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Baicalin treatment found to have hepatoprotective effects on acetaminophen-induced liver injury


In conclusion, baicalin can be used as a liver-protective agent. For more studies on natural treatments for liver injury, go to LiverDamage.news . ... ERK SIGNALING PATHWAY PLAYS A KEY ROLE IN BAICALIN PROTECTION AGAINST ACETAMINOPHEN-INDUCED LIVER INJURY. "...

Liver injury caused by heart disease can be reduced by baicalein


The research team concluded that baicalein can be used to prevent liver injury due to acute myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery. ... DOI: 10.1142/S0192415X16500294 Previous :Plums can prevent colon cancer cells from spreading – study Next : Baicalin can protect the liver against injury caused by acetaminophen - More news on alanine transaminase Chinese skullcap can prevent liver injury caused by heart failure Liver injury ...

Chinese skullcap can prevent liver injury caused by heart failure


In a recent study published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, baicalein was found to reduce liver injury induced by myocardial ischemia and reperfusion (I/R). ... Based on these results, the researchers concluded that baicalein can effectively reduce liver injury induced by myocardial I/R by regulating cell death in the liver. "...

Astragalus found to protect against drug-induced liver injury: Study


Astragalus found to protect against drug-induced liver injury: Study Monday, January 15, 2018 by: Frances Bloomfield astragalus , botanicals , goodhealth , goodmedicine , goodscience , herbal medicine , Herbs , liver damage , liver health , natural cures , natural remedies , paracetamol - (Natural News ) The liver is a very important organ that is, unfortunately, vulnerable to various toxic agents and harmful elements. ... All of these are considered ...

Jonathan Landsman warns COVID-19 vaccines cause liver injury – Brighteon.TV


After several tests, her clinical picture and laboratory findings showed liver injury due to the vaccine, and her liver function levels continued to trend down. ... From spontaneous reports of patients who received mRNA vaccines in the U.K. between December 9, 2020, and May 26, 2021, there had been as many as 45 cases of patients having abnormal liver function analysis, while three patients were found to have a drug-induced liver injury. "...

Baicalin can protect the liver against injury caused by acetaminophen


To do this, they first induced liver injury in mice by administering 300 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of acetaminophen. ... For more studies on natural treatments for liver injury, go to LiverDamage.news . "...

Lemongrass essential oil protects the liver from acetaminophen-induced injury


PROTECTIVE EFFECT OF CYMBOPOGON CITRATUS ESSENTIAL OIL IN EXPERIMENTAL MODEL OF ACETAMINOPHEN-INDUCED LIVER INJURY. ... Try these 12 natural painkillers Baicalin can protect the liver against injury caused by acetaminophen Tylenol use during pregnancy is NOT safe: Study links acetaminophen to ADHD Baicalin treatment found to have hepatoprotective effects on acetaminophen-induced liver injury Did you know over-the-counter cold medicines can harm ...

Oat extract can protect against alcohol-induced liver damage


In their study, which was published in the journal Nutrition Research, the research team looked at the protective effect of oat extract against alcohol-induced acute liver injury in a mouse model. - Research has found an association between consumption of oats and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders. - However, the effect of oat extract in the prevention of acute liver injury is not fully understood. ...

Medicinal mushroom used in traditional Taiwanese medicine protects the liver from inflammation, fibrosis, and cancer


It is considered a medicinal mushroom and is used by Taiwanese people to treat liver disease, in particular, liver injury caused by excessive alcohol drinking. ... The liver has the highest concentration of GGT in the body. GGT is normally present in low levels but becomes elevated in the presence of liver injury. "...

Licorice root is good for the liver


However, these were only observed in chemical-induced liver injury models that aren’t relevant to clinical situations. - In this study, the researchers evaluated the effects of licorice on inflammation and oxidative stress experienced by mice with chronic alcohol-induced fatty liver injury. - The researchers also determined the phytochemicals present in licorice extracts. The results of the experiment showed that licorice has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities ...

Prevent liver fibrosis with TCM


Liver fibrosis is a wound-healing process that occurs when the body sustains chronic liver injury. ... The results also showed that LWWL helped reverse histological fibrosis and liver injury in the rats. "...

New, Expensive, Widely-used Drugs Continue To Cause Liver Problems, Says Jefferson Liver Specialist (press release)


"Recognizing liver injury depends on vigilance," he says. "We propose in the paper that probably the best way to detect liver injury early is for patients to simply speak with their physicians about the drugs they are taking." ... What's worse is that some people will continue to take these because they fail to recognize signs of liver injury, which can be very subtle." "...

This Cameroonian medicinal plant can keep your liver healthy and prevent acute hepatitis


They found that mice that were provided with the abenelanga extract had a significant decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokine expression, which translated to increased liver protection from carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury. Based on the results of the histological examination, the extract was also able to reduce inflammatory markers for liver injury. "...

New hope for liver disease: curcumin in tumeric spice fights liver damage and cirrhosis


New hope for liver disease: curcumin in tumeric spice fights liver damage and cirrhosis Tuesday, September 28, 2010 by: S. ... Curcumin, the yellow pigment of the spice turmeric, has pleiotropic (multiple effect) actions and attenuates hepatic damage in animal models of chemically-induced liver injury," the authors of the study, scientists in the division of gastroenterology and heptology at Medical University Graz in Austria, wrote. "...

Can a plantain from Asia keep liver disease at bay?


Using animals with lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced liver injury, they examined the anti-inflammatory properties of this traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and found that it offers substantial benefits for the liver. ... However, the activity of these phytonutrients against liver injury has not been thoroughly explored. "...

Oats can protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage, study finds


Because the protective effect of oats on acute liver injury is not yet fully understood, the researchers looked at the effect of oat extract in protecting against acute liver injury brought about by alcohol intake in a mouse model. ... Then, they induced acute liver injury by administering five doses of 50 percent ethanol or 10 grams per kg (g/kg) body weight to mice every 12 hours. "...

Bellflower, used in folk medicine, shown to have liver protection properties


Likewise, the results showed that the compound increased the hepatic antioxidant expressions of specific enzymes and relieved liver injury by certain degrees. “Treatment with PD effectively protects against [alcohol-induced fatty liver] through anti-inflammatory and anti-endotoxic process, and the confirmed mechanism is that PD treatment ameliorate alcoholic-induced liver injury… In conclusion, these findings suggested that PD could be a potential candidate ...

Contraindication: Taking CBD can multiply the negative effects of acetaminophen-induced liver damage


The combination caused sinusoidal obstruction syndrome, a pattern of liver injury and death. ... The National Institutes of Health warns that acetaminophen is a “well established cause of liver injury,” but usually liver injury only occurs when acetaminophen is administered in high doses, in accidental overdoses, or in normal doses over a long period of time. "...

The cassia seed prevents acute lung injury, according to study


The cassia seed prevents acute lung injury, according to study Friday, October 12, 2018 by: Ralph Flores acute lung injury , acute respiratory distress syndrome , alternative medicine , anti-inflammatory , ARDS , cassia seeds , food as medicine , food cures , goodfood , goodmedicine , goodscience , herbal medicine , Herbs , inflammation , medicinal plants , natural cures , natural medicine , Semen Cassiae , superfoods Bypass censorship by sharing this ...

Traditional Chinese medicine found to prevent and treat liver fibrosis, cirrhosis


Fibrosis refers to the buildup of scar tissues caused by chronic inflammation or injury, while cirrhosis means irreversible scarring due to liver conditions or excessive alcohol consumption. ... The activation of HSCs in the presence of liver injury leads to the development of liver fibrosis. "...