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Matrixxx Grooove with Jeff and Shady: Whistleblower reveals Pfizer's main goal is to weaponize the immune system to kill itself – Brighteon.TV


Synthetically manufactured coronavirus could be sprayed to transmit COVID Kingston also disclosed that non-profit scientific research group EcoHealth Alliance pitched to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency back in 2016 that the lipid nanoparticle technology invented by Acuitas Therapeutics could not be injected synthetically recruited virus into bats. ... Acuitas is also owned by Geneva and Pharmaceuticals, which is in a contract with Pfizer for these injections. ...

Dr. Jane Ruby: Gene editing therapy is dangerous and damaging – Brighteon.TV


Ruby also revealed that Pfizer has made an agreement with Acuitas Therapeutics to develop mRNA vaccine injections to treat a lot of different diseases that have nothing to do with flu and infections. ... The radio and online TV show host added that the Pfizer-Acuitas financial agreement actually list 10 new mRNA targets which she said is lots of different areas. "...

Lipid nanoparticles in covid jabs "stick" to bodily organs, reveals Pfizer study


Acuitas Therapeutics LNP technology is utilized in COMIRNATY, as the shot is now being called, according to a press release issued by Pfizer on Jan. 10, 2022. "...

Pfizer CEO just admitted his company's shots are useless, double jabbed have "very limited protection, if any" - so why are governments still paying for Pfizer shots and mandating them?


Yet, Pfizer is partnering with Beam Therapeutics, Codex DNA and Acuitas to do just that — change people’s DNA. "...