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Darwin Award alert issued by USGS: Don't roast marshmallows over active volcano vents


As the island nation’s Kilauea volcano continues its eruptions with devastating intensity, one might wonder: Who in their right mind would even think about cooking over an active volcano vent? ... On second thought, maybe having a campfire session next to an active volcano isn’t such a bad idea after all. "...

Japan begging for another Fukushima by restarting nuclear reactor near active volcano that's about to blow


The Japanese government just won't learn from mistakes at the Fukushima power plant. ... The highest level is five, which calls for an evacuation because of an imminent eruption.(2) Residents evacuate from active volcano Sakurajima also happens to be one of Japan's largest and most active volcanoes. "...

Lava from active Hawaiian volcano threatens geothermal power plant


And while the initial eruption didn’t last long, the volcano continued to be active in the days that followed. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk NBCNews.com NewsTarget.com Previous :Obama’s spying on Trump campaign included the use of secret “national security letters” reserved for the most serious threats Next : Once-curious media that exposed Watergate now playing role of co-conspirator in covering up Obama spying on Trump - More news on active volcano Indonesia’s ...

Scientists are closely watching an active supervolcano in California


active volcano , Climate , environment , geology , Long Valley caldera , natural disaster , natural disasters , real science , research , supervolcano , volcano , Yellowstone Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/405293.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Yellowstone might get all the headlines, but there’s another supervolcano slowly brewing in the U.S. that could one day lead to catastrophe. ... Sources for this article include: SFChronicle....

Massive volcano eruption now imminent in Tanzania... the "Mountain of God" is set to blow


On Ol Doinyo Lengai The “Mountain of God” is the only active volcano in the East African Rift valley. ... A new study shows that exposure to a variety of smells early in life enhances the development of the sense of smell - More news on active volcano Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupts, spews huge ash plume into the sky Scientists are closely watching an active supervolcano in California Lava from active Hawaiian volcano threatens geothermal ...

Flurry of active volcanoes will cause global COOLING and crop failures... global financial and political systems on the verge of catastrophe


This page on VolcanoDiscovery.com lists volcanoes that are active right now across the globe, and it numbers in the dozens. ... For example, as reported by Electroverse.net about a volcanic explosion earlier this year: Sumatra’s incredibly active Sinabung Volcano has exploded in spectacular fashion again today, March 2, sending volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. "...

Costa Rica volcano registers its most powerful eruption since the 1990s


Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, has erupted frequently over the past 500,000 years. ... Merapi, Indonesia’s most volatile active volcano, erupted Friday, June 25 . It released a plume of ash high into the air and sent streams of lava flowing down its slopes at least six times. "...

Explosive eruptions by Caribbean volcano ravage island and fling climate-cooling aerosols into the atmosphere


Vincent island , stratosphere , sulfate aerosols , volcanic ash , volcanic eruptions , volcanic plumes , volcanoes , water supply , weather This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/512626.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) La Soufriere, an active volcano in the Caribbean, has been ravaging the island of St.Vincent and flinging sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere through a series of explosive ...

Stunning new discovery: The deadliest volcano in the US is actually cold inside


Helens — the deadliest volcano in the United States. New evidence has shown that the insides of Mount St. ... Helens is still the deadliest volcano in America. Like every other active volcano, Mount St. "...

Hawaiian volcanic activity could become the catalyst that unleashes an extinction level event in the Cascadian Subduction Zone


And what is frightening is that the volcano on the big Island of Hawaii has been active on a much more active level in the past two years, thus increasing the possibility of following scenario in the video. ... Again, when we realize that Hawaii has an extremely active volcano, on the move so to speak, right now! "...

Scientists discover volcano craters dotting surface of Mars


The NASA scientists’ finding builds upon suggestions that the planet may still have active volcanoes that harbor life. ... (Related: Mysterious cloud over volcano Arsia Mons in Mars reappears 2 years after previous sighting .) "...

An ancient volcano lurks beneath Germany – is it capable of erupting?


Over millions of years, eroded material buried what remained of the ancient volcano. ... Is the ancient volcano dangerous? The ancient volcano likely caused cataclysmic eruptions in its heyday, but it is no longer dangerous today. "...

NASA may accidentally set off the Yellowstone supervolcano in a risky effort to prevent it from blowing


This is because a volcano can only be considered sufficiently eruptible when it’s mostly made of molten; when it’s rock hard, it won’t do so. ... (Related: Yellowstone reaches 878 earthquakes in just two weeks as scientists wonder when the volcano will blow .) "...

Banana plantations buried in ash in Ecuador as volcano erupts


Sinabung , natural disaster , Sangay volcano , Taal volcano , volcanic eruption , volcanoes This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/460877.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Several banana plantations are covered in a blanket of ash after Sangay volcano erupted on Sept. 20 . ... Sangay volcano, one of Ecuador’s most active volcanoes, has been registering high ...

RED ALERT: Semisopochnoi volcano in Alaska expected to erupt soon


Scientists have upgraded the Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level to a red warning as the volcano’s ash plume rose to 15,000 feet into the atmosphere. ... The ash cloud, which is blown by high winds, has extended to approximately 60 miles to the southeast of the volcano. "...

Yellowstone Volcano will not erupt soon, according to latest USGS report


Geologists assure everyone that the volcano will not be erupting violently anytime soon. But because the volcano erupts every 600,000 to 700,000 years on average, many believe that it is overdue for another one. "...

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts, spews huge ash plume into the sky


Mount Sinabung first erupted on Saturday, 1:58 a.m., its since reemerging as an active volcano in 2010. ... According to Asrori, the eruptions over the weekend clearly indicate that the volcano is once again active. "...

Professor unearths sample of human brains that turned to GLASS after Vesuvius eruption


Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano on the European mainland today. It last erupted in 1944, although its last major eruption was in 1631. Another eruption is expected in the near future, which could devastate the 700,000 people who live in the “death zones” around the volcano. "...

Yellowstone reaches 878 earthquakes in just two weeks as scientists wonder when the volcano will blow


Any doubts about its active state can be dispelled by the sight of Old Faithful, shooting water up every few hours. ... This particular volcano has been dormant for more than 70,000 years, but that does not mean it won’t erupt again eventually. "...

A new map of Earth: Here's what our planet looks like with the aerosols from wildfires and dust circulating our globe


There are many aerosols that originate in natural sources, such as the column of smoke rising from a fire, the ash that belches from the maw of an active volcano, or the dust in the wind. "...