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Researchers propose that sugars be taxed like other harmful and addictive substances


The results of research findings over the past 20 years have scientists urging governments to tax sugar in the same way as other harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol are. These addictive substances have high abuse potential, and any amount of their consumption is associated with an increase in morbidity. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time, worse than cigarettes and alcohol


While the rest of the world is busy obsessing over the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol, the head of Amsterdam's health service in the Netherlands is trying to raise awareness about a much bigger and more pervasive health threat: sugar. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Sugar at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on sugar Why Organic Palm Sugar is the next big thing in natural sweeteners 8,000 scientific papers link refined white sugar to chronic ...

What are the most addictive foods in the world?


Most of us wake up every morning with a commitment to getting healthy and losing some extra pounds. ... As reported by the Poliquin Group, studies into the neurophysiology of addiction show that addictive substances have the following three traits: 1. "...

Technology and social media are feeding addictive behaviors and mental illness in society


Technology addiction destroys sleep, leads teenagers to other addictive substances As parents pacify their children with screens, the children are exposed to constant light stimulation which excites brain chemicals. ... In order to alleviate the mental health issues associated with social media, teenagers may turn to other addictive substances to take the edge off. "...

Addictive behavior may be modified with homeopathic and natural treatments


Addictions to physical substances should always be treated by a registered practitioner. ... Naturopathic treatments for addictive behavior There is evidence to suggest that addictive behavior and cravings may be promoted by low levels of glutamate in the brain. "...

The hunt for opioid alternatives: Researchers look to sensory blocking substances from the ocean


The hunt for opioid alternatives: Researchers look to sensory blocking substances from the ocean Sunday, December 17, 2017 by: Rita Winters alternative medicine , drug development , marine organisms , opioid drugs , Opioids , painkillers , sea snails - (Natural News ) Over two million people in the U.S. have become dependent on opioid drugs, with approximately 52,000 overdose deaths in 2015. ... According to Russell Teichert, a research associate professor from the Department of Biology ...

Studies determine sugar, saccharin more addictive than cocaine


Millions of prohibitionist-minded Americans have been exposed as complete hypocrites by research proving that refined sugar is more addictive than even hard drugs like cocaine. ... Both of these component classes are highly addictive , and are part of the reason why foods made with them are often referred to as "comfort" foods. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time; worse than cigarettes and alcohol


Samuelson Addictive substances , cancer , GMO sugar , health epidemic , Natural.news , sugar , Sugar most addictive of all - (Natural News ) Mary Poppins sang cheery songs about that spoonful of sugar. ... Sources: NaturalNews.com Science.NaturalNews.com Previous :Devastating report: Dead sea lions wash ashore in California, victims of intense radiation poisoning Next : ‘Natural’ breakfast cereals loaded with pesticides and GMOs - More news on Addictive substances ...

The truth about MSG and its addictive, neurotoxic side effects


MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a food additive found in nearly every processed food, and you may not realize it due to its many, many names. ... MSG does not change the actual taste of foods the way substances that are sweet, salty, bitter, or sour do. "...

Sugar addiction is REAL: What you need to know about this scary addictive response


Sugar addiction is REAL: What you need to know about this scary addictive response Monday, February 11, 2019 by: Ellaine Castillo addiction , badfood , badhealth , food addictions , ingredients , sugar , sweeteners , withdrawal - (Natural News ) People with a sweet tooth may not realize that their love for sugar might be an addiction . This may be hard to believe since unlike most addictive substances, sugar is not illegal. "...

Industrially processed fructose is just as addictive as alcohol and even morphine, concludes study


Studies have shown that industrially processed fructose is just as addictive and damaging as alcohol . ... Lastly, excessive fructose consumption also creates habituation and dependence that could parallel the addictive effects of alcohol. "...

Bipartisan federal bill recognizing merits of medical cannabis must go further; tell congress to remove marijuana from controlled substances list


Bipartisan federal bill recognizing merits of medical cannabis must go further; tell congress to remove marijuana from controlled substances list Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by: Ethan A. ... It has no negative side effects, it isn't physically addictive, and it directly feeds the body's built-in endocannabinoid system. "...

Sugar: Eight times more addictive than cocaine - learn how to break the habit now


Mark Hyman in the article "Sweet poison: How sugar, not cocaine, is one of the most addictive and dangerous substances ." ... Ditch convenience foods, since they are designed to be addictive with high flavor and sugar. "...

GOP senators pushing for alternatives to deadly, addictive opioid prescription drugs... but none of them dare say "cannabis"


GOP senators pushing for alternatives to deadly, addictive opioid prescription drugs… but none of them dare say “cannabis” Monday, October 30, 2017 by: Ethan Huff addictive drugs , cannabis , epidemic , GOP , kratom , marijuana , Opioid , Opioids , pain control , pain relief , Prescription drugs - (Natural News ) In the aftermath of President Trump’s recent speech on the opioid epidemic in America, a number of Republican senators have issued a call for the discovery of new opioid ...

Aspartame is a hidden schedule II narcotic


You're probably thinking, "Did I read the headline right?" ... Examples of schedule II substances include narcotics, amphetamines, and barbiturates. "...

Addiction breeds addiction: Science shows high sugar diets make you more susceptible to other drugs, such as addictive opioids


The research team has noted that the repeated increases in dopamine levels show a similar mechanism in which the body processes drugs and substances of abuse such as cocaine, morphine, and tobacco. ... According to the experts, artificial sweeteners have also yielded a similar addictive effect on animals. "...

Just say no: Processed food turns Americans into malnourished, dumbed-down addicts


The added fat and refined carbohydrates, as found in white flour and sugar-based processed food products, are the real addictive substances destroying mankind. These addictive food substances can easily dominate a person's life, causing substance dependence. "...

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Is white sugar the gateway drug to alcoholism and obesity?


Sugar and alcohol are interchangeable, calorific addictive substances. They are also similar in that they both cause liver damage, diabetes, dependency, tooth decay and depression. ... Sugar is a highly processed substance, not a "natural" food as packaging suggests Although it can be said that addiction is normally routed within emotional weakness, it can also be said that without sugar training the young into addictive behavior, the addict would not have the experience ...

Addiction begins in the brain - Here is what you need to know


All psychotropic substances artificially and temporarily alter neurotransmitters in the brain . ... All addictive substances increase dopamine. Elevated levels of serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and endorphins generate profound euphoria, joy, relaxation, pleasure and happiness, alleviate physical and emotional pain and produce an exaggerated sense of well-being and inner peace, which is commonly referred to as "being high." "...