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Breakthrough: Ivermectin inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors in human tissue


For the first time, medical researchers have documented how ivermectin docks to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain that is attached to the ACE2 receptor. ... SARS-CoV-2 is specifically equipped to infect human ACE2 receptors, so this study could prove ivermectin to be effective in much smaller dosages. "...

RESEARCH: Dandelion leaf extract blocks spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptor


All three of these natural substances also block spike proteins from binding to ACE2 receptors. Hydroalcoholic pomegranate peel extract blocks the spike protein at the ACE2 receptor with 74 percent efficacy. "...

April 8th, 2021: mRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that "eat your brain" like Mad Cow Disease


April 8th, 2021: mRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that “eat your brain” like Mad Cow Disease Thursday, April 08, 2021 by: Mike Adams badhealth , Brain , brain function , cognitive function , Collapse , coronavirus , covid-19 , death wave , immunization , mad cow disease , mRNA , pandemic , Plague , prions , spike proteins , Vaccine deaths , Vaccine Holocaust , vaccine injury , vaccine zombie , vaccines , zombie wave Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning....

Men more likely to contract fatal coronavirus infections than women, experts say


This is because men have higher levels of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 or ACE-2 compared to women, according to a team of European researchers. ... According to the researchers, it was only when other studies began to point to ACE-2 as key to the way the SARS-CoV-2 virus gets into cells that they saw important overlaps with their study. "...

Molecule in Nigella sativa (black seed) may prevent spike protein-induced vascular damage, scientists conclude in published paper indexed by NIH (updated)


They found that nigellidine “strongly binds” to the spike protein at what is known as the hinge region or active site opening, which may in turn hamper its binding to ACE2 receptor surfaces. ... “Angiotensin II-ACE2 binding (ACE-value -294.81) is more favorable than nigellidine-ACE2. "...

Health Ranger Report: Cancer cases up by 1000% since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Jonathan Landsman tells Mike Adams


(Related: EXPERTS: Some cancers have exploded by 1,000% since the release of covid “vaccines.” ) Landsman said the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines are causing tremendous damage in the body because they are attaching and decreasing the ACE2 receptor expression. ... Sources include: Brighteon.com 1 Brighteon.com 2 Previous :Gregory Mannarino: Financial system meltdown begins as engineered liquidity dries up in the market - More news on badcancer Health Ranger Report: Cancer ...

EXPERTS: Some cancers have exploded by 1,000% since the release of covid "vaccines"


“What’s happening is, the spike proteins … are attaching and decreasing the ACE2 receptor expression,” Landsman explained to the Health Ranger, emphasizing that ACE2 receptors are located all throughout the body. ... Landsman describes the vaccine spike proteins as the key, and the body’s ACE2 receptors are the doorway through which disease and ultimately death are delivered to a “fully vaccinated” person’s body. "...

Singapore's birth rate started to decline 9 MONTHS after vaccinating nearly every Singaporean adult of childbearing age


The average Singaporean woman has fewer than 1.2 children, which is barely half the birth rate needed to increase the country’s population. ... “The data I’m talking about is well-described in the literature, that of the significant expression of the ACE 2 receptor in both the placenta and the testes. "...

Biden still promoting Paxlovid despite the drug causing his rebound COVID-19 infection


This prompted a return to isolation, with O’Connor noting that Biden’s antigen test on the morning of Aug. 2 returned a positive result. ... Geert Vanden Bossche predicts rise of DEADLIER COVID variants targeting the vaccinated in the next two months Breakthrough: Ivermectin inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors in human tissue Herbal medicine has antiviral effects that effectively treat the flu Antiviral herbal medicines found to ...

NSSF: David Chipman couldn't define "assault weapons" to Senate, but sure can for gun control


He said rifle rounds leave “explosive-like wound in the body,” but admitted he didn’t ace Physics in school. ... The American Suppressor Association reported that 2,664,775 suppressors were privately-owned as of September 2021. "...

COVID-19 vaccines release DESTRUCTIVE spike proteins into your body


COVID-19 vaccines produce the spike protein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus that causes infection. ... These spike proteins join ACE2 receptors on the surface of a cell and force the viral genome inside. "...

Yes, you can detox from covid "vaccine" spike proteins: here's how


Spike proteins attach to ACE2 receptors in the cells, impairing their normal function. ... Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine (with zinc), quercetin (with zinc), and fisetin (a flavonoid) all help to protect ACE2 receptors from being flooded with damaging spike proteins. "...

Here's how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus


How to protect your ACE2 receptors and detox IL-6 Spike protein attaches to your cells’ ACE2 receptors, impairing the receptors’ normal functioning. ... Ivermectin works in this regard by binding to ACE2 receptors, preventing the spike protein from doing so. "...

How NIH-funded research in China could have led to the COVID-19 pandemic


Experiments on human ACE-2 mice The NIH grant describes important research on mice with human ACE-2 receptors. ... One of these arguments against a lab origin of SARS-CoV-2, advanced by scientist Kristian Andersen and colleagues , and published as an influential correspondence in Nature Medicine, was “[s]ubsequent generation of a polybasic cleavage site would have then required repeated passage in cell culture or animals with ACE2 receptors ...

New study proves that chlorine dioxide (MMS) blocks SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins from binding with human receptors


The stated purpose of the study was to see if chlorine dioxide directly inhibits the binding of the Chinese Virus Spike protein (S protein) to ACE2 receptors. ... L aliquot of biotin-labeled ACE2 diluted to 1.5 ?g/mL by Blocking Buffer 2 was added to the solution, while a biotin-labeled ACE2 was bound to streptavidin-labeled horseradish peroxidase and detected using a substrate of horseradish peroxidase. "...

Heart attacks up 25% in Scotland since covid jabs were introduced, media plays dumb as to why


Ace-2 is designed to counterbalance Ace-1. Ace1 releases endogenous blood coagulators. Ace-1 and Ace-2 balance each-other out, when Ace-2 is destroyed, Ace-1 continues releasing endogenous blood thickeners, hence the blood clots. "...

There's nothing natural about SARS-CoV-2, and the circumstances surrounding the covid scandal wreak of criminal intent


The scientists equipped the mice with the ACE2 receptor from human lung cells. This is the same receptor that they learned how to exploit using their modified coronaviruses. ... - More news on ACE2 receptor There’s nothing natural about SARS-CoV-2, and the circumstances surrounding the covid scandal wreak of criminal intent New book details Dr. "...

Study: Cannabis compounds block covid from entering cells


“Any part of the infection and replication cycle is a potential target for antiviral intervention, and the connection of the spike protein’s receptor binding domain to the human cell surface receptor ACE2 is a critical step in that cycle,” he added. ... They bind to the spike proteins so those proteins can’t bind to the ACE2 enzyme, which is abundant on the outer membrane of endothelial cells in the lungs and other organs.” "...

New book details Dr. Fauci's involvement in Wuhan and the Chinese military's dangerous gain-of-function coronavirus research


The Chinese scientists ultimately found a way to engineer coronavirus spike proteins to exploit the ACE2 receptor in human lung cells. ... The scientists equipped the mice with the ACE2 receptor from human lung cells. This is the same receptor that they learned how to exploit with modified coronaviruses, using enhanced gain-of-function properties. "...

Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid vaccines cause CATASTROPHIC damage to organs


Lung cells affected by the spike protein turned purple and blue due to the excess inflammation – which was caused by the spike protein binding to the ACE-2 receptors in the lungs. ... Sources include: Brighteon.com 1 Brighteon.com 2 Submit a correction >> Previous :Wheels of freedom: American truckers set to launch People’s Convoy against Biden’s tyrannical COVID mandates - More news on ACE-2 receptors Dr. "...