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High School football player undergoes emergency surgery to remove abnormal clots up to 6 feet long


The National Library of Medicine confirms that this condition can either be congenital or ACQUIRED . ... Sources include: TheWesternJournal.com Twitter.com NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov TheGuardian.com RedVoiceMedia.com Previous :Russia’s “Dead Hand” nuclear defense system can autonomously send out hundreds of nukes even after the country endures a nuclear first strike Next : The owner of Romania’s most famous football team just banned VACCINATED players from the team because they have poor cardiovascular ...

Think the FDA is looking out for your health? History tells a different story.


Scientists now acknowledge DES provokes calamitous epigenetic effects in future generations, with DES grandchildren showing increased risks of preterm delivery, neonatal mortality, cerebral palsy and “malformations of any type.” ... In 2015 , Pfizer acquired Hospira, “the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies.” "...

Low carb diets like Atkins, Paleo, Keto associated with reduced intake of folic acid, which increases risk of birth defects


Anencephaly is the absence of major portions of the brain and skull, while spina bifida is the condition wherein the spine and spinal cord have malformations. ... Folic acid can be acquired from foods and supplements. Good sources of folic acid include asparagus , baker’s yeast, broccoli , Brussels sprouts , cabbage , cauliflower , egg yolk, jacket potato, kidney, lentils, lettuce, fruits such as papaya and kiwi, milk oranges, parsnips, peas, spinach, sunflower seeds, and wholewheat ...

Zika: a masterpiece of public mind control


An autochthonous case of Zika is one that was acquired in the local area where a person lives. This is in contrast with a Zika infection that was acquired while visiting another region or country. "...

Cold Case Files - Paxil Birth Defects


"Schering-Plough had acquired a different European company called Organon who had a number of drugs which were serotonin reuptake inhibiting drugs," he explained. ... There is "no information as to why those two rats were edematous," she stated, "but the company listed them as major malformations." "...

Gene news, articles and information:


While the FDA was busily crafting their industry-friendly GMO policy in the early 1990s, Calgene [acquired by Monsanto in 1996] was... ... Cadmium could have adverse effects on brain development, reducing neurogenesis 1/29/2014 - The EPA publicly states that cadmium toxicity through inhalation and oral exposure can cause developmental effects, such as low fetal weight, skeletal malformations, interference with fetal metabolism and impaired neurological development. "...



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