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SUPPRESSION of human knowledge: Science journals refuse to publish breakthrough paper proving the existence of cold fusion (LENR) by Dr. Melvin Miles


Even though these letters outlined exactly what had to be done to get active electrodes from the cold fusion process, a major discovery worthy of consideration, nobody seemed to want this information to go public, which means it remains buried on the internet, accessible only to those who specifically seek it out through the LENR-CANR.org website . ... Sources for this article include: ColdFusionNow.org LENR-CANR.org Vixra.org NaturalNews.com Previous :Surveillance state: 1 in 2 ...

A look at how our brain purposely forgets something


Electrodes were already implanted in either the prefrontal cortex or the hippocampus of the participants. ... The electrodes recorded the activities in the two regions of the brain during the ensuing process of remembering or forgetting. "...

25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers and suicides


That number has since risen. 3) There are now over 8,000 suicides each year by U.S. soldiers and veterans; that's over 22 a day 4) 33% of those suicides are attributed to medication side effects 5) That means medications are killing more U.S. soldiers and veterans than Al-Qaeda 6) 500% more soldiers abuse prescription drugs than illegal street drugs 7) Under the Obama administration, the number of veterans waiting for VA care has risen from 11,000 in 2009 to 245,000 today 8) More active ...

Valerian will help you avoid sleepless nights


The group of rats which was given valerian or more precisely valerenic acid, its active constituent, seemed a lot less anxious than the other one. ... All convulsive activity was monitored through electrodes planted in the temporal lobe area of the brain. "...

Brain cells use sleep time to 'flush out' toxins, restoring healthy brain function


When the mice were awake, the fluid remained mostly stagnant, as the brain apparently cannot perform both active cognitive duties and cleansing at the same time. Additionally, the team observed, using special electrodes, that the space between brain cells expands by about 60 percent during sleep, allowing CSF to move more readily. "...

Battery breakthrough could double range of electric vehicles


The battery's positive and negative electrodes are made of particles suspended in a liquid electrolyte. ... "The demonstration of a semi-solid lithium-ion battery is a major breakthrough that shows that slurry-type active materials can be used for storing electrical energy" that "has tremendous importance for the future of energy production and storage," Yury Gogotsi, Professor at Drexel University and director of Drexel's Nanotechnology Institute says. "...

FOOD SCIENCE: Bread mold could be used to make greener electrochemical batteries, scientists discover


"'We have made electrochemically active materials using a fungal manganese bio-mineralisation process,' said Professor Geoffrey Gadd of the University of Dundee, who led the research. ... When heated, the treated fungus produces manganese oxides and carbon biomass – both of which are ideally suited for use in manufacturing battery electrodes and capacitors. "...

Understanding cravings: Food preferences are linked to dietary needs; dopamine may play a role in what you choose to eat, research suggests


Using minuscule electrodes, they measured the signaling behavior of these flies and noticed that specific neurons had fired four times faster than those of fruit flies placed on a normal diet of sugar and protein. ... On average, they consumed twice as much sugar than fruit flies with food preference neurons that were still active. "...

Thinking for you: New EEG headset measures brainwaves to learn what you like... can even “adjust your mood”


For instance, it is said to combine comfort with a cutting-edge and low-power design which uses active high-quality EEG dry-electrodes from Datwyler along with built-in software that can be used to accurately monitor frontal EEG signals that relay a person’s emotional state in real time. "...

Kidney disease requires magnesium


The ionized magnesium and calcium electrodes are made by Nova Biomedical. There are only 140 labs of 5,000 in the U.S. that do the ionized magnesium test but Nova doesn't seem to want to give out the list of these labs. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Kidney disease at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on kidney disease Sri Lanka bans glyphosate herbicide to avoid kidney disease risk Three foods that can treat kidney disease and boost ...

I am Spartacus


His specialty is the use of silicon nanowires in lieu of patch clamp electrodes to monitor and modulate intracellular activity, something he has been working on at Harvard for the past twenty years. ... Various methods have been proposed for achieving this, including optogenetics, magnetogenetics, ultrasound, implanted electrodes, and transcranial electromagnetic stimulation. "...



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