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Quack PR group ACSH and their felony-committing leader push corporate poison for money


By the early 1980s, ACSH’s donors included Dow, Monsanto, and petrochemical companies like Mobil and Chevron. ... ACSH’s major donors and sponsors include McDonald’s, Bayer, Syngenta, Pepsi, Monsanto and Bristol Myers Squibb . "...

Food Evolution film created by Monsanto shills and propaganda front groups like the ACSH, run by a convicted felon


To make the whole presentation more dubious, the film seems to contain the seal of approval of an organization with the lofty moniker American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), but there is more here than meets the eye, as Malkan explains. ... UN, WEF push for insect meat consumption amid massive attack on global food supply Bill Gates pushing to transform natural bananas into GMO FRANKENFOOD Canadian government spends $8.5 million on insect production facility to force people to eat ...

Secret financial documents reveal industry corruption and deep financial influence behind the pseudoscience ACSH (American Council on Science and Health)


Two fracking organizations — Achelis Bodman Foundation and American Petroleum — donated a combined $77,500 to the ACSH in just 2013 alone. ... The ACSH is infamous for their defense of GMOs, pesticides and other toxic modern technologies. "...

Neil deGrasse Tyson teams up with violent wife beater Jon Entine and convicted felon ringleader of ACSH to produce Monsanto propaganda film called "Food Evolution"


On top of that, it embodies a silent partnership with convicted felon and domestic abuser Jon Entine of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). ... He also works for ACSH , a known industry front group that SourceWatch describes as holding “a generally apologetic stance regarding virtually every other health and environmental hazard produced by modern industry, accepting corporate funding from Coca-Cola, Kellogg, General Mills, PepsiCo, and the American Beverage Association, ...

Neil deGrasse Tyson joins efforts of violent wife beater Jon Entine and convicted felon ringleader of ACSH to produce Monsanto propaganda film called "Food Evolution"


As uncovered by leaked emails (see below), the movie was clearly shaped behind the scenes by all the usual biotech industry shills and propagandists: Jon Entine, the ACSH, UC Davis professor Alison van Eenennaam (who used to work for Monsanto), Pamela Ronald and others. ... The ACSH logo scene also appears in the background in this 2-minute clip from a recent Climate One debate, as Kennedy pushed back against the suggestion that his film is propaganda. "...

Corporations pay American Council on Science and Health big money to push toxic products - Science for sale


This document [PDF] contains leaked ACSH financial records for the 2013 fiscal year. ... "[The ACSH] platform, invariably, sides with big business, opposing science that claims products or practices are harmful to the public or the environment," reveals the TruthWiki entry for ACSH. "...

American Council on Science and Health executives get rich while twisting the science on industrial poisons


These documents reveal the names of the primary financial backers who are behind ACSH. ... The infamous Paul "Offit-for-profit" Offit is also on board the ACSH ship, serving on its Board of Trustees. "...

American Council on Science and Health is a front group for vaccine, GMO, BPA and pesticide companies


In case you weren't aware, ACSH was founded by two individuals, Elizabeth Whelan and Dr. ... A full list of ACSH's financial supporters, and the companies whose products ACSH supports through industry-funded "science," is available here: TruthWiki.org . "...

Scientist who attacked Dr. Oz received money from junk food, biotech and vaccine companies


One of the primary physicians who signed a recent letter attacking Dr. ... In addition, ACSH has received donations from Syngenta, with additional funding to support atrazine. "...

Even science skeptics blast the American Council on Science and Health for its bogus, biased chart that tries to smear Natural News and Food Babe


The “evidence-based” rankings of the chart posted by ACSH and Real Clear Science is completely subjective to their own opinions and based on nothing scientific or factual at all. ... For more on the propaganda spreading group ACSH, read my previously published article entitled “Quack PR group ACSH and their felony-committing leader push corporate poison for money .” "...

The Health Ranger exposes Henry I. Miller as Monsanto prostitute


Corrupt ACSH that Henry Miller used to run now controlled by convicted felon, Gilbert Ross We also now know that the so-called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which Miller used to head, is one of the criminal enterprises that’s been used to spread fake news in support of Monsanto’s products. ... Next : It begins: Trans-ageism… Man files lawsuit to lower his official age by 20 years so he can get more dates - More news on acsh The Health Ranger exposes Henry ...

Chemical food companies secretly funneling money to keep trans fats in U.S. food supply


During his time at the ACSH, Stier was among the group's highest paid staff members, even as the non-profit faced serious financial shortfalls. ... "In one of the last available public records, Monsanto gave ACSH $105,000, making the pesticide and biotech giant the single largest contributor." "...

Mainstream media FAIL: Sleazebag doctors attacking Doctor Oz have histories of criminal fraud and ties to Monsanto's


The ACSH has also been a corporate-funded apologist for asbestos, Agent Orange, chemical endocrine disruptors, pesticides and herbicides. ... Learn more about the quack corporate science of the ACSH at and . • Another signer of the letter, Dr. "...

Quack "skeptic" Stephen Barrett exposed as agent provocateur working to discredit natural medicine on Wikipedia


As we previously reported , the ACSH basically exists to protect the interest of Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, Big Chemical, and Big Biotech. ... “It is important to unveil the cesspool at the ACSH for what it really is because Barrett’s relationship as an inside adviser with the ACSH is very disturbing and should raise alarms,” says Gale. "...

These three sleazebag scientists epitomize the vaccine and biotech industries


Right to Know campaign on a web page dedicated to describing Ross' questionable practices as executive director of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). In fact, more than half of the doctors signing the letter have ties to the ACSH , a discredited industry front group steeped in chemical denialism. "...

Monsanto mafia attack failing to unseat Doctor Oz


Gilbert Ross, executive director of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) and co-signer of Dr. ... Henry Miller, ACSH, and the various others signing on to this ridiculous petition to have Dr. "...

U.S. Right to Know's 'Hall of Shame' exposes industry front groups manipulating government policy and public opinion


American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) ACSH claims to be an independent advocate of sound science, but let the record show that this front group is devoted to promoting the interests of the tobacco, agrichemical, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries. ... ACSH is on record for claiming that secondhand cigarette smoke doesn't cause heart attacks or cardiac arrest, that natural gas fracking isn't polluting water or air, that crop pesticides are completely safe ...

LA City Council members suddenly oppose GMO ban after heavy lobbying by biotech industry


"(1) Sadly, even the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) supports the change of heart. ... "(2) The ACSH attempts to slam health-conscientious anti-GMO individuals, saying on their website that "there have NEVER been any deleterious health or environmental effects from GMO crops" and then rhetorically stating, "So who would such a ban protect?" "...

"Monsanto Mafia" just produced a corporate propaganda film called "Food Evolution" produced by violent psychopath shills who promote GMOs and pesticides


As revealed at TruthWiki.org , Entine has all sorts of ties to big names like Monsanto, Syngenta, and the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which functions as a mouthpiece for Big Junk Food. ... In fact, the ACSH has invested lots of money and time to censor this information , and yet the organization has direct ties to the new Food Evolution film via Entine. "...

Neil deGrasse Tyson becomes the voice of EVIL, narrating new propaganda film "Food Evolution" produced by Monsanto shills and pesticide pushers


The film also seems to contain the seal of approval of an organization called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which apparently is joined at the hip with Monsanto, according to Malkan. ... Sources: USRTK.org FoodFirst.org Previous :Food Evolution film created by Monsanto shills and propaganda front groups like the ACSH, run by a convicted felon Next : Hollywood celebrities just found out they have no real influence over the voters… and they’re steaming mad about it ...