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Researchers propose that sugars be taxed like other harmful and addictive substances


The results of research findings over the past 20 years have scientists urging governments to tax sugar in the same way as other harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol are. These addictive substances have high abuse potential, and any amount of their consumption is associated with an increase in morbidity. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time, worse than cigarettes and alcohol


While the rest of the world is busy obsessing over the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol, the head of Amsterdam's health service in the Netherlands is trying to raise awareness about a much bigger and more pervasive health threat: sugar. ... You can read Van der Velpen's full letter, as translated into English using Google Translate, here: Sources for this article include: - Follow real-time breaking news headlines on at FETCH.news - More news on Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this ...

Dr. Deborah Mash from DemeRx.com explains how natural IBOGAINE molecule is helping with addiction treatment


But it is an entirely different thing to use potentially addictive substances when you don’t actually need them, which can result in the formation of an addiction. ... There are some natural substances, i.e., tobacco, that science tells us are inherently addictive in their natural form as well. "...

Sugar addiction is REAL: What you need to know about this scary addictive response


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What are the most addictive foods in the world?


Most of us wake up every morning with a commitment to getting healthy and losing some extra pounds. ... As reported by the Poliquin Group, studies into the neurophysiology of addiction show that addictive substances have the following three traits: 1. "...

The DOPAMINE CORRELATION: How alcohol, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and hard drugs all have one common underlying effect that keeps consumers 'hooked'


When trying to cut back or quit addictive, dopamine-heightening substances, a person’s dopamine levels are quite low, waiting for the addictive ‘crutch’ to assist, and that’s when stress, depression, and anxiety drag most people right back into their bad habits. ... Mucuna helps replenish dopamine deficiency, common for those recovering from addictive substances. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time; worse than cigarettes and alcohol


Samuelson Addictive substances , cancer , GMO sugar , health epidemic , Natural.news , sugar , Sugar most addictive of all This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author - (Natural News ) Mary Poppins sang cheery songs about that spoonful of sugar. ... Sources: NaturalNews.com Science.NaturalNews.com Previous :Devastating report: Dead sea lions wash ashore in California, victims of intense radiation poisoning Next : ‘Natural’ breakfast cereals ...

Technology and social media are feeding addictive behaviors and mental illness in society


Technology addiction destroys sleep, leads teenagers to other addictive substances As parents pacify their children with screens, the children are exposed to constant light stimulation which excites brain chemicals. ... In order to alleviate the mental health issues associated with social media, teenagers may turn to other addictive substances to take the edge off. "...

Herbal Remedy Insider


There are many addictive substances on planet earth, and most consumers never meant to become so hooked that they can’t find a way to quit, or even cut back. As with most addictive substances, the more often the frequency of use, and the more potent the substance, the more dopamine is released in […] in: - December 29, 2022 - Posted by (Natural News) Smoking cigarettes or vaping can cost you and arm and a leg, and put your health in the gutter fast. "...

The science behind ADDICTION CRAVINGS and the herbal adaptogen natural remedy that subsides the urges and squashes the "need"


You don’t have to be a “repeat offender” of the addictive substances anymore, because natural remedies presented in this article are non-addictive, and come with a laundry list of . ... Dopamine teaches the brain to seek more boosts Large surges of dopamine ‘teach’ the brain to seek more and more, but when the substance is addictive and health-damaging, the repercussions are long-term anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, lethargy, and inability to cope without ...

Nicotine and caffeine withdrawal symptoms could lead to unnecessary testing and misdiagnosis in intensive care patients


Nicotine and caffeine withdrawal symptoms could lead to unnecessary testing and misdiagnosis in intensive care patients Friday, February 07, 2020 by: Darnel Fernandez addiction , agitation , badhealth , caffeine withdrawal , health care , ICU , nicotine substitution therapy , nicotine withdrawal , stopsmoking Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/402091.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Nicotine and caffeine are highly popular and addictive substances ...

Addictive behavior may be modified with homeopathic and natural treatments


Addictions to physical substances should always be treated by a registered practitioner. ... Naturopathic treatments for addictive behavior There is evidence to suggest that addictive behavior and cravings may be promoted by low levels of glutamate in the brain. "...

The hunt for opioid alternatives: Researchers look to sensory blocking substances from the ocean


According to Russell Teichert, a research associate professor from the Department of Biology at the university, the team does not want to find another drug that works the same way as opioids do, since it will only result in the same addictive problems and effects such as respiratory depression (and other side effects). ... Sources include: UNews.Utah.edu PNAS.org Previous :A look at how life ebbs and flows on our planet, from space Next : Pay attention: New study suggests smoking parents ...

Top 5 natural remedies for OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine


Addictive substances often pollute the liver and cause a laundry list of health issues over time. ... Are you in a “low mood” while trying to cut back or quit some addictive substance? "...

15 Addictive foods to avoid and how to deal with "addiction-like behavior"


Search Follow 15 Addictive foods to avoid and how to deal with “addiction-like behavior” Friday, February 04, 2022 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/512004.html - ( ) Substances like alcohol and drugs are often associated with addiction, but certain foods can also cause addictive behavior. ... In the first part, researchers tried to figure out what ...

Studies determine sugar, saccharin more addictive than cocaine


Millions of prohibitionist-minded Americans have been exposed as complete hypocrites by research proving that refined sugar is more addictive than even hard drugs like cocaine. ... Both of these component classes are highly addictive , and are part of the reason why foods made with them are often referred to as "comfort" foods. "...

The truth about MSG and its addictive, neurotoxic side effects


MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a food additive found in nearly every processed food, and you may not realize it due to its many, many names. ... MSG does not change the actual taste of foods the way substances that are sweet, salty, bitter, or sour do. "...

Just say no: Processed food turns Americans into malnourished, dumbed-down addicts


The added fat and refined carbohydrates, as found in white flour and sugar-based processed food products, are the real addictive substances destroying mankind. These addictive food substances can easily dominate a person's life, causing substance dependence. "...

Is white sugar the gateway drug to alcoholism and obesity?


Sugar and alcohol are interchangeable, calorific addictive substances. They are also similar in that they both cause liver damage, diabetes, dependency, tooth decay and depression. ... Sugar is a highly processed substance, not a "natural" food as packaging suggests Although it can be said that addiction is normally routed within emotional weakness, it can also be said that without sugar training the young into addictive behavior, the addict would not have the experience ...

Research reveals that sugar is harder to quit than cocaine


Avena's article on the topic was published in the journal PLOS ONE, which states the following: ... addictive substances are altered to increase the rate at which the addictive agent is absorbed into the bloodstream. ... The least addictive foods, according to the study? Eat more cucumbers, carrots and beans; they're the least addictive, and therefore, are healthy choices to include in your diet. "...