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Research team uses metamaterials to create an "acoustic telescope" that can transmit messages to an individual in a crowd


Research team uses metamaterials to create an “acoustic telescope” that can transmit messages to an individual in a crowd Friday, November 22, 2019 by: Edsel Cook acoustic metamaterial , acoustic technology , acoustics , breakthrough , future tech , innovation , inventions , metamaterials , new technology , sound waves - (Natural News ) A recently developed “acoustic telescope” uses light-manipulating techniques to transmit and pick up sounds over long ...

New metamaterial can silence sound


In their study, which appeared in the journal Physical Review B, researchers led by Professor Xin Zhang and doctorate student Reza Ghaffarivardavagh of Boston University’s mechanical engineering department built what they called an “acoustic metamaterial .” ... The possibilities for an acoustic metamaterial are endless, concludes the report. "...

EXCLUSIVE: Forensic acoustic analysis confirms existence (and range) of second Las Vegas shooter


EXCLUSIVE: Forensic acoustic analysis confirms existence (and range) of second Las Vegas shooter Monday, October 09, 2017 by: Mike Adams acoustics , Bullets , forensic acoustic analysis , Health Ranger , las vegas , Mandalay Bay , mass shooting , Mike Adams , rifle reports , scientific investigation , sound files , sound frequencies , Stephen Paddock - (Natural News ) Las Vegas / Mandalay Bay bombshell: Watch the presentation below for the full, astonishing details of how a forensic ...

FBI now scrubbing all evidence of a second shooter at the Las Vegas massacre


The math is undeniable, and the acoustic analysis proves the existence of a second shooter. ... That’s why I’ve even offered to help the FBI with an acoustic analysis of the shooting, but so far they seem to be focused on the “lone gunman” theory. "...

Researchers create robot fish that can swim right next to real ones in coral reefs


It did this with the help of a human that maintained control of it the entire time that it was submerged, through the use of a waterproof Super Nintendo controller and a custom acoustic communications system that is meant to give it directions on how to swim. ... Sources include: News.MIT.edu YouTube.com Previous :Pesticides threaten extinction of monarch butterflies Next : Electric vehicles to become more affordable than gas guzzling counterparts in just 7 years: Report - More news on 3D ...