy of the vaccines (and may confer risk as well) and for this reason we believe these products are likely to be regarded as relatively marginal suppliers in the COVID vaccine market of the future,” he adds. ... Sources for this ...

Australian man dies of a massive BLOOD CLOT following coronavirus vaccination


Officials said there is “no conclusive evidence” that the adenoviral vector-based vaccine was connected to the man’s death. ... An investigation by the TGA’s Vaccine Safety Investigation Group (VSIG) found that her case of thrombosis “was likely linked” to the AstraZeneca vaccine. "...

WHO: Vaccines are always safe and effective, unless they're made in Russia


The chances of any Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine being safe or effective is next to nil, it turns out. ... “It appears it has only been tested in several hundred patients at most,” Gottlieb complained, adding that the “adenoviral vector” used by Russian scientists to develop the vaccine is supposedly “suboptimal.” "...