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Trail of death: Latest actuarial data connects excess deaths to covid vaccine mandates


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New life insurance data from Aegon shows an increase of over 258% in benefit payouts in post-vaccine 2021 vs. a year earlier


“For the insurance industry, that’s not huge because we have resources,” said Marianne Purushotham, the company’s chief actuary. "...

Total sellout: Illegal immigrants to be paid up to $35,000 by U.S. government, then granted right to vote


Stephen Goss, Social Security's chief actuary, said illegals contribute about $100 billion a year in Social Security payroll taxes. "...

U.S. medical costs and spending are on the rise


"Many exchange health plans got better discounts than anticipated from providers, but there is really a strong pushback now from hospitals and physicians who are concerned about having enough money to cover their costs," said Los Angeles-area actuary David Axene. "...

Former Blackrock executive says Big Pharma's liability shields could be at risk if fraud is discovered


One actuary reported a 40 percent increase in death claims, adding that this figure applies across the industry. "...

Corporations saving BILLIONS as Americans are dying younger from toxic effects of medications, pesticides and herbicides


Meanwhile, a report issued in July by the social security chief actuary showed a slight improvement in its financial outlook as longevity gains failed to meet last year’s projections. "...

CDC data shows deaths of millennials SURGED by 84% after COVID-19 vaccine mandate


An acquaintance on Wall Street, who Dowd called a senior chief risk officer, or an actuary, learned about Dowd’s research and asked to compare notes. "...

Six ways Republican senators are BETRAYING Americans with latest healthcare “reform” bill


As The Federalist reported: The most recent actuarial report on Medicaid noted that, while the actuary originally predicted that adults in the expansion population would cost less than existing populations, in reality each newly eligible enrollee cost 13.6 percent more than existing populations in 2016. "...

Fraud analyst finds unusual shift for Biden in counties where Dominion voting machines were used


“I recommend we audit the machines,” the expert analyst, Ben Turner, formerly the chief actuary at Texas Mutual Worker’s Compensation Insurance and current head of Fraud Spotters, a firm that specializes in finding insurance fraud, said. "...