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Report: Fracking operations dumping toxic chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico


According to the report, chemicals used in fracking and acidizing can harm both animals in humans. ... It called on state and federal agencies to prohibit the use of fracking and acidizing. "...

Is the EPA violating federal law over fracking waste? Environmentalists say they might be


It argued that the agency did not think too hard about the environmental effects of chemicals and wastewater from fracking and acidizing operations. ... Meanwhile, acidizing is a process that adds hydrochloric acid and other corrosive chemicals to the well. "...

EPA plans for unlimited dumping of fracking wastewater in the Gulf


Drillers also engage in a process known as "acidizing", which means the wells are treated with hydrochloric acid and other corrosive acids. ... Incredibly, the EPA allows offshore drillers to dump as much fracking and acidizing chemicals as they see fit into the water , provided that they are first mixed with wastewater from the undersea wells. "...

EPA giving oil companies the OK to dump fracking chemicals into Gulf of Mexico


Offshore drillers also treat wells with corrosive acids, such as hydrochloric acid, in a process known as “acidizing.” ... Waking Times reported: Under the EPA’s current and draft permits, offshore drillers are allowed to dump an unlimited amount of fracking and acidizing chemicals overboard as long as they are mixed with the wastewater that returns from undersea wells. "...

Oil and gas companies continue to ignore regulations by dumping fracking waste into local rivers


The "Yes on Z: Protect Our Water – Ban Fracking" initiative contends that fracking is destroying the environment , allowing precious water resources that are already scarce in this part of the country to become contaminated with toxic, "acidizing" substances that are technically prohibited under the U.S. "...



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