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Survival essentials: How to make activated charcoal at home

October 26, 2022 -

This highlights the importance of knowing how to make activated charcoal at home, especially if you need it for a medical emergency.

Read on to learn more about activated charcoal and how to make it when SHTF. (h/t to is activated charcoal?

Regular charcoal is a great filter because it has many small pores. These tiny pores can capture debris and other molecules via adsorption, not absorption.

But regular charcoal's filtering potential ...

Activated charcoal found to accelerate the body’s elimination of deadly dioxins

February 28, 2023 - activated carbon enhances the adsorption of dioxins.

It turns out that activated carbon is commonly used to remove dioxins from flue gas via adsorption, helping to keep these poisons from escaping into the environment. Even when used commercially, activated carbon helps to bind dioxins to an intended target for flushing and removal from a system.

Modifying activated carbon with urea, the study further found, optimizes the pore ...

Australian bank begins linking customer transactions to carbon footprint

October 24, 2022 -

(Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has partnered with Cogo, a “carbon management solutions” company, to launch the new feature, which is part of CBA’s online banking platform.

The bank gives the customer the option to “pay a fee” to offset their carbon footprint, with the average listed as 1,280 kilograms, a long way from the ‘sustainable’ figure of 200 kilograms.

A person’s carbon footprint ...

Australia launches CBDC test program, complete with carbon credit trading

April 11, 2023 -

The Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) reportedly partnered with Grollo Carbon Ventures (GCV) to launch the trading of so-called Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), which are tokens backed by "nature-based and real-world assets," according to Reclaim the Net.

There is already a "stablecoin" called A$DC that is paired with these ACCUs, which GCV can now purchase with real-time settlement through ANZ's smart contracts scheme.

A formal transaction already ...

World’s largest seller of carbon credits EXPOSED as scam operation

March 29, 2023 -

When it was first hatched, the operation, co-founded by Renat Heuberger, branded itself as a solution to the climate problem of deforestation. By selling carbon offsets to businesses bound by "green" mandates, South Pole would generate a profit to funnel back into local communities and organizations aiming to conserve the environment – or so South Pole told its customers.

In practice, South Pole hurtled towards a valuation of $1 billion while its clients were left holding ...

Arson is the likely cause of Quebec wildfires, not carbon emissions

June 14, 2023 -

Edward Struzik, a fellow at Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy at Queen's University in Canada, claimed that record heat and drought continue to warm the planet and trigger wildfires. "The fire season is also lasting longer now because of climate change. Spring is coming weeks earlier and fall is coming weeks later. More time for the fires and grasslands to burn," Struzik told CBS News.

Environment Minister Steven Guibeault tweeted: "The ongoing wildfires ...

World’s biggest seller of carbon offsets accused of being a scam

March 28, 2023 -

(Article by Daniel Greenfield republished from

Every time a state government or a corporation announces a particular environmental target, most of the time what they mean is that they’re going to make some small changes and then they’ll buy some offsets or credits to compensate for the rest.

For example, makers of actual cars were forced to buy credits from Tesla by California so that working-class drivers were financing luxury car owners. Airlines ...

Sen. Kennedy blasts Biden’s energy secretary over $50 trillion “carbon neutrality” grift

May 08, 2023 -

At a recent Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing this week. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) – not to be confused with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is running for president as a Democrat in 2024 against fake president Joe Biden – could not for the life of him get a straight answer out of Biden Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk about the true cost of "carbon neutrality."

Kennedy asked Turk again and again just how much each American taxpayer will have to fork over in order ...

China ramps up use of COAL despite pledges to go “carbon-neutral”

April 27, 2023 -

According to official documents analyzed by Greenpeace, local governments in China approved more new coal power in the first three months of 2023 compared to the entirety of 2021. The environmental group found that at least 20.45 gigawatts (GW) of coal power was approved between January and March of 2023.

The coal power approved for the first three months of 2023 was more than twice the 8.63 GW approved in the same period in 2022. For the entirety of 2021, only 18 GW of ...

EU approves direct carbon taxes on individuals, buildings and road transport fuels

December 21, 2022 -

Reports indicated that the new tax will apply to petrol, diesel and heating fuels.

"The biggest challenge was [EU Emissions Trading System] ETS2," said Peter Liese, a German lawmaker who represented the European Parliament in the two-day negotiation. He was pertaining to the biggest carbon market in the world and the bloc's flagship climate policy instrument.

Eventually, negotiators agreed to start pricing the carbon emissions stemming from burning fossil fuels ...

Eco-mob terrorizes, destroys French cement plant for “polluting” country with carbon dioxide

December 15, 2022 -

Lafarge in Bouc-Bel-Air, a small community located just north of the city of Marseille, says significant damage occurred to both its facilities and vehicles after the eco-mob swarmed the premises, smashing offices and workshops, burning construction machinery, and cutting electrical cables.

A far-left French website took credit for the "unprecedented violence," as Lafarge called it in a statement, claiming it to be an appropriate response to one of the "biggest polluters ...

Carbon dioxide is the elixir of life, let’s celebrate it not demonise it

November 16, 2022 - “Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are killing our planet. People must reduce their carbon footprint.” Both are popular claims that draw approving nods from some.

However, neither is true. CO2 is an elixir of life, supporting plants for hundreds of millions of years and making virtually all life on Earth possible. Plants rely on photosynthesis to produce glucose, using water from the soil and CO2 from the air.

Life-giving CO2 should be valued, not demonised.

(Article by ...

GREAT NEWS – South Dakota regulators put immediate END to “green” carbon capture pipeline scheme

a month ago -

In case you missed it, South Dakota farmers have been under attack by the climate cult, which wants to seize their land and turn it into a massive network of carbon capture pipelines.

News of the plan went viral, prompting widespread public outrage over the ease with which the "green" cult was seemingly gaining control over private property in South Dakota. Then we found out that the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (SDPUC) was not going to roll over without a fight....

PBS unveils “climate psychology therapist” to help mentally ill climate fanatics cope with carbon

2 months ago -

It seems as though many media-programmed Americans have fallen for the lie that the planet is getting too hot because We the People are not doing our part to allow the globalist overlords free rein over our lives. As such, climate anxiety is spreading like a virus, and PBS is there to help.

"This summer, millions of Americans are experiencing firsthand the effects of climate change," announced anchor John Yang. "Triple-digit temperatures for days on end, smoke from record-setting ...

No, carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant and it DOESN’T control the planet’s temperatures

June 26, 2023 -

Entitled "No climate crisis: carbon dioxide has zero effect on temperatures," the piece blows to bits the myth that carbon dioxide, a natural substance that all plants need in order to produce oxygen so we can breathe, has absolutely nothing to do with planetary temperatures.

Using two graphs and less than 300 words, the front-page story demolishes the climate hoax, exposing it as a sinister tool for stripping humans of their basic freedoms, including the right to work, ...

TRUTH: Lab-grown “meat” produces 25x more carbon dioxide “pollution” than traditional animal husbandry

June 13, 2023 -

Every kilogram of lab-grown meat generates anywhere from 542 pounds (246 kg) to 3,325 pounds (1,508 kg) of CO2 emissions, rendering it anywhere from four to 25 times more harmful to the environment, based on global warming rhetoric, than conventional beef.

From "cradle to gate," as they call it, the process of culturing and growing fake meat in a lab is far more energy intensive than simply letting real animals roam on natural pastures eating grasses and producing meat ...

Carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant; it’s the building block of ALL LIFE on Earth

June 13, 2023 -

An expert on the subject with more than 50 years of experience, Dr. Moore was involved with Greenpeace for only 15 years before leaving. Why did he depart from the very thing he helped create? Because the group lost its way by falling for all the modern-day "green" deception that paints humans and their existence as contradictory to the Earth's survival.

"When Greenpeace began, we had a strong humanitarian orientation, to save civilization from destruction by all-out nuclear ...

Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming, it’s the elixir of life itself

November 17, 2022 -

Without CO2, all plant life would die – which means all humans and animals would also die. CO2 is plant food, after all, facilitating photosynthesis and the life cycle itself.

Removing CO2 from the planet like the climate cultists are demanding would render the entire world barren of life. It would quickly become a wasteland marked with death and destruction – and would certainly not be a paradise.

For the past several years, the corporate-controlled media, leftist ...

Studies: Current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels NOT a threat to humans or the environment

November 08, 2022 -

According to Idso, CO2 levels would have to surge 36 times above the present concentration before they would even begin to pose a mild health concern. "That value (i.e., 15,000 ppm) will never occur, given it is a factor of ten above the approximate 1,500 ppm atmospheric CO2 limit that scientists think is possible if society utilized all of the currently-known fossil fuel reserves on the planet," he explained. (Related: Craig Idso: High CO2 in summer lessens temperature stress ...

OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire

January 18, 2023 -

The foundational pillar of US global currency dominance and its ability to export inflation to the world is based on the so-called Petrodollar status, in which the US agreed to protect the (corrupt) Saudi kingdom in exchange for the Saudis demanding US dollars for all oil transaction settlements. This agreement has been in place since the Bretton Woods conference in 1944 and has carried the dollar until today.

But this arrangement is now coming to an end.

Very ...

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